7 March 2007

A Sick Bunny & Other Randomness

I was on Yahoo earlier having a quick nose at the news pages when I saw an article on a 9yr old girl, who, at 5ft weighs 89kg, which is roughly 14 STONE! She is a dress size 18, I was having trouble visualising it so equated it to me, Im 5ft & 6 stone so this little girl is my height but 2 & a bit times my weight, very wrong. Apparently her mother has tried feeding her fruit & vegetables but she is only interested in chocolate, which she has a 500 gram bar of PER DAY. Its shocking, Im not saying its easy to make children eat healthily because I know it isn't but surely if her mother didn't buy fatty food & half the Cadbury factory it wouldn't be there for her to eat. Apart from the health concerns she must be very unhappy, I mean she certainly isn't going to be able to wear the fashionable clothes her friends do or be able to do much sport/activity wise. I just think her mother needs to do something & if she can't then to ask for help from her Doctor, this girl has already been bullied at primary school & as she gets older & goes on into secondary school it will get alot worse, teenage girls can be very vicious verbally, hope somebody helps her.

I think if they put pictures like this on chocolate wrappers though it would make people think....

And I was worried about my bikini diet! Eeeeek!

Me & my friend decided we'd have a look on the 'net last night & get some idea of flat/houseshares etc in London, had a look at all the usual places when my friend decided we should go & have a look on Craigslist, which if you've never heard of it is basically like an online version of the classifieds section in your local paper, you select your country & county & then what you want to have a look at, so we do that & start looking at the property to share/rent part when we notice an ad for a luxury 2 double bedroomed flat in Central London with suspiciously low rent, curiosity pricked we click & read, looks good so far, nice description/area/layout etc so we go on to the rent bit, which is where the snag is. Rather than rent, the 'nice' professional (his words) 32 yr old landlord is offering this flat for rent to a young lady/ladies in return for, not money, but 'occasional adult fun'. I was struck silent, which believe me is practically unheard of! We then burst into giggles. Firstly, I don't think it's 'occasional' he's looking for, more like whenever he feels like it & secondly I don't think he's looking for a 'lady' or 'ladies' to occupy his delightful City Flat, 'live in prostitute/prostitutes' would maybe have been more appropriate wording. Oh, he also specifies that she/they need to be aged between 18/25, he will also probably put in the contract that they must at all times be dressed in Ann Summers finest & preferably be bi-sexual. One very sick bunny (perv?)
So blatant too! Hope nobody takes him up on his offer, although I suppose somebody out there will. *Shudder*. Needless to say he is not on the 'keep in mind' list!

I was thinking the other day that actually, blogwriting can be quite therapeutic (unless thats just me?) Must be something about it because every diary Ive planned on keeping has never lasted longer than a week, I lose interest easily it seems. Is quite fun too so it looks like your stuck with my ranting & rambling for a while yet!

I caved in & bought the knee high boots yesterday, I posted a pic of them a few days ago, oh the willpower I have! But, they do look rather lovely & have the added bonus of making me a few inches taller *Grin* comfortable too, I refuse to totter when I wear heels. On that note Im off to do some strutting & admiring of my Topshop clad feet in any reflective surface at every given oppurtunity! *Grin Grin Grin*

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