25 April 2007

15 Things

I've realised over the past few days there are quite a few things I hate & love, mainly because I came home yesterday in an arrgghh! mood, I'm beginning to think I'm a bit of a moody cow at the moment, not like me but I'm blaming it on other people (of course!) Anyway, I thought Id do a 15 things I hate/love list, just because over the past few days the hate things Ive witnessed too much of & the love things there hasn't always been enough of!

The 15 things I hate are:

1. Smelly People. Of which there are far too many at the moment, soap & water is not a killer, unlike your B.O.

2. Parents who fail to discipline their children. Please don't shoot me filthy looks because your child has turned out to be the spawn of Satan. It isn't easy to discipline children but it isn't rocket science either, try it, you might even see some results!

3. Backstabbers. If you have something to say please have the decency to say it to my face, it's ok, I can handle it & who knows, I might just return the favour!

4. People who assume I am underage. just because I don't look my age does not make me a school dodging illegal drinker. No, I don't look my age, Yes, that is a genuine I.D card, no, I am not related to Kylie & yes, you are pissing me off. (This mostly relates to me being refused entry to a 15 Cert. film, when Im 21!)

5. Arrogant People. Just because you are better paid/dressed/looking does not make you a better person than others, nor does it make you more attractive or nicer.

6. People with no manners. The words you're looking for are 'Please' & 'Thank you' try using them, you'll get a much better response. Im also sure that old lady you just pushed past appreciated your politeness, well done.

7. Winter mornings. I just want to stay wrapped in my duvet & for the alarm clock to explode.

8. Marmite. What is the point?! I could also say this about tea, very spicy food, sprouts & McFly though.

9. Bitchy Gossipy Girls. Again, what is the point? I just don't get it!

10. Men who lack the chivalrous streak. Im all for equal rights & don't expect to be offered a seat everytime on a crowded bus or tube, but when there is a pregnant woman stood or I am trying to get through a door, maybe offer your seat or to hold the door open? The worst you'll get is a 'no thanks'.

11. Shoes that don't come in my size. I find the perfect pair of shoes, go to look & the smallest size they come in is a size above what I take, just not fair! Then again, I think my bank manager is happier than he otherwise would be!

12. Rude shop assistants. Have you never heard of customer service or people skills? For all you know I could be a millionaire & able to afford those £200.00 pair of shoes, Im not but thats besides the point, I could do without your scowls.

13. My small feet. They are just impractical!

14. Jordan. Anybody can get silicone implants & pose 'provocatively'.

15. Tony Blair. Surely you don't need an explanation?! Although to be more precise, I hate more what he does than him as a person, then again he is spineless & cowardly, I do hate his character traits.

And now all the moaning is over, 15 things I love :o)

1. Getting over feeling sad/angry/upset/stressed or down by playing my favourite music so loud that it blocks everything else out. Mostly Oasis/U2/T-Rex/Kaiser Chiefs/Killers/Goldfrapp/The Clash. It is an extremely good job we live in the countryside & have no close neighbours, my stereo may well have been confiscated by now otherwise. Anybody else find this gets rid of anger?

2. My skinny jeans. For the simple reason of them making my legs look longer.

3. My high heels. Because they make me slightly taller than I actually am.

4. Make-Up. What would I do without my concealer & mascara, not to mention eyeliner, lip balm & moisturiser.

5. My Best Mate. She is there through thick & thin & still manages to make me laugh, even if we are 'undercover blondes' due to the stupid things we find ourselves doing/saying/thinking!

6. My C.D Collection. Far too many but I listen to them all & they are probably my one big vice, HMV is a regular.

7. My Horse. She may cause me unneccasary injuries & be rather headstrong but she's all mine!

8. The Opposites Of The People I've Listed Above. Because it's nice when someone says please or thank you, smiles, when you see a well behaved child, when a man has a chivalrous streak or just somebody who thinks about others a bit.

9. My boyfriend. he might be a muppet at times but as muppets go he isn't a bad one! It's also a very good job he isn't reading this seeing as I've only just realised at number 9!!!

10. The Summer. Because I get a tan & get to wear my summer clothes instead of being bundled up in jumpers & coats. Also, because all the music festivals are on & everything is just so much nicer.

11. The Smell Of Cut Grass. I don't know why, I just do.

12. Hot Bubble Baths. Just fantastic in the winter.

13. My hair being played with. I have no idea why, I think Im just a little bit weird!

14. Rainbows. Im still hoping to find a pot of gold!

15. The numerous places that sell petite ranges or fashionable teens clothes. I thank you Next, New Look & Topshop because otherwise Id be forever consigned to pink leggings & barbie t-shirts!

So there you go, my quite big hates & big loves. And now Im going to make the most of my day off, the sun is out & Im off to enjoy it before it disappears!


Mags said...

Fantastic list! I was going to comment on some of the ones I agree with but the list got too long...so, right on!

Grannys.Myth.Peeler said...

thank you for taking the time to post a comment on my blog, it is not that I have stopped posting it is simply that as I write stories they sometimes take time to develop. I wish I could be quicker but hey stupid is as stupid does.

two things,

first, being 21 & asked for i/d is really good. being nearer to teenage years is loads better than being nearer to retirment. I would trade places with you tomorrow as would many. it wont last & before you know it you will be praying you were 21 again, honest. enjoy it now.

secondly in your profile I notice you rate green street. I must take issue. as a football going fan & enjoyer of hooligan films I thought the lead actors ridicularse fake cockanee accent was terrible & bugged me all the way through. & the idea of a small american with big hairy feet getting involved with hardcore english hooligans is laughable. finally the fight scene at the end where the girl in the range rover just happens to turn up in the secret location was just pants.

football factory is nearer the mark.

anyway thanks for bobbing by


maneatingcheesesandwich said...

"No, I don't look my age" .. and you still want to join the job ?

You'll spend the first few years being asked whether you've borrowed your mum's uniform, and have drunken teenagers thinking they're 'in with a chance' once they unleash their best chat-up lines.

Help is at hand, courtesy of Uniform Patrol Work...Within five years we'll have you looking old enough for local scrotes to call you Miss, then at ten years we'll have you time-worn and haggard enough to pass as a seasoned WDC. By fifteen years in, we'll try to make you look ready to drop.

Forget the duvet, as a Sunday morning early shift in icy February holds its own attractions and, gradually, your alarm clock will become your best friend, as it'll be the only thing you can rely on to wake you up in time for work. Boyfriend will now be older and wiser, and will feign sleep rather than wake you up at 0430 with a cup of tea..

Too young...make the most of it! Years ago, I was stopped by a pair of cheerful traveller folk and asked whether I was old enough to drive - the day after my 30th birthday... The other week I was asked whether I was due to retire soon....

thoughts running through my head.... said...

15 things I hate atm
1.my DS
2.my DS
3.my DS
4.my DS
5.my DS
6.my DS
7.my DS
8.my DS
9.my DS
10.my DS
11.my DS
12.my DS
13.my DS
14.my DS
15.my DS

Sorry to hijack your post GND,but I thought you'd appreciate it!!

Don't think I don't know you blog here too... said...

TRTMH - they say that love is sooo close to hate, that it can be difficult to tell them apart sometimes. I think you're kidding yourself. You know you want him.....

GirlNextDoor said...

Thanks Mags :o)

Granny, your stories are worth waiting for, I thought you'd disappeared for good & was very glad to see new posts because I quite often find them hilarious.
I enjoy being my age, just not being questioned about it! And as for green street, all my football friends say the same but Im a girl, so I think its a good film although I did think the accent was crap being as a few of my friends are proper cockneys, he failed at being a cockney I think. I.D is supposed to be a good footbll film, it is next on my list :o)

Maneatingcheesesandwich, ''have drunken teenagers thinking they're 'in with a chance' once they unleash their best chat-up lines'' Please no!
And as for the ageing process of a female copper, I'll get started on the anti ageing cream, double doses!

TRTMH, Do you hate your DS then? ;o)
I agree with 'Don't think I don't know you blog here too', I reckon your just waiting for him to go down on one knee, bet your eyeing up the wedding mags in Smiths all the time! ;o)

dickiebo said...

Glad there's nuthin' serious then.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

GND+DTIDKYBHT you have got to be kidding,he has no chin,wears supermarket jeans,laughs like a girl and is fat,oh and everyone hates him.So there!!

GirlNextDoor said...

TRTMH - What a catch! How could you let such a fine specimen of man slip through your fingers! Tut Tut ;o) hehehe

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Hmm think you might have inspired me to do similair lists when I get time! A lot of your likes are the same as mine would be.

Have sorted my links out now :-D