24 February 2007

French Cuisine....

Im in the process of putting my horse out on loan at the moment, which is fine but not when she nearly ends up in Calais on a dinner table! I shall explain, last week I get a call from a lovely lady looking for a horse for her 12 yr old stepdaughter to do pony club with etc etc, we discuss the usual stuff, temprament, vices & how good/bad said horse is with vets/farriers & stamping on people's feet & where they plan on keeping her (a 60 acre farm, which doesnt exist). Arrangments made for the lovely lady & stepdaughter to come & try my horse out, all goes well horse behaves & doesnt carry child off into the next county or deposit into nearest hedge *sigh of relief*. They are so keen on her that they decide they would like to take her on a week's trial, Im happy with this so arrange to meet at livery yard the following day with a horsebox to be taken to their 'farm'.
I get home later that afternoon to an answerphone message from the livery yard owner to call them back asap, I call them to be told that this lovely lady has, in the past 6 months, had 3 horses/ponies on loan & only 1 has returned to it's original owner, the other 2 have disappeared without trace, sister of this lovely lady I find out keeps her horse at the yard I keep mine at (confusing I know but bare with me!) & she tells me that under no circumstances to let her take my horse on loan as she is almost sure her sister is taking animals on loan then the next day/week arranging for them to be picked up & taken on a one way trip to France! As much as my horse may wind me up at times/dump me in puddles/bite me or stand on my feet I would quite like her to remain on 4 legs rather than 4 plates!
I know an awful lot of this stuff goes on but unfortunately it's hard to prove that the animal hasn't just been stolen & by the time the owners have found out it is often too late, what really annoys me is the fact these people have the audacity & front to do this, it doesn't seem to bother them that the horse IS NOT THEIRS & is a much loved part of somebody else's family *VERY angry!*
Anyway, after that little episode Ive amended the advert to: 'Horse for loan, only non French vegetarians need apply'


ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Perhaps let them have a rotten old horse made out of cardboard and hope they dont notice

GirlNextDoor said...

Excellent idea, can just imagine the scene, all sat round table & husband says to wife 'where did you get this meat from, it tastes like bloody cardboard!'
Yes I can hear the groans I know it's a cheap joke, Il blame it on tiredness :o)