21 April 2007


Firstly, apologies for the title but it had to be said. secondly Im about to blow my top over my boss, cover your ears!
I have issues with my boss, Im 100% sure he was beaten with the ugly stick liberally as a child, he has personal hygiene problems, he's a bore, he's a letch, he quite often thinks he's funny when in actual fact he's not, he tries to be your 'friend', he's asked every girl that works there out for dinner & then tries to do our job by cocking it up royally then leaving one or the other to get him out of the shit & sort out his mistake or placate the person he has pissed off, god I hate him.
Yesterday he got very close to me blowing my top, why does he have to be such a prat?!
Admittedly, I do have punctuality issues but they aren't that often, yesterday I was 5 minutes late which is no big deal because fridays are never busy, I get in check what I need to check & tell night duty man that I'll just go & grab a coffee from the kitchens & be right back, he had no problem with this, if he'd needed to get off then fine, I wouldn't have gone. I go down to kitchens, come back & boss says to me ''If you need coffee in the mornings come in 10 minutes earlier & get it'' I was kind of miffed but thought fair enough, not an hour later he tells me (TELLS, not asks) to go & get him a coffee! If he had been busy then fine but he wasn't & I was, I point this out to him & he tells me 'he's waiting for a call' seeing as Im not going to win this without recieving my P45 immediately I go, making a point about how it's strange that all of a sudden Im allowed to go on coffee runs....

The second thing that annoyed me is there is part of the office where to get to stuff you have to squeeze between a wall & the edge of a desk (impractical I know) anyway if anybody else needs something from here they ask you to pass it because otherwise you have to literally squeeze past one another, well guess what, he doesn't do that, he holds the girls by the hips & squeezes past them making a big deal of saying 'oh sorry just need to squeeze past'
Well Im fed up of 'oh sorry just need to squeeze past' & asked him what was wrong with 'Excuse me' or 'can you pass me the...' apparently he thinks it's easier for us if he just gets what he wants himself. Right, that would be why he never does it to the 6ft bloke that works there or the guy from the gym (although I have to say, Im tempted when it's the guy from the gym but anyway!)
We've got wise to this now & hastily move when he approaches, the new girl has yet to learn this trick.

The third thing that pissed me off is why he finds it so hard to leave us to do our job, why does he feel the need to take over when we're halfway through something? He did this yesterday & asked me ''what do I do next?'' unfortunately I was verrrrrry busy helping someone fill out a gym membership, when he'd sweated enough I thought Id help him out only to be told I need to learn to proritise which person needs sorting more & be more 'professional' I just looked at him & got on with it. But of course it's ok for him to sit in the office & pick his scabs off his scalp & eat them, yes I did say eat them. Dirty bloody mongrel.

It also gets me when any female customers appear he is like a dog being teased with steak, the tongue lolling, the bright eyes, the excited yelps, prick. It doesn't seem to bother him they are plainly repulsed & don't actually need or want his 'help'.
He doesnt believe in sticking to women his own age (54, he thinks he looks so great for his age), no why be selective, it's an open market why not go for the 16/17 yr olds too.
I really struggled yesterday to hold my tongue, it is only because of the money & the fact I do actually need this job that I did. He seemed to be extra annoying yesterday, little barbed comments & stupid remarks, that sort of thing but it really did seem to get to me more than usual. I left an hour early feigning illness to get asked if it was 'womans problems' no, it's f****ng man problems, which I turned round & said to him & he has the bloody cheek to ask if the boyfriend has got fed up with me & if he has he doesnt mind taking his place! In his f****ng dreams (I nearly added a word there but I won't) I mean bloody hell, he just doesn't get it. The worst thing is you can't really make a complaint because he does it in such a way that if you did put it in writing or went to management it would sound stupid, a written complaint was made last year by most of us, the few that didn't were the ones that didn't want to 'cause trouble' & he got a talking to, he's toned down since then but still makes comments & remarks. It seriously winds me up but I came home yesterday, chilled out & took a couple of hundred deep breaths, I felt better :o) & Monday is still a day & a half away, oh sweet sweet joy!


Annette said...

Well, have you and "Thoughts running through my head" got together on this blog?!
She is ranting about her boss too!

Isn't it awful when the man concerned just doesn't realise how awful he is. I must admit he sounds dreadful.
I am presuming he is not married, so he's hoping one of you will go out with him?


The best thing to do is just keep away from him and hope that soon he will retire.

dickiebo said...

Blimey. Seeing your heading, I thought that you were about to expose me.
I remember, a long time ago, seeing a film, in which an unwanted and violent man put his hand down the front of a helpless woman's dress. I'll never forget the way that she just stood completely still, looked at him for what he was, and said, quite quietly, "You make my skin crawl!"
Not suggesting that you allow things to go that far but - not a bad role model, perhaps.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

what a knobber!!!How weird that we both did posts about saddo bosses!!
GND,if that creep touches you its sexual assault,remind him of that if so much as goes to touch you next time!Also,your firm will be in a health and safety breach by having a space so narrow that you have to squeeze past a desk to get anywhere.

He needs bringing down a peg or two if you ask me!

totallyun-pc said...

One of my old team officers phoned me the other week as she was having trouble with her new boss (sgt).
I'm sure you know your options.... but I'll tell you what I told her. If you think things have gone as far as you are willing to let them with his behaviour, Get him and your Fed/union rep into an office and put it straight. Tell him you don't want to cause trouble, but your not scared to do so. This stops, or you stop it. The ball is firmly in his court. He either stops or gets worse. If it gets worse he now commits offences under descrimination laws, and if in the police, also under fairness and dignity at work.

She tried it, he reacted negetively. He has been moved. no one on her team holds a grudge against her, she has been admired for taking on a bully.
I've never had bullies on my teams... they know they would last seconds. X