27 February 2007

Q has alot to answer for

Q magazine is my read of choice & for the last few months Ive been making mental notes of albums that have been mentioned, reviewed or that I just like the sound of. So today I went to HMV, it is a good job I only had an hour for lunch or the damage to my account could have been fatal, I figured as I hadn't been shopping since before Christmas I could afford a bit of a blowout & got some very good stuff :o)

The Clash - The Singles. Already have 'London Calling' but I actually prefer this, maybe because the singles are more well known & it has my favourites on, 'I fought the law' &
'Train in vain'.

Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly Angry Mob. Already have 'Employment' & love their new single 'Ruby' so will have to see if the rest of the album lives upto that.

U2 - Joshua Tree. Doesnt need any explanation, I think they're brilliant, got this because it's supposed to be one of those 'must have' albums & it is :o) Still a big lover of 'All that you cant leave behind' & 'Vertigo' though.

T Rex - Essential Collection 25th Anniversary Edition. I just love T Rex, brilliant. All I need now are the platform boots!

Faithless - To All New Arrivals. I think Faithless are brilliant, their music is the closest I get to dance music & 'Bombs' & 'Last this day' are the best on the album. Very good :o)

Mika - Life in Cartoon Motio
n. Definitely 'Love or Hate' kind of music! Crazy! Bought it on the strength of his 'Grace Kelly' single & the whole album is great, 'Love Today' & 'Any Other World' are the best, apart from 'Grace Kelly' but that was obvious.

Bit of a lazy post today after yesterday's rant but I'm ranted out, for now.
Meanwhile Eastenders & a mug of hot chocolate is calling, how dangerously I live, god my social life needs a serious boot up the backside!

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