1 March 2007

Am I mad...

To be moving from this:

To this:

I've had enough of being a country girl & gave the city a try a few years ago while I completed a college course & have missed it ever since. It's a very strange thing because I never thought I'd love being in a place like London, even though my mother hates the idea of me moving because she seems to think I will get raped, shot, murdered, mugged, stabbed & robbed all at the same time, either that or somehow get the pointy toe of my high heel to trip me head first onto the Bakerloo line & ruin some poor banker's rush hour trip to work.... (she knows how clumsy I can be!)

The strange thing is though, I feel safer in London than I do here crimewise, it's not that there is alot of crime but it tends to be quite bad when it does, it could of course be a false sense of security, more people - safer you feel, or it could be that you barely ever see a copper about around here whereas in London there seems to be one at every corner, then again, they could be figments of my over excited imagination or holograms ;o)
It's just too quiet where I am, I've had a taste of city life & want more. More excitement, more life, more experiences & more oppurtunities. The only thing that could show me up is my accent, elocution lessons here I come!


dickiebo said...

Gosh, this takes me back! When I left school in 1954, here, in Swansea, there was not much work, so we all had to go off to London to find a job. Those with brains became Schoolteachers, and the others joined the Police Force. You can guess which I became!
Now we are all back in Swansea, and very glad to be here.

Squadron Leader said...

I would sooner dig my eyeballs out with a hot spoon, than live in the cess-pit we call our capital city. At least in my town we can say hello and pass the time of day with people. Personal opinion, but there you go. I just think big cities (everything bigger than a small market town) are impersonal .

thoughts running through my head.... said...

SL,thats generalising-so everyone in small towns is tolerant of others,accepting of new comers are they?I don't think so!London isnt perfect by any means,but dont judge everyone as no good or unfriendly,I really don't find that the case alot of the time.
Girl next door-go for it,at least you have a massive Topshop here!!!;-)

Squadron Leader said...

TRTMH, I wasn't generalising, I was speaking from experience. I have lived in London, albeit over 20 years ago.

To test my theory, try starting a conversation with someone on the tube, they'll think you are crackers and move away. Ask for help at a railway station and you're lucky if they even acknowledge you, let alone speak English.

Sorry, been there, read the book, seen the film, got the T-shirt, and wasn't that impressed.

Please bear in mind this is ALL my own PERSONAL opinion, just as it was in the first post.

Yes, I agree with you, a lot of small towns can be un-accepting of new comers. But isn't that generalising?

I also didn't judge anyone as no good or unfriendly, I wrote that I think big cities are impersonal.

I do appologise if I have caused you any offence over this. I will now go out to the barn and throw myself onto the pitchfork.


dickiebo said...

Yea, you're right SL. London can be a very lonely place, or can be the most 'alive' place in the world. Depends where you are coming from. So long as you have a decent standard-of-living, then you are OK in London.

GirlNextDoor said...

I agree SL, both places have their good & bad points. Where I am now, we moved here 11 years ago & at first were classed as 'outsiders' it took a while for us to be accepted, purely because it is a small village & it is it's own community, once we had settled in & got to know people it's the friendliest place imaginable, along with the nosiest, quietest & most beautiful.
When I was first in London 3 years ago I didnt know a soul & found it incredibly lonely, I eventually got to know people & got a good group of friends & got to know the area I was in & the people that lived in it & ended up feeling really at home there. I do find that some people are quite rude/hostile but then Ive come across some really friendly pleasant people, I think it also depends on how you put yourself across.
My biggest reason for moving is the lack of jobs where I am & how overpriced the property is.
As Dickiebo said, as long as you have a decent standard of living then London is ok & friendly, it can also be the loneliest place imaginable, I think it just depends on what you want from where at the time.
Im probably dazzled by the bright lights & be sick of the place in 10 years time anyway!
And yes TRTMH, The Topshop there is amazing! :o)