26 February 2007

Little Darlings

Im not a child hater, I love children, I did work experience at a nursery in my last year of school, I have 3 brothers & 3 sisters ranging in age from 9 to 34 & always seem to attract the ones who have lost mum & dad when im out, generally, children don't bother me.

I had a slight change of opinion on that statement today, I was a quarter the way into a 2 hour train journey when at the next station on gets a lady, her partner, their little boy of about 5 & a fast asleep baby strapped to mums chest. All proceed to sit down opposite me, baby is still asleep & little boy is finishing off coke (these parents have brains, coke & a 5 year old in a confined space, genius thinking) Child finishes coke & starts to get bored, which isnt a surprise, daddy is on mobile & mummy is lost in the latest 'celebrity' magazine so child takes it upon himself to stand on seat & start bouncing up & down, daddy smiles & mummy tells him halfheartedly to 'sit down' before going back to her magazine. Child gets bored of bouncing & decides to start wandering round carriage, which turns into running & the end result is a crying fit from a bang on the head which the parents then turn round & complain to the ticket man about! Apparently, you shouldnt have to press a button to get the connecting door to the next carriage open (little boy ran into door). No just let it open automatically so YOUR little boy can create mayhem on the WHOLE train rather than just 1 carriage!
My problem isn't the child or even some of its behaviour, my problem is the parents, who should know better. Why do they seem to think it acceptable & 'ok' for their offspring to make everybody else's journey hell just because they are too wrapped up in what they are doing? All it would have taken is for one of them to sit with their little boy & talk & keep him occupied, failing that they could have made him sit down & if he still misbehaved, warned him & given him a tap if he didnt take any notice & by tap I mean on the hand or bottom, not round the head or face as thats beyond wrong.
As I said, Im 1 of 7 & god help any one of us if we were rude or badly behaved beyond normal childlike behaviour, in public. Discipline does not harm anybody, in fact its the complete opposite, we were allowed to let off steam at home & get away with some stuff because at the end of the day children will be children & will always push boundaries & test patience but it is up to the parents to set those boundaries & explain to the child when they've gone past that line & then to discipline/explain why it's wrong. How else do you expect a responsible human being at the end? (I think Im hoping for too much there)
If we did something that warranted a punishment then we would get punished, be it grounded/no pocket money or privileges taken away & if that happened we knew we'd done wrong & soon learnt about 'actions & consequences'.

But that kind of discipline doesn't seem to exist anymore, there's no happy medium, you either see parents screaming & shouting at their child/children & being out of line physically with them, hitting round the face/head or kicking them (shocking) or walking along in their own world letting their 'little darling' run riot & create merry hell because they 'don't believe in smacking & believe a child should be allowed to show their inqusitive & creative side' Just a shame said child is being inqusitive & creative with the cosmetics display in Boots!
In both cases other people are left to pick up the pieces of that lack of parenting, be it Teachers/Police/Social Workers etc.
The (can't be bothered) society we live in at the moment, the answer is always 'not my fault' 'not my problem' 'old enough to know better' 'Jeremy Kyle is on therefore I can't be arsed with anything for the next hour'
Children aren't born with 'asbo' stamped on their birth certificate & a book of vouchers for numerous stay's at her Majesty's pleasure, they're brought up learning that that's an acceptable way to behave because the parents cannot be bothered to teach them any different & nor do they see any reason to.
It's not always a class thing either, some parents think it ok to throw money at their children to get them out of their hair & to make up for them not being around enough while others think it fine to let them do whatever because they just plain cant be bothered & plain don't care.
Again, it's left for somebody else to sort out because it's much easier that way & unfortunately, it's only going to get worse.

I cannot wait until today's 5/10 year olds are tomorrow's 15/20 year olds, all of a sudden Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's child catcher character is starting to look very appealing..... ;o)


Squadron Leader said...

Ha ha. I had a right laugh at that. I too blame the parents, check out the 'Respect' post on my blog.

You are settling right into blogging, aren't you?

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I so agree GND-I thought I would take a peek at your blog as you had graced mine!!!I like it!

GirlNextDoor said...

Squadron Leader - Yeah it's great, a virtual soundboard that doesnt answer back & if I dont like a comment I can just delete it, oh the power I have at my humble fingertips! hehehe

Thoughts running through my head - Thanks, it's quite enjoyable to write so hopefully it's quite fun to read!