28 December 2007

Oh so Camp

But oh so good! Shame it's not released until the 11th of February because it is such a New Years party song. So camp, a bit cheesy but somehow really good

23 December 2007


It was a no.

I got the letter on Thursday & the answer was "No". Basically, something that I didn't think would affect me, does. I didn't think it would affect me because it doesn't affect anything else in my life & doesn't affect me or what I do but apparently it means that I'm not upto/suitable for the Job. What really guts me is that I got good marks apart from that.

I was absolutely gutted when I read the letter & the reason, I even cried!

But it isn't as bleak as it first appeared as there are a number of options open to me which may mean I can get around it.

Option 1. Become a Special & "prove" myself before applying to the regs.

Option 2. Write to other forces & find out what their guidelines are.

Option 3. Find out if anybody else has my problem & whether they've managed to serve as a PC.

Option 4. Become a PCSO & get into the regs. that way (I really don't want this but if I have to do it, I will.)

Whatever I do I now have alot to think about because whatever I decide will affect me long term & also change my life because it's looking increasingly like relocation which actually, I'm not that bothered about as it is looking like the Met. I wanted to transfer there after probation anyway so it isn't too bad.

I've had lots of help from two people & they are continuing to be a help & find out what they can so that is excellent & much appreciated. If they are reading this then they know who they are. Thanks guys xx

The thing is, I really, really want this. I know I would be up to the job & I know that it is what I want, I'm as sure as I can be without actually doing the job that I'd be good at it, I'm good with people, I can handle things & handle myself & I love being part of a team & doing the best I can for people. I know I'd be willing to muck in & I know that it is the job for me & whatever it takes I am determined to get a "yes" eventually. Even if I have to go about it through a different path or it takes me a few years to achieve I am determined that I will get there.

I really want it & getting a no has proven to me just how much I do want it.
The steely determination I have comes in handy sometimes!
I will keep you all updated :o)

18 December 2007


Mr. S gave me a call the other night & as it was quite late I was in bed & because it was warm & snuggly I was kind of sleepy. You know when you're talking to somebody & you're aware of what they're saying & everything but you're just so relaxed & chilled out that you're sort of sleepy too? It was like that.
We were talking about general stuff, how his holiday is going, Christmas & what each of us are doing, what time we've put aside for ourselves to spend together etc etc.

By this point I was kind if struggling to stay awake, & I know that sounds terrible but I was really tired anyway & talking to him always puts a smile on my face & makes me happy so I was well & truly mellowed out.

Obviously he noticed this so we said goodnight & for a split second he went quiet then slightly hesitantly but like it was the most normal thing in the world, said
"I love you". & I said it back...
I know that doesn't sound a big deal but it is for me.
I've only said it once to somebody & got kicked in the teeth for it & I'm not one of those people that says it after going out with someone for a few weeks. It's a sentence that you actually have to mean to be able to say in my opinion.

I don't know why he chose then to say it but it was so lovely to hear. No showiness, no big deal, he just said it & the best thing is, he actually sounded like he meant it unlike the one who said it to me in the past.
You know when someone says something & you can't put your finger on why but it just sounds right? & feels right? It just does & I don't feel like I'm going to fall flat on my face, at the moment I feel that if I do fall, there will be something there to catch me. I know that sounds horrendously soft but it's true.

I'm really, really, really happy & can't wait for him to come back now.
Well, I couldn't before but especially so now.
And to think I wasn't even going to text him!

17 December 2007


If, like me, you are a music junkie & your mp3 player is more or less surgically attached to you then these are top & I highly recommend them.
They're Sennheiser CX300 ones & although the jack plug is not gold plated they have amazing sound quality. The music doesn't go muzzy or distorted, they don't hurt your eardrum because of crappy sound, the bass isn't tinny or just a dull 'thump' noise & the sound is just pure crystal. They are also really comfortable to wear & don't make your actual ear sore as the ear adaptors are nicely padded & very, very soft. They also block out any noise from your surroundings (handy when people are annoying you) just be careful when you're crossing the road! Lol

You also get three different sized ear adaptors to put over the actual earpiece so you can customise the fit & as long as you get the correct size the earpieces will not fall out unlike most others.
They also have a nice cord length, not so short you constantly feel as if they are going to fly out of your ear but not so long it ends up almost being a noose! Lol

They usually go for about £39.99/£40.00 but Play.com do them for £17.49.
I beat both & got mine off Ebay for a bargain price so am very happy :o)

And finally, introducing somebody I know of & her blog Good girl, getting worse. Take a look & have a read! :o)

14 December 2007


I am so envious. Mr. S decided he'd send me this pic the other day, just look at it! What an amazing view, & he's there for nearly two weeks! Meanwhile the best we've got is frost yesterday & overcast rain/drizzly mist today. Lucky bugger. Won't be leaving this pic up for obvious reasons, just thought I'd let everyone else see the stunning view & scenery. No wonder he's grinning like a Cheshire cat!!! It's safe to say I am suitably jealous! Lol.
& I'm still missing him, especially as he's looking particularly gorgeous in that pic :o(
Will just have to make do with the odd quick call from the payphone there, complete with crackly line. Lol

Got a gorgeous dress the other day, as a sort of out of the blue thing.

My sister bought this off of Ebay the other week & is stunning. By Miss Selfridge, 100% silk & very floaty & feminine. It was listed as a 10 but when it arrived turned out to be a 6, younger (16 yr old) sister tried in vain to do it up at the side but as she's broader than me it just wouldn't go. She was going to send it back as it was listed wrongly, she was, until I tried it on that is & it fitted perfectly! Actually, it may need taking in on the waist but apart from that is a perfect fit. I wanted it when it first came out but it sold out stupidly quickly so for a bargainous £13 I am the proud owner of a new summer addition to my wardrobe. It also goes amazingly well with my wedge sandals. It is truly gorgeous & I love it. :o)
As it's way too cold to wear it then I am off to console myself with Baileys laced hot chocolate, yummy!

12 December 2007

Wishing You All....

Glitter Photos

.......A very happy Christmas!

Appreciate your loved ones, let them know you appreciate them. Be happy & enjoy the time out from the world over Christmas day.

For those that are home, enjoy it, chill out keep warm & relax.

For those that are working it, stay safe & warm & enjoy it when you get home.

All of you have a healthy & happy one :o)

And from me, thanks for reading, for all the comments & the well wishes/supportive messages/good luck messages that have been left on some of the more difficult posts/police application posts.

Merry Christmas guys & girls!
Make it a good one!


Tink' is now an accurate representation of me, I have put my *amazing* paint editing (un) skillfulness to good use & given her auburn hair & brown eyes, yay!! Lol

11 December 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Actually, make that absolutely freezing.

Mr. S is going away to France for two weeks of skiing which means he won't be back until the 23rd of December. It is rubbish & I will miss him loads :o(
This was all sorted last year before we got tog
ether otherwise I *may* have gone.

But, as I subtly pointed out to him, France is home to gorgeous underwear, top quality perfume & lovely champagne ;o)

He just grinned & winked.

On the plus side, I have found the nicest pair of pirate
boots ever. Brand new in a size 2 (!) on Ebay. Will post a pic when I have got them but they are a gorgeous dark purple/burgundy colour. Really pretty.

I so want snow for Christmas. We are supposed to be getting some, the roads keep having to be gritted round here lately so I hope, hope, hope we get snow for Christmas. :o)

I also heard this on the radio earlier, which means Christmas is officially here.
It is my favourite Christmas song. Possibly because it is the truth of some & not all glitzed up. & Kirsty Maccoll was an incredible talent. Shame Shane didn't keep himself in as good shape really! There is a live version on Youtube with Katie Melua taking Kirsty's place, he can barely string the song together & has not a tooth in his head.

6 December 2007

Material Girl

I haven't done a clothes post for aaaaaaggggeees! (which means this is a fairly long post) There is some stuff I've bought & some stuff that is on the never ending "want list".

I find it really frustrating with clothes sometimes as being so short & such a small frame stuff either swamps me or I end up looking li
ke I should be at school, neither of which are good looks.
It isn't too bad because I figured out ages ago
what suits me & what doesn't so I stick to that because after all, if it isn't broken, why fix it?
I find the general stuff that suits me is on the tailored side & has a vintage look. I can't wear bright patterns generally or if I do I have to be careful & I can't go for fashion that's on the slightly immature side because I end up looking about 12!

But I've had some really good finds lately & am well pleased :o)
Be warned, this post will co
ntain alot of pictures. Lol

First off are these trousers (or at least a very similar pair)

Love them, the cut is lovely & they are fitted & loose in the right places.
& they look excellent with a shirt I bought last week very similar to this (no pic online) but it is exactly the same except it isn't ruffled around the neck & has slightly more tailored sleeves

Also seriously considering this shirt from ASOS website. Sort of sheer & just on the right side of sexy without being outright slutty.

ASOS £40.00

Also bought a pair of these three quarter length trousers in the same grey tweed type material. Three quarter length trousers look hideous on me & as in fashion as they may be I refuse to wear them because they look so awful on me, I am ridiculously short anyway, in these I resemble an oompa loompa!
But as they were so nice & only £10 in the sale then I had the great idea of cutting them down to short type shorts. The semi fitted ones that look
excellent with black opaque tights. I can also wear braces with them & with my Victorian style ankle boots I have the illusion of legs, it's amazing!

Although I don't need any more boots (I think I have a boot fetish, I have about 15 pairs!) these are gorgeous. Really love them. They're from Topshop but they're £75.00.......

They are stunning though. This is veering into "want" territory now so I hope all of this is in the sale after Christmas. Or maybe I'll take a chance & put it on my Christmas list :o)

This blazer, Topshop £55.00
I really like it but I'm not sure about the pleating on the chest & near the shoulders, there's a risk of it looking 'boxy'.

Really like this sequin tunic but it's sold out online & in store *sob*. May have to comb Ebay but it's originally from Next. Absolutely love Next clothing. It always feels good, looks good & doesn't fall to pieces with wear. & it's always bang on trend without being cheap or try-too-hard looking. I'm not a bag type person as a rule but could do with a new one & this one from Miss Selfridge caught my eye. Although I need a bag big enough to hold all my junk I have to be careful because otherwise it looks as if the bag is wearing me!

£25.00 I think so not that bad really.
& it looks good, not plasticy like some.

I absolutely adore these, the heel looks a bit fearsome even for me but they are gorgeous.

As they are £120.00 though the chances of getting them are looking slim.
Definite Christmas list material but they are soooooo lovely! & quite sexy but I think but that could just be me.

I keep looking at them, I really might have to get them & live on toast for a week or so! Lol

The below for sheer cuteness (& the fact I do need some new pj's) & the slippers are just plain lovely!

Fairy print pj's, gorgeous. They have a sort of old fashioned fairytale type print & are lovely. Definite Christmas list again.

Miss Selfridge - £25.00

Pale pink white polka dot set (above) Accessorize - £18.00 (I think)

Lovely but not all that practical. If I lived on my own or just with Mr. S then I could walk around in them no problem but as I live in a household of 7 then bum baring pj's are just not ideal! Shame. Could still get them though, just wouldn't be able to wear them that often or maybe break the habit of a lifetime & use them to sleep in. They are very cute & girly.
Love these slippers & I'm getting them next week because they look so cosy & for some strange reason, although I'm one of those people that manages to stay warm really easily I suffer with cold feet so these are ideal.

Next kids - £10.00 So gorgeous!

Or these but they aren't so nice or cosy for that matter.
ASOS website - £6.00
Then again, at that price I could afford to get them as well as the bootie ones above.

And here, the lovely jewellery, belts, gloves & hats:

Mikey at ASOS charm necklace - £25.00 Really nice & it's long so breaks up jumpers/shirts a bit without being too much. As statement jewellery goes I love this. Love the colours, the style & the simpleness but at the same time the ornateness. It's also from Miss S & their jewellery doesn't have that 'cheap' look about it. Love it.

Miss Selfridge - £10.00

On my definite "want" list, either that or need to look out in the sales. Suede/leather wide belt with glass jewels from Topshop. Would break up a black polo/crew neck & skinny jeans really nicely. Would also look good with a plain dress & would also give me the illusion of bigger hips :o)
Wanted a trilby hat for ages. Hats suit me but I only have bakerboy caps or a few beanie hats. A trilby is different & I like the "rock chick" look of this one. It would also add to my height!! Lol

Accessorize - £25.00

Love the style & the delicate look of this bracelet. & the fact it has a bit of an 'antique' look

ASOS again - £10.00 (I think..)

If I had didn't have such small hands then I would be getting these. Still might, depends how much extra finger length there is :o( Really like the jewel button & the suede.

Accessorize - £18.00

Also thinking about these from ASOS petite range (I say "petite" but when you're 5'4 & under, a 30" inside leg does not equate to a petite size. Just because the range starts at size 6 it does not mean that it is petite!!! Arrggh!)

I really like the waist on them, they have a nice style with the wide fit leg & would look nice with heels & v neck jumper/shirt.

And purely because it looks sooooo nice, this coat. If they did a petite size I would be in love. not that it really matters because at £200.00 it is way out of my league at the moment!
Military coat - Topshop

That's it really. & considering I haven't been shopping or blogged about clothes for ages then I don't think it's that bad :o)

Guys, if you've actually managed to read this far then congratulations! If you've managed to read this far & are still awake & functioning mentally then top of the class & a gold star to you!! Lol

4 December 2007

School Daze

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about what went on at school, as you do. Mainly brought about by my noseying of Friends Reunited & honestly, can't believe what biggest part of my form/year has gone on to do & it's the ones that didn't pay any attention/always in detention etc that have gone onto achieve the most!

1 girl who I was quite good friends with is joining the police *shocked face*

1 has joined the fire brigade

1 has gone into acting as a fight choreographer

about 4 have got their own places/married/engaged/had children!

the clown of our whole year who was always in trouble is on an electricians course (I confess that we were banned from sitting next to each other because of the trouble we caused... *blushing*)

1 is a carpenter & has converted to Judaism (the one you would least expect to do anything like that!)

1 of the boys in my form is also joining the police

1 is living in Bristol & he was a proper mummies boy so he's the least I'd expect to be a party boy!

another few are at Cardiff/Bournemouth Unis

I have to say, I am quite shocked. Especially considering what some of us got up to at school.....

Like one term, three of the boys in my maths set (year 9 verging on 10) grabbing one of the super annoying & very gobby year 7's, rolling him in a gym mat & sicking him on top of the lockers outside the gym. He was semi wedged & all you could hear were muffled cries. I had to go & get two technology teachers & a science teacher to help get him down & got pulled into a load of detentions with the ones that did it! Because although it wasn't my idea (not entirely anyway)

"should have behaved in a more responsible manner!"

mainly because I was laughing when I had to get the teachers & doubled up practically when they were pulling him down. One of the funniest things I've ever seen!

Having a water fight in the girls toilets & soaking our RE teacher. I opened the door to run out & my friend chose that moment to chuck a load of water at me, except it missed me & hit him. I really tried not to laugh, I really did but it didn't work.
(that earned us a weeks worth of lunchtime chewing gum detentions & a written essay)

This one I am really not proud of but it's funny looking back....
I'd had a can of coke for lunch but had had to down it at the last minute because the bell had gone & the next lesson was English with a very stroppy English teacher. One of the class was halfway through a reading when a massive burp came from nowhere & it was really loud, I could do nothing to stop it.
G who was the troublemaker of our year immediately started laughing which set me off & the teacher, in no uncertain terms, told him off & sent him out of the class for being disruptive! Despite me telling her it was me & that I was sorry but I'd had coke for lunch, her answer?

"Don't feel you have to cover for him GND, he's always being disruptive & is not worth getting yourself into trouble for" !!!

He found it hilarious but I felt awful when he got landed with an hours detention.

Dodging cross country runs for 6 weeks during year 10 before being caught. Our school bordered farm land & one part of the run was only separated from the farm land by a very low stone wall. The other side of the wall was low enough for us to shelter behind & one spring instead of completing the cross country run, me & some other friends would hop over the wall & share a pre mixed bottle of JD & coke (pre hidden of course) we never got drunk but we did get merry on a few occasions & got caught by one of the games teachers as we were climbing back over. Our explanation of a possible unicorn sighting really did not go down well, despite us not being able to look her in the eye for giggles. That was a straight to headmasters office, letters home, a weeks worth of after school detentions & essay jobbie.

Being kicked out of assembly three times, once for my disruption (finding something that one of our head of years said that really wasn't rude, utterly hilarious because it sounded so filthy!) & following onto friends, once because of G & the other time because we were all in a silly mood. We were frogmarched out all three times & made to apologise when we'd stopped laughing our heads off.

Being kicked out of history & made to explain our actions because before the teacher had come in we'd done a very rude drawing & caption on the projector. Which ended up being projected onto the opposite wall three times the original size

The girl I did all that with is now joining the police, one of the boys is a firefighter, another boy is joining the police & the others are all at uni/college.

Some of the best days I've had, my secondary school days!! LOL

2 December 2007


Such loveliness! Really, I should stop looking but I think that would be asking the impossible to be honest.

I love this but the thing is, where would you wear it? It's hardly everyday going out wear is it?! & it wouldn't go with jeans. It's highly impractical but I still adore it & it is bargain basement price compared to what I usually like. £38.00. It's just so pretty & feminine & has steel bones instead of the fake plastic ones. Just gorgeous!
Maybe if it was darker colours you could get away with it. I just think it would be too over the top to wear out.

& this is the second....

Much more practical & steel boned again but £60.00. Which is still very cheap compared to what I usually fall in love with so it's not too bad :o)
It is actually gorgeous & far more practical, would look pretty with indigo jeans, Victorian boots & a Arrogant Cat sort of bolero jacket I have that has a bow at the back & sort of slightly puffed sleeves, it's in the style of a tux jacket but altered to be more feminine. It would all go very nicely I think :o)

Back view;

I have to say, I don't like the nylon cords at the back. They cheapen it somewhat but then they're easily replaceable, maybe with black ribbons or satin cords.

Or there is this set, which is gorgeous, for the grand total of £58.00. Lovely colour which quite suits me & I love the lace detailing on it as well. So pretty.

There is other stuff but I'll save that for a follow up post.

See how restrained I'm being?! It's all well below £100.00!

It's also all on my Christmas list :o) Lol.

1 December 2007

Comfort Zone

As in, I'm slightly out of it. For something that was just supposed to be a bit of fun things have taken a small step in the serious direction for me & Mr. S.

He has been working like a demon lately & consequently we haven't had much time together so last weekend, he booked a surprise weekend away. It is the nicest thing a boyfriend has ever done & I was really surprised but really happy, it was the effort he'd gone to that made it special & it was just lovely.

When I say serious I don't mean that it's been a fling all the while now but it's crossed the line into something a little bit more. I'm glad it's happened but I feel unnerved a bit, not because I don't want it to be like it is but because it means I can't keep being so guarded & keeping him at arms length sometimes.
It means I can't cover up problems or hurt with humour & a clowns face, or laugh them off & reverse the question, nor change the subject or pretend to be busy or go & do something that needs my attention right now. Because he knows my tactics & I feel like a little bit of my shield has been broken away & it isn't a bad feeling but it's a vulnerable one.

Like when you're stood on the top diving board & you really want to let go & you know you have to jump but you can't quite make yourself because there is something holding you back. You can either stay there & let it become harder or you can jump & take the risk of a smooth dive that makes you soar inside or one that smacks the air out of you & makes you never want to do it again.

It is so much easier to keep things to myself & separate for me to deal with than to let somebody get close enough to share the weight. So much easier to cover things up with humour & sarcasm or brush them away that it's a habit & it means I can push them to the back of my mind for that little bit longer. So much easier to sort everyone else out & make sure they're ok & have everything they need because it means I don't have to sort out what I feel.

It takes a while for me to trust somebody but even longer to let them get properly close, really & truly to let myself go. It's happened once, a few years ago & maybe at the time I shouldn't have been seeing anyone because the whole situation I was in just wasn't ideal. But it still didn't give him the right to completely take advantage of the whole situation & of me.

I know he's not like that but still I don't quite dare to take the jump because it's too far to fall & I don't feel that brave yet.

& in hindsight, maybe the lyrics of that last song I posted say more than I'll admit.

23 November 2007

Kate Rusby

This girl is so talented. Folk is not generally my thing but she has such a beautiful voice, the kind of voice that would sound beautiful without instruments. I have recently bought her latest album, Awkward Annie & it is one of the best I've bought in a while. Her music is an acquired taste but personally I think she sounds stunning. & unusually in the manufactured 'music' world of today, she sounds as good, if not better, live than she does recorded.

It may not be "cool" to like her but I don't care, she figures at the top of my playlist. Fantastic talent.

22 November 2007

You are now at Barking, please depart.

Barking Mad that is.

Seriously, this is the maddest thing I have read in a while. (I know it's the Daily Maul but forgive me, I was bored)

I can understand people not wanting children, some people just don't have that maternal instinct. Some people just don't want to turn their lives upside down with something that depends on you for the first 18 years of it's life, saps your income, scribbles on your walls, sicks on your shoulder & keeps you awake at night. I can accept that, because as much as I want children one day will be as much as somebody else doesn't want them.

What confuses me is the reason these people chose not to have children. Apparently they chose not to have them to save the planet. I can understand not running a car, eating purely organic foods, recycling, walking everywhere & having energy efficient bulbs. But not having children because you don't want to ruin the planet strikes me as just missing the point somewhat.

Cows are the biggest producer of greenhouse gases, bigger than cars even so going by their way of thinking why don't we just shoot every bovine on the planet?

As one says
"When I see a mother with a large family, I don't resent her, but I do hope she's thought through the implications." The implications of carrying on the human race you mean? The implications of reproduction against helping to save the planet?

& as another said
"We feel we can have one long-haul flight a year, as we are vegan and childless, thereby greatly reducing our carbon footprint and combating over-population" Oh right, you care about the planet but allow yourself one long haul flight per year because you're vegan & childless. That is still one long haul flight more & considering you are hyper eco friendly does that not wreak of hypocrisy to you? That's like saying "oh it's ok, I'm on a diet & I haven't had cake today so I can have this Mars bar instead"

It doesn't cancel it out, the good you've done with the diet is undone once you start stuffing a Mars bar! One long haul flight per year for the next 20 years adds up to a ridiculous amount of pollution. Muppets!!!

As I said, it is everybody's individual right to have children or not have them. I just find the reasoning behind their decisions absolutely & completely ridiculous.

Of course the damn planet would be saved, there'd be no bugger living on it!!!!

Rant over. :o)

18 November 2007

Tick Tock

How much longer?! Why is it that the past three weeks have felt like three months?! I'm a naturally slightly impatient person & seriously, if I don't have an answer in the next two weeks it's possible I'll go (even more) insane.
I'm hoping it will be next week I'll get an answer but then again, maybe ignorance is bliss. I feel a bit sick just thinking about it. Is there such a thing as wanting something too much? Whenever I bring it up in conversation at home my mum just tells me that it will be here when it's here, which if I'm honest makes me feel like screaming! Lol

Then I have to open the envelope & find out if it's a big fat 'YES' or a scary, didn't-quite-make-the-grade 'NO'.....

My GCSE's weren't as scary as this.

16 November 2007


No, this is not alluding to yesterdays (slightly) catty post. Some of you may remember
this post I did not that long ago & how I wanted to get another rat. Well, I did get another one & here she is:

As she is officially known as having "champagne" colouring I have christened her Moet :o)
She is a dumbo rat, you might notice the ears on her, incredibly cute.

In total we now have five, my original one, Moet & brother & two sisters decided they'd like one too. They're great fun to watch because they play fight which is quite hilarious.

Her usual snuggling place of an evening.

The blanket is there because she likes to burrow & it's either that or she crawls up my top which might be fun for her but really not for me! Lol

She is very cute & quite tame, just a little but timid but then she is only a baby. She also has an alarming habit of jumping onto things which is quite normal for rats but I'm not used to my other one doing it so it was funny but a bit of shock when she decided to launch herself from my lap onto the floor! Definitely a flying rat!

Anyway, when I can get some (decent) pictures of the other ones I'll put them up as well :o)

15 November 2007


Let me just get this straight, I'm not a bitch, I hate bitchy people & cannot stand groups of girls who slag each other off or backstab because it winds me up & I'd far rather just tell somebody straight out & be done with it.

Unfortunately my eldest brothers fiance isn't like that. They've been together nine years & split up last week. I'm gutted for him but glad because I know he deserves better. For the past 6 years she has slowly but surely turned into an absolute bitch. It's not often I have bad words to say about people but honestly, she has no redeeming features.

She started a new job & got in with a group of people about 5 ish years ago & in that time has managed to alienate their friends, push family away if they don't meet her exacting standards & basically be a complete cow!
She treats my brother like a sap & because he's so in love with her he;d make excuses for her. She'd finish work (nothing strenuous, just an ordinary 9-5 job) go running, come home, ask what was for tea, go & have a bath, eat tea & then go to bed. Every single day (I know because I've stayed round there a few times) weekends weren't much better because she'd go out on the town with friends & go clubbing in the evening & shopping during the day or out with friends & then complain to my brother that the house needed tidying because it was looking a pigsty! (forgot to mention she's a lazy bitch as well as completely selfish)

I know I'm slagging her off here but honestly, a relationship is give & take, not take, take, take by one person.

They've been engaged for five years & she kept moving the date, she won't commit because she doesn't want children & my brother does but he won't have them unless he's married. Fair enough if she doesn't want them but don't string my brother along. It's as much as she can do to say hello to anyone & when I was round there all she could do was say "hi" on her way upstairs. Apparently I, & I quote;

"lack drive & ambition & why do I want to join the police because that's a really crap career"

Oh well sorry I don't meet your perfect standards but at least I'm not a lazy, backstabbing, shallow bitch who is only with her partner until somebody better comes along! & I'd rather have a job doing something worthwhile than one sat on my perfectly lazy backside in a bank bitching with the other witches of Eastwick & sharpening my claws on other people! & the reason she starts on other people is because they may not be wearing the right labels clothes wise, or don't live in a certain area, or don't have the "in" haircut/colour, pathetically lame things like that. She doesn't judge people on who they are & what they're like as a person but on where they holiday, whether they wear Donna Karan & how many pieces of Tiffany Jewellery they have adorned themselves with.

Well to be honest I'm glad he's split up with her, I'd never say any of this to him because at the end of the day she was the woman he loved wanted to marry & it isn't my place but thankfully she's got what has been coming to her for a long, long time she can swivel because I am not sad to see her go.

I know this is a very snipey post but honestly, she'd make a saint despair at her utter shallowness & judgmental attitude.

13 November 2007


Having been tagged by the lovely Emma a few days ago I thought I'd do this. & the fact I have neglected the blog lately. Three posts in November so far? Unheard of! Lol
Anyway, here goes

8 passions in my life

  • My horse
  • My family
  • My friends
  • Listening to music
  • Guinness. I do have a liking for the black stuff even if I do only manage half a pint before it fills me up! Lol
  • Fun
  • My high heels!
  • & as corny as it sounds, life.

8 things to do before I die

  • Skydive
  • Bungee jump
  • Have a family
  • Own my own home
  • Travel
  • Do something that scares me silly
  • Find my soulmate
  • Own a vintage MG

8 things I often say
  • Oh for fecks sake!
  • What a nob.
  • There's a prime candidate for the gene pool cleansing.
  • Hun. A lot, it's my term of endearment.
  • Horse, for fecks sake stop trying to rip my arm out.
  • You will be glue if you don't behave { horse again.
  • Fool!
  • Ratbag

8 things I read recently

(I won't say books because my book reading is seriously behind lately)
  • Stuart - A life backwards
  • Horse-Mart
  • Horse & Hound
  • Glamour magazine
  • Local paper
  • Gloucestershire constabulary application form
  • Email from a friend
  • BBC News website

8 songs that mean something to me

  • The Verve - This could be my moment.
  • Coldplay - 'Til kingdom come.
  • Snow Patrol - Chasing cars.
  • Dido - See you when you're forty. (sounds weird but it really helped remind me why I was better off without somebody I felt an awful lot for)
  • Darius - Rushes (I know it's not cool but someone special who it never went beyond friendship with dedicated it to me once. One of the nicest things somebody has done) Simon Webbe - No worries
  • U2 - Grace (somebody said it reminded them a lot of me, for some reason)
  • U2 - Stuck In a moment you can't get out of. (I remember this being in the charts & it really resonated with me at that time & it's stuck with me ever since)
  • David Gray - This Years Love. (Means an awful lot)

8 Qualities I look for in a friend

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Kind
  • Generosity
  • Sense of humour
  • Compassion
  • Genuine

So there you go! I won't tag anyone but if you want to do it feel free :o)

11 November 2007


Don't weep for me
O' land of the free,
When it was my time to fall
'Twas for my country's call
'Twas for the land that I loved
That I gave my all,
And for the land that I loved
I did freely give,
And in her freedom and her
I'll continue to live.

For those who have fought for freedom & paid the ultimate price in doing so.

1 November 2007

Pastures New

Little sister (sixteen year old, not the ten year old) is off to them. She is off up to the British Racing School in Newmarket but before that she has to go for an interview at the beginning of November. She will either go onto the January/February intake or the March/April one. She has had her heart set on racing since about 8 years old & rides Sunny on shorts (stirrups at very short length) sometimes, she is absolutely mad on it & has absolutely no fear, she will get on the maddest animals & just ride them. After the nine weeks at the actual college she'll be placed in a racing yard (depending in whether she wants to go into flat or jumps will depend on where she's placed & what yard) to continue the rest of the course, which is about another 12 months. I love horses completely but I don't have the dedication to be up at 5.30 every morning to muck out 3/5 horses & ride them out as well whereas she would quite happily bed down in a stable if the horse was ill, she sleeps & breathes horses & somehow has a knack with them, they just take to her so it's the ideal industry for her to be in. I will just miss her when she goes, we never argue & just seem to get on so I'm secretly hoping she will go for the March/April intake!

& I'm not quite sure how it happened but I have to take baby sister into town at the weekend, I must have said yes without realising it. It's for school trousers but I just know it won't be as simple as that as we will have to trek round town for a pair that meet her high standards, well, that is what she thinks, the reality will be somewhat different because she will have the choice of the first three pairs & that is it. She is ten years old & a right little miss, she has an answer for everything, a wicked sense of humour & is beyond help in the head. She jumped from the banister the other day rather than take the few stairs down like a normal person, manical laughter as she did so. She is on a warning for that though, if she does it again it's trouble.
Even scarier is she has reached the age where she's getting into makeup, I've given her some of my old stuff to save her tampering with mine & wrecking the stuff. The reason it's so scary is she is ten but with makeup on looks about fourteen, she's banned from wearing anything other than lipgloss out of the house but it's still frightening. I just wish I could say the same, doesn't matter what I do I still only look about fifteen if I'm lucky!

Also scanning for a loan pony for her. I've been lungeing her on Sunny & leading her out & she's quite good but not good enough to go off the lead rein with her, Sunny can be a bit much & baby sister needs more confidence. Couldn't believe it when I was looking through as we were thinking about buying something for her to just hack around & take to the odd show, nothing spectacular. The prices ranged from £800 - £3000! For ponies that were just kiddies ponies, nothing amazing! Unbelievable! Especially as in a few years time she will have outgrown it. So for now it is loan only unless something else comes up that A. Is not astronomically priced & B. Doesn't have a screw loose. I've sent the word out with the farrier & vets & the local pony club so we'll just have to see what happens. I wouldn't even mind taking on a youngster to break in but the problem with that is it won't be quiet & experienced enough for her to ride & by the time it is fully broken it will be next year. All I need is something of about 13 hands, that is quiet, won't need mollycoddling with rugs & stabling & that is just ordinary & trustworthy & for that privilege it is £2000 upwards < not happening. Stupid money!

Going by that description, I'm looking at a rocking horse..!

29 October 2007


When I can't sleep & have those moods where bed is the last place I want to be or my mind is just too busy then the best way so far I've found to get around it is listen to my mp3 player. I have a select few artists I'll listen to because of the way their music calms me, I know that sounds strange but I can't explain it. It just relaxes me & allows me to switch off from everything. I am a huge fan of Snow Patrol & alot of their songs are on my bedtime list because Gary Lightbody, quite frankly has one of the best voices around. His voice is pure calm & has the ability to soothe. So many tracks of theirs are absolutely top music but for actually laying back & switching off then Finish Line is the best, it is my favourite along with How To Be Dead & Chocolate although they aren't ones you'd listen to switch off really.

& on that note I'm off to bed to try & get some sleep :o)

28 October 2007


I have been tagged by the excellent Mousie on my reading material of choice, both past & present. I have to confess to not being one of those arty, brainy types that are into deep & meaningful stuff, it just isn't me (quite possibly shows in my wonderfully creative & erudite writing.... *cough cough*). Having said that I refuse to read crap but I guess it depends what your definition of crap is! Lol

Four childhood books:
I'm doing the same as Mousie here & going for series rather than books.

Jinny & Shantih series.
These were all about a 14 year old girl, Jinny & chestnut her arab mare, Shantih who she had rescued from a circus & then nearly died from exposure when said mad mare escaped onto the bleak, snowy Scottish moors, Jinny going after her with headcollar & bucket of oats. They lived in the wilds of Scotland & she was always galloping over the moors & along the beach or riding her horse to school. There was generally always some sort of drama or tragic happening & at the time, these seemed very true to life for me. The Jinny character had a few traits similar to my own & so I'm not ashamed to say I desperately wanted to be her for a while & have the same romantic & untamed life. Many late nights were had while hudddling under the duvet with a small torch reading these & yes, I still have them on my bookshelf, not to read but for pure memories sake.....

The Enchanted Wood/Magic Faraway Tree series.
A collection of books about a group of children who lived near an enchanted wood & each time they went to the wood they would climb this big old oak tree, when they reached the top thee would be a gateway to a magical world & each climb bought a different world in which to explore, sometimes pleasant & sometimes not so pleasant. The branches were inhabited by a collection of weird & wonderful folk, with names like Dame Washalot & Mr Watizname.
Every time we went to woods or forests I was convinced I would find the enchanted tree!

The tales of Beatrix Potter.
Everybody must have read Beatrix Potter at some point during their childhood. They are unfailing childhood favourites of mine. Not just for the quaint old tales but also for the beautiful illustrations & characters.

The 'Jill' series.
Yet more pony stories. This one of a less well off girl, Jill, who moves to a very horsy area with her mother & manages to get hold of & school a pony. These amused me for hours & also led to much under duvet reading. The first book in the series was the very first paperback book I was ever bought at about 7 & that is where my love of pony stories began. I was the quintessential pony mad child, horses from morning to night & apparently even as a toddler I'd go mad at the mere sight of horse. Unfortunately for my parents it wasn't just a phase & I would beg, plead & steal lifts to the local stables, spending as much time there as I could, even if it was only grooming the ponies & tacking them up. Eventually at 12 they gave in & I finally had my own four legged monster to dote on. The only thing so far that I have gladly got out of bed at 5am for, nursed through an abscessed hoof, stood in the rain for, spent goodness knows how much money on & acquired bruises, broken toes, concussion & hair raising moments from. Not to mention persevered when she has decided to let me get within a foot of her to catch only for her to spin round & gallop to the other end of the bloody field, stopping only to shoot me a triumphant look!
It is no real wonder I almost permanently had some sort of pony book glued to my hands.

Four authors I'll read again & again:

Dick Francis.
Because the horse thing still hasn't gone away & it contains the ideal mix of horses, racing & crime. I've read nearly all of them, except the harder to get hold of ones & every time they have kept me gripped. He is an ex jockey & was on Devon Loch, the Queen Mothers horse, in the 1956 Grand National when the horse slipped & ended up spread eagled on it's belly yards from the post.
The books can be a little gruesome & graphic (nasty types pulling peoples teeth out with pliers, while they are conscious & tied to chairs) I think I can be a bit gruesome sometimes because I really enjoy reading them but they are really, really good books.

Melissa Nathan.
I can't help it, I am a chick lit fan & I know it's bad taste but I don't really care! She only published five books before sadly dying last year of breast cancer, aged 37. I really enjoy her writing, it's escapism that also has a real life edge to it which means it isn't stupidly sickly sweet & girly. Yes, the heroine always gets her man & she also manages to somehow land on her feet but she does have disasters, mishaps & dilemmas along the way so it isn't all sugar & light. Not quite anyway.

Cecilia Ahern.
What can I say, please don't hold my love of chick lit against me as really, I am a girl with good taste. I just have my off moments sometimes!
Favourite one of hers so far is "PS, I love you" it's a sad story but happy at the same time & I have to say, she is a damn sight better at writing than her sister is at rapping! *cringe*

I can't really think of another author as I don't tend to stick to one or the other apart from the ones mentioned. I'll look at the back of a book & if it strikes me then I'll read it which is why I have loads of books by different authors.

Four authors I'll never read again:

JK Rowling.
I think I read two/three pages. Once at school when she was an unknown & once a few years ago & just could not get my head around her writing. Really didn't enjoy it but then the subject matter isn't really my cup of tea either.

Never have read, never will. I would never insult & sully my mind with such crap nor would I waste my money. She is famous for getting her boobs out & that is about it, I admire her for sticking with her little boy like she has but a biography about who she has slept with & how good/bad they were doesn't really appeal to me. There is other stuff apparenly but she doesn't interest me.

Victoria Beckham.
She has nothing to say that I want to hear or read. I quite simply do not like her, not the persona she has put across anyway.

I know I know, he's supposed to be a classic but I tried & failed to get on with his books at 12/13. I got halfway through the one & kind of got into it but it was hard going, I think I did finish it actually but it didn't impress me all that much & there's no way I'd go back for seconds.

I know you can't call the middle two "authors" as it would be a disgrace but I couldn't think of any others & they annoy me, big time so I would never touch any of their "work".

The first four books on my To-Be-Read-List:

PC Bloggs.
Just look at the blog, surely the book is going to be a top read as well?!

Stuart, a life backwards.
The drama was on tv a few weeks ago & was very good but also very sad. It's about a little boy who went from normal happy go lucky to drug abuser, violent alcoholic. The story is told backwards, starting with the drug addicted alcoholic to the child who was sexually abused in a childrens home by the male owner, his abuse at the hands of his stepfather & the start of it all with school bullies.
I really want to read the book as it supposed to be excellent.

Touching from a distance. Ian Curtis & Joy Division.
Just because I like some their music & wonder why Ian Curtis decided to kill himself, he seemed a bit of a mixed up person. The book looks like it could be interesting.

Born to be riled.
Jeremy Clarkson.
I know he's an opinionated, egotistical twat but he can be very funny & The world according to Clarkson had me laughing out loud.

Tony Wilson
24 hour party people.
Because alot of the music from that time is the backbone of my music collection now, & as it all started three years before I was born it would be nice to read about how it all started & the person who was behind it.
& I know that's five but it's my blog & I'm allowed to cheat if I want!

The four books I'd take to a desert island:

Playing James. It's another chick lit book but it is very funny & the situations the lead character finds herself in are not unlike some of the ones I've found myself in, along with the things she does, which are equally embarrassing.

The World According to Clarkson.
It's all so true & very funny.

Shakespeare's works. For no other reason than I'd have time to waste & may as well use it to educate myself a little.

The fourth book would be the bible.

To be honest though it would be a hard choice as I really enjoy reading.

The last lines of one of my favourite books:

"& one of the things I learned was that to be happy tomorrow, you need to live for today & learn to forget yesterday"

Huge post & loads of links but never mind. Feel free to do the tag of your own freewill or opt out of being tagged but I tag PC Southwest, randompinkness & Girl with the golden touch.