17 March 2007

I have decided...

...that although I would love to join the Police, I just think Im too short! It's the one thing that has held me back from seriously applying, I know Im good with people & I know Im good in difficult & fraught situations but I don't want to join up knowing Id be of no use or one of those people that join just for the uniform & to be able to say to everyone 'Im a Policeman'
I have alot of thoughts going through my head, mainly of the pro's & con's variety, Im bored in my current job & I just feel like I want to do something that is a challenge & that Id need to push myself mentally & physically for, at the moment I just feel Im on autopilot.
Maybe I should just go for it as I know there aren't height restrictions anymore but as I said, I want to join up to be of use, not to have to stand to the side when the going gets tough or to be looked upon as too 'delicate' for the job, as I said, lots of thoughts on the subject, mainly tangled ones!

The Cheltenham Gold Cup is over for another year, Kauto Star won it, here he is with Ruby Walsh on board:

I was happy as it meant my bet didn't go to waste, I know he was the favourite but even so! The bookies had a bad year this year, same as last year, about 90%, possibly more of the favourites came in first, in the end they were refusing to take large bets on the favourites knowing they'd have to pay out a big wedge when they came in, one bookie didn't have the cash on him so was having to hand out slips for punter's to collect their winnings from the betting shops. But it's not like they lose out, about time the tables were turned! ;o)

Felt like the whole of Ireland was at the festival this year, as always, Ive put a picture below to show just how crowded it gets, it's manic. Always a good atmosphere there as it always falls near St. Patricks day & everybody is out to enjoy themselves & to celebrate the penultimate race of the National Hunt season & St Patricks day at the weekend. As I have some Irish blood in me its a good excuse to have a night out & nobody cares if you look a muppet in the Guinness hats! I refuse to dress as a leprechaun though, as was helpfully suggested by a friend, oh the hilarity, not!

But just for the fun of it :o)....

Bit of a something & nothing post today, more of a thinking aloud type thing. But now, Im off to do a bit of shopping & to glamourise myself for tonight, which will take ages so maybe I should just scratch the shopping! lol


dickiebo said...

GND; I know how good the Cheltenham Meeting is as my son worked there whilst he was at the nearby Hartpury College. He and other students were waiters, waiting on the Irish punters. He said that the atmosphere was great, and the Irish were really nice. (Possibly because of their generous 'tips').
They (the students)enjoyed it so much that this year they all had a re-union at the races. Tis now Saturday and we are still waiting for him to return, after having left to attend on Thursday!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

dont worry about height-I'm not exactly tall and it doesnt stop me-its attitude that counts imo,policing isnt all about fighting people-I've calmed people down that big blokes cant,so it all depends.My friend is smaller than me at f502 and you wouldnt want to mess with her!!

totallyun-pc said...

how tall are you?.... maybe we can get two the same size, one on top of the other.... and one long coat and a hat! waddya think!

Seriously, if you WANT to do something.... do it. If you don't like it, you leave. its not like the army where you sign up for years.

Don't spend the rest of your life wishing you had. DO IT.
Policing IS a calling despite the cynics. If you feel you can contribute, you'll spend the rest of your life wondering what you might have achieved.

and no... i'm nothing to do with recruitment, and I'm an old piss taking cynic myself most of the time. But you'll find brothers and sisters that would offer their lives for you if they had to.

Anonymous said...

GND, I agree with Totallyun-pc. I don't see what your height has to do with it really. You may be thinking of public order, but I know several shorter officers who as you say can talk to people. I also know several large burly ones who as soon as they turn up you know you'll end up in a bundle - and guess what I know who i'd rather be policing with. I'm getting old I don't want to fight - well not all the time anyway. you go for it. also seems like you've got a good attitude. Can always leave if you don't like it.


GirlNextDoor said...

Dickiebo - It is a great place & a brilliant atmosphere, once you've been the first time your an addict, just a brilliant few days :o)

Totallyun-pc - Im liking the stacking idea, then again I always knew those platform shoes would come in handy one day! Seriously though, Im 5ft & 6/6 & half stone so smaller than average. I guess like TRTMH said, it is attitude & how you put yourself across to people & I know I have no problems with that & can talk people down from being ready to flip. Im not afraid to stand up to people either so that isn't the problem, like you said though, I can always leave if it doesnt suit me. Ive been thinking about joining up since I left school so maybe it's about time I did something one way or the other!

Whatever I decide though, Im not going to be able to do anything for the next year because of circumstances but the comments left by people here have helped in a good way, so thanks :o)