31 March 2007

It Made Me Giggle.... ;o)

For all those who may be affected by this program...


Dear Tech Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a
distinct slow down in overall system performance - particularly in the
flower and jewellery applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend


In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as
Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5 and then installed undesirable
programs such as AFL 5.0, The Ashes 3.0, and Golf Clubs 4.1. Conversation
8.0 no longer runs, and Housecleaning
2.6 simply crashes the system.

I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail. What
can I do?

Signed, Desperate


Dear Desperate:

First keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband

1.0 is an Operating System. Please enter the command: "http: I Thought You
Loved Me.html" and try to download Tears 6.2 and don't forget to install the
Guilt 3.0 update.

If that application works as designed, Husband 1.0 should then automatically
run the applications Jewellery 2.0 and Flowers 3.5. But remember, overuse of
the above application can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Grumpy Silence
2.5, Happy Hour 7.0 or Beer 6.1. Beer
6.1 is a very bad program that will download the Snoring Loudly Beta.

Whatever you do, DO NOT install Mother-in-law 1.0 (it runs a virus in the
background that will eventually seize control of all your system resources).

Also, do not attempt to reinstall the Boyfriend 5.0 program. These are
unsupported applications and will crash Husband 1.0. In summary, Husband
1.0 is a great program, but it does have limited memory and cannot learn new
applications quickly. You might consider buying additional software to
improve memory and performance. We recommend Food 3.0 and Hot Lingerie

Good Luck, Tech Support

29 March 2007


And I don't mean the fizzy kind. With all the debate on cannabis & it being a supposedly 'safe' drug it makes me wonder how much it's contributed to both my brothers problems.
The 1 brother, who is 34 now, started smoking cannabis at 14/15 then got onto cocaine & heroin & to feed his habit he would shoplift & steal from the family, cash or jewellery. My mum was pulling her hair out because of the damage it was doing to him & the knock on effect it had on the family, he was in & out of the Police cells for minor shoplifting & general petty stealing, my mother & father had tried everything they could to help him but he just didnt want it, it was only when they had reached their wits end & sat him down & said that they couldnt take what he was doing anymore or let it affect the family any further, they gave him an ultimatum, either clean up his act & get help or get out because they both knew he was on a very very slippery slope. Fortunately he was sensible enough to get help & to look at him now you would never say he had had anything to do with drugs. He's a settled man with a fiance, soon to be wife, running his own business, with his own home & planning for a family, he's a completely different person to the one he was & he hasn't touched any drugs since, Im proud of him because I know it was a fight for him to cut ties with the company he was keeping & to keep himself on the straight & narrow :o)

The 2nd brother, he's completely different. He started smoking cannabis at 16/17 & then got onto cocaine. He was living in Spain with my father but came back over to live with me, my mother & stepfather 7 months ago. He told my mum he was on it 2 months after moving in, she knew because she recognised the signs but at that time he was 'ok' behaviour wise & trying to get his life on track, she sat down with him & explained more in depth what had happened with my older brother & how damaging it was & offered to get him help, he promised he would disassociate himself from the 'friends' he'd got himself involved with & get into college etc etc. & everything was ok for a while, he was thinking about going into the Police or Fire brigade & because he's got the looks & build, modelling. Everybody helped him as much as possible, driving lessons, a car, help with a c.v, finding out info for the jobs he was interested in, everything, a full support system. My mum felt kind of guilty because of how things had been with my father & I think she blames herself so she gave him every oppurtunity & chance she possibly could. He didn't have a curfew as such, as long as he was in before 11/midnight & let my mother & stepfather know where he was things were ok.

Steadily his behaviour got worse, he was coming home at all hours of the night/early morning, no respect to anyone anymore, no interest in anything really, just dead to anything except going out or his girlfriend. Don't know how to explain it but there was no ambition or drive really anymore, he's quite happy to do a dead end minimum wage job because it's easy work & his boss doesnt seem to care if he turns up at 8am or 12pm. It was causing so many rows & so much tension that my mother gave him the same choice as she did my older brother, except this brother decided he'd move out, I say move out but he is in actual fact sleeping on a sofa with the people he does drugs with.
When he does turn up for work, which he has just had a final warning from his boss about, he works on a business park so afterwards is driving his car round like a complete idiot with his mates in the back, a car that isn't insured, isn't mot'd & he isn't licensed to drive. All while he's either just taken drugs or is coming down from them, he pays his rent which is minimal & for food, which is baked beans & bread & whatever he can scavenge off of other people, all the rest goes on drugs or drink, he gets through £150.00 in 2 days maximum, I know because he's asked to borrow money from me, my reply being if he's willing to get help I will buy him food or help him out but not give him money, if he got help my mother & stepfather would have him back home though.

When I found out what he was doing with his car I really wasn't happy, if he wants to ruin his life then thats his choice, he's had every offer of help he could possibly have. But to ruin somebody else's by running them over, killing them or injuring them because of his stupid irresponsible carelessness? Even worse if it were to be a child, which because it is a business park sometimes young children are about. I couldn't have it on my concsience if it were to happen knowing I could have done something about it, so I phoned the Police today & told them exactly what had happened & what he was doing, they're going to pay him a visit at work but want me to call them if I know he's down there with his car or friends.

It just makes me so angry because he could do so much with his life, he's 18 & before long it's going to be too late to do anything except a low paid dead end job, which is fine but I know & everybody else know's he's capable of so much more.
Maybe there's nothing in it but it just makes me wonder, especially after reading Tupc's post on cannabis (Whatever happened to teapot one? post) & the link he gave, if both of them hadn't started on cannabis whether they would have started on anything else? I don't know but I wish he would see what he's doing to himself, how he's throwing his chances away & pushing family away, maybe other people will think it harsh making him move out but there is only so much disruption, so many excuses you can make & so much people can put up with from one person before you reach your limit, both my mother & stepfather had done everything they could for him, I tried talking to him. He's lost contact with all of the decent friends he used to have & even they've tried helping him. I guess there is only so much you can do for some people. Maybe it's just a phase he's going through & this time next year he'll be completely different, I really hope so, for his sake more than anyone's but at the moment he's on a one way street & any offers of help etc he just isn't interested in, at all. It's useless giving him money as you know exactly what it will go on.

The last few posts now have been quite depressing & bleurgh but I promise it will be more light hearted in future! Just felt like getting a few things off my chest & venting my spleen I suppose :o)
And no matter how hard I try none of my posts will paragraph, ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

25 March 2007


Why do people find it so hard to do? To be straight with someone rather than backstab or say something they know that they will not follow through? It really winds me up as Im completely straight with people & expect/would like the same in return, if Ive upset someone or annoyed them or wound them up in any way I would much rather be told than for it to just fester or to hear it through a third party but it seems that is too much to ask from some people. This isn't a general thing, it relates to one person who has completely lied about everything, it very nearly cost him our friendship which, according to him, he placed such a high value on. That led to me giving him another chance & staying friends, although he'd severely damaged the trust it was something I thought could be regained albeit slowly, I also thought it would be a waste of a good friendship which as I said earlier, he placed such a high value on. That turned out to be a lie as well, I won't go into details as it is a very long story & I don't want to bore anyone etc etc suffice to say I had the nerve & guts to be honest & end what was left of the friendship which he clearly didn't, what has annoyed me & upset me really is the fact he still lied & still didn't learn from his previous mistake which caused so much damage & hurt in the first place. But I feel alot better for cutting him out of my life with a very cutting email, I tried the face to face thing & it didn't work, clearly he thought I didn't mean it.

Also, does anybody else find it completely anger making how mums know precisely the button to press to get a reaction? Problem is I think my mum is too good at it, we have a close relationship anyway but because my father was/still is an alcoholic & very abusive towards her verbally & mentally, twice physically which proved to be the last straw & led to divorce a couple of years ago, which Im very glad of because it was badly affecting my younger brothers & sisters who turned to me when they were upset at the atmosphere or what had been said/screamed between our parents. I don't have anything at all to do with him now because of the way he was towards her & me & some of the other children. She never got the support she should have got from him because of how he was & so she would talk to me about things, still does sometimes which I never minded & still don't. The problem is when she gets wound up or very upset/stressed or things aren't going well I tend to get it taken out on me with snide remarks & comments or a general 'having a go', even though she has remarried & settled with someone who is lovely & perfect for her & basically been what we all needed, he never gets the earache, it's always me. I know why she does it & that she doesnt mean it because I always get a heartfelt apology the next day but it doesn't stop it from hurting me or upsetting me at the time, once some really not very nice things were said & as bad as I feel & as much as I try I can't forget or completely forgive what she said & this time is the same, she cut deep & there really was no need for it. The infuriating thing is she knows exactly what to say to me that will upset me & I really don't think it's fair. What makes it harder is I live at home still because of various circumstances so when I say Im moving to back to London as soon as is possible, which is what Ive been planning ever since I finished college there, just now Im certain it's where I want to be, she wonders why! She also wonders why I don't talk to her about things & go to a friend or my boyfriend when I have problems, maybe it has something to do with the fact that when I have tried to talk to her, no matter how old Ive been or what it's been about, the conversation has always somehow turned on to her problems & how hard a time she's having & lately that has got worse which means now I don't talk to her about anything Im having problems with really. I know from reading all that that I sound like a spoiled teenager who is in a 'poor little me' mood & she sounds like a complete dragon, that isn't the case at all because Im not & she isn't it's just sometimes I find the way she is really hard to deal with, maybe it is this week hasn't been great anyway due to the friend incident but I just wish sometimes she was the shoulder to cry on or the soundboard to moan at.

Bit of a depressing post but thats why Ive kept this blog annonymous, so I have somewhere to get things off my chest & have a rant where it won't affect anyone else & makes me feel better, it's weird but if Id shown my identity I don't feel I'd be able to do that so this is literally an online diary I guess :o)
On a completely different & much lighter matter though Im really into dresses at the moment, firstly I need one to wear to a wedding thats coming up & secondly summer is nearly here & Im fed up of jeans/skirt/shorts, it's nice to feel feminine & 'girly' sometimes so here's a few that have caught my eye, plus a few others that are more of the tshirt dress design. Ive actually bought the striped jumper dress & it's lovely, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looks :o)

Choices, glorious choices!

17 March 2007

I have decided...

...that although I would love to join the Police, I just think Im too short! It's the one thing that has held me back from seriously applying, I know Im good with people & I know Im good in difficult & fraught situations but I don't want to join up knowing Id be of no use or one of those people that join just for the uniform & to be able to say to everyone 'Im a Policeman'
I have alot of thoughts going through my head, mainly of the pro's & con's variety, Im bored in my current job & I just feel like I want to do something that is a challenge & that Id need to push myself mentally & physically for, at the moment I just feel Im on autopilot.
Maybe I should just go for it as I know there aren't height restrictions anymore but as I said, I want to join up to be of use, not to have to stand to the side when the going gets tough or to be looked upon as too 'delicate' for the job, as I said, lots of thoughts on the subject, mainly tangled ones!

The Cheltenham Gold Cup is over for another year, Kauto Star won it, here he is with Ruby Walsh on board:

I was happy as it meant my bet didn't go to waste, I know he was the favourite but even so! The bookies had a bad year this year, same as last year, about 90%, possibly more of the favourites came in first, in the end they were refusing to take large bets on the favourites knowing they'd have to pay out a big wedge when they came in, one bookie didn't have the cash on him so was having to hand out slips for punter's to collect their winnings from the betting shops. But it's not like they lose out, about time the tables were turned! ;o)

Felt like the whole of Ireland was at the festival this year, as always, Ive put a picture below to show just how crowded it gets, it's manic. Always a good atmosphere there as it always falls near St. Patricks day & everybody is out to enjoy themselves & to celebrate the penultimate race of the National Hunt season & St Patricks day at the weekend. As I have some Irish blood in me its a good excuse to have a night out & nobody cares if you look a muppet in the Guinness hats! I refuse to dress as a leprechaun though, as was helpfully suggested by a friend, oh the hilarity, not!

But just for the fun of it :o)....

Bit of a something & nothing post today, more of a thinking aloud type thing. But now, Im off to do a bit of shopping & to glamourise myself for tonight, which will take ages so maybe I should just scratch the shopping! lol

15 March 2007

A Wider Audience & Justice

I was reading Inspector Gadget's blog yesterday & saw this http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com/2007/03/10/daily-mail-we-salute-you/ What happened to Dan Coffill, regardless of him being a Policeman, is tragic. I just feel really strongly about it, the fact he is so young & now has nothing left of his life & worse, that the judge saw it fit to reduce the sentences of the 2 males that did it is even more tragic. But Im glad that it is reaching a nationwide audience, I feel as many people as possible should know about this. Something good needs to come from this situation, even if it is only to make people more aware & for the courts to stop feeling sorry for the criminals, treating them so leniently & blaming their actions on other people, instead things need to start going in favour of the victim. The victim who's life in some way has been affected, affected as badly as Daniel Coffill's has been, effectively his life has been taken from him & along with any chance of a future of any kind. Things really do need to change, sooner rather than later, with proper punishments being handed out rather than community service or short jail terms & 'human rights', as far as Im concerned when you commit a crime as serious as rape/murder/sexual abuse/sexual assault/peadophilia/serious assault. You have given up your human rights as soon as that crime is committed & you should be treated as such, not have every whim pandered to & your bad start in life as the excuse for everything you have done wrong. Every person goes through a bad time in their life, some alot worse than others. Others are unlucky enough to be born into an extremely bad situation from the start but not all turn to crime & use that as an excuse. Some people are strong enough to turn their lives around & live a decent honest life, others are plain weak & take the easy option, regardless of what help they are offered or given, some people you just can't help & its those, the ones who show zero remorse no matter what they have done & carry on doing the same thing over & over again, the ones that have committed an horrific crime & show no remorse or guilt, its those that the death penalty should be bought back for. The punishment needs to be feared, it needs to be a deterrent to those who, at the moment, look upon prison as a holiday camp. We should start taking notes from America's criminal justice system where the death penalty is still legal, where hard labour is still legal & prison is just that, your freedom taken away for the period that fits the seriousness of the crime you have committed & the person whose life you have affected or taken. Maybe others think Im too harsh & see things in a too 'black & white' way, I don't feel I do, I just feel that things need to change, dramatically & for the better, sooner rather than later. When Ive stopped dreaming & living in fantasy land I'll let you know....

11 March 2007

Not Exactly....

......What you would call 'politically correct' but I don't care, I found it amusing :o)

7 March 2007

A Sick Bunny & Other Randomness

I was on Yahoo earlier having a quick nose at the news pages when I saw an article on a 9yr old girl, who, at 5ft weighs 89kg, which is roughly 14 STONE! She is a dress size 18, I was having trouble visualising it so equated it to me, Im 5ft & 6 stone so this little girl is my height but 2 & a bit times my weight, very wrong. Apparently her mother has tried feeding her fruit & vegetables but she is only interested in chocolate, which she has a 500 gram bar of PER DAY. Its shocking, Im not saying its easy to make children eat healthily because I know it isn't but surely if her mother didn't buy fatty food & half the Cadbury factory it wouldn't be there for her to eat. Apart from the health concerns she must be very unhappy, I mean she certainly isn't going to be able to wear the fashionable clothes her friends do or be able to do much sport/activity wise. I just think her mother needs to do something & if she can't then to ask for help from her Doctor, this girl has already been bullied at primary school & as she gets older & goes on into secondary school it will get alot worse, teenage girls can be very vicious verbally, hope somebody helps her.

I think if they put pictures like this on chocolate wrappers though it would make people think....

And I was worried about my bikini diet! Eeeeek!

Me & my friend decided we'd have a look on the 'net last night & get some idea of flat/houseshares etc in London, had a look at all the usual places when my friend decided we should go & have a look on Craigslist, which if you've never heard of it is basically like an online version of the classifieds section in your local paper, you select your country & county & then what you want to have a look at, so we do that & start looking at the property to share/rent part when we notice an ad for a luxury 2 double bedroomed flat in Central London with suspiciously low rent, curiosity pricked we click & read, looks good so far, nice description/area/layout etc so we go on to the rent bit, which is where the snag is. Rather than rent, the 'nice' professional (his words) 32 yr old landlord is offering this flat for rent to a young lady/ladies in return for, not money, but 'occasional adult fun'. I was struck silent, which believe me is practically unheard of! We then burst into giggles. Firstly, I don't think it's 'occasional' he's looking for, more like whenever he feels like it & secondly I don't think he's looking for a 'lady' or 'ladies' to occupy his delightful City Flat, 'live in prostitute/prostitutes' would maybe have been more appropriate wording. Oh, he also specifies that she/they need to be aged between 18/25, he will also probably put in the contract that they must at all times be dressed in Ann Summers finest & preferably be bi-sexual. One very sick bunny (perv?)
So blatant too! Hope nobody takes him up on his offer, although I suppose somebody out there will. *Shudder*. Needless to say he is not on the 'keep in mind' list!

I was thinking the other day that actually, blogwriting can be quite therapeutic (unless thats just me?) Must be something about it because every diary Ive planned on keeping has never lasted longer than a week, I lose interest easily it seems. Is quite fun too so it looks like your stuck with my ranting & rambling for a while yet!

I caved in & bought the knee high boots yesterday, I posted a pic of them a few days ago, oh the willpower I have! But, they do look rather lovely & have the added bonus of making me a few inches taller *Grin* comfortable too, I refuse to totter when I wear heels. On that note Im off to do some strutting & admiring of my Topshop clad feet in any reflective surface at every given oppurtunity! *Grin Grin Grin*

5 March 2007

Men are DEFINITELY from Mars

I have decided I will stop even trying to understand the Male of the species & leave them to their own devices!

The lovely boyfriend is going through a saying one thing & meaning/doing another stage, it is confusing to say the least. I am quite happy as things are & have been for the past year, all of a sudden he has the urge to change the balance & I have no idea why, it seems to be a jealousy thing. I have more male friends than I do female purely because I just cannot be doing with the bitchiness of most females, I am straight talking & mean what I say so you either accept it or get on with it. He seems to have got in his head that a male friend is being more attentive than he should be, the fact this friend has only ever been a friend & only ever will be seems to go straight over his head, the thing that is confusing me more than anything is it just isnt like him so I am putting it down to the oncoming of summer, even the Cockatiel is being a muppet! That's not to say he wont get a stern talking to if it carries on though (the boyfriend, not the Cockatiel!) :o)

And on a totally unrelated note, I can't decide which I like more, maybe I'll have to beg for some extra shifts at work & get both!

Boots - Topshop

Platforms - Topshop

1 March 2007

Am I mad...

To be moving from this:

To this:

I've had enough of being a country girl & gave the city a try a few years ago while I completed a college course & have missed it ever since. It's a very strange thing because I never thought I'd love being in a place like London, even though my mother hates the idea of me moving because she seems to think I will get raped, shot, murdered, mugged, stabbed & robbed all at the same time, either that or somehow get the pointy toe of my high heel to trip me head first onto the Bakerloo line & ruin some poor banker's rush hour trip to work.... (she knows how clumsy I can be!)

The strange thing is though, I feel safer in London than I do here crimewise, it's not that there is alot of crime but it tends to be quite bad when it does, it could of course be a false sense of security, more people - safer you feel, or it could be that you barely ever see a copper about around here whereas in London there seems to be one at every corner, then again, they could be figments of my over excited imagination or holograms ;o)
It's just too quiet where I am, I've had a taste of city life & want more. More excitement, more life, more experiences & more oppurtunities. The only thing that could show me up is my accent, elocution lessons here I come!