9 April 2007

It's Official

The farrrier is F.I.T! (Any guys reading this may want to flick down the page a bit, unless of course you are into Orlando Bloom-alikes in which case, read on!) I stupidly took one of my friend's up on the offer of a night out last night, I get a phonecall at 10pm saying if I want a lift he'll pick me up in 40 minutes, after a bit of arm twisting I go, with the intention of it being 'just for a quick one' & we all know what that means....... I think I got in at about 3am after one too many J.D & cokes, thing is after the J.D, that's when the Sambuca starts to look very attractive, never a good thing.

I woke up this morning feeling all shaky & dizzy, why oh why do I never learn from my mistakes?! Had to be up the stables for 9.30am because my horse was having new shoes (lucky her ;o) )

Considering I didn't wake up until 9am I consider it an acheivement that I was there at 9.40am, go & grab the horse & that's when I realise that the farrier there is definitely not the usual. All of a sudden my mind is no longer focused on how dizzy/shaky/wobbly I feel or how unfairly dazzling the sunlight is not even how my horse is plainly taking advantage of my weakened state by trying to dislocate my arm from it's socket, no, my attention is now focused on the new farrier, who I can only describe as being a cross between Sean Bean & Orlando Bloom, as in the ugly/goodling-ness of Sean Bean but the boyish & dark looks of Orlando Bloom, a sight to behold! lol. I only wish I hadn't looked so 'goth' deathly white complexion & needing to lean on the wall for support, still, it brightened up my morning & at least I had something nice to look at while I contemplated fainting. Just I've now realised that my horse may need to start developing feet problems that require a farrier's visit....... ;o)

Was on the 'net a bit today & came across this bag which I adore, it is just a shame the price tag is not so adorable because at £525.00 it is just slightly beyond my budget. I shall save it as a future purchase though, for when a handsome millionaire begs for my hand in marriage & gives me sole use of his gold card :o) hmmmm, the words AS & IF come to mind! lol
Apart from the fact it would only be his personality that counted, of course *cough*
Another bad thing apart from not being able to afford The Bag, the last episode of Life On Mars is on tomorrow :o(
Will finally get to find out what the story is, ooooooh the excitement, it's just too much! Apparently though there is to be a spin off series? I wonder if it will be as good? Probably not going by past stuff :o(
Short post today after the mammoth one the other day, my typing fingers are stubs because of that one!


thoughts running through my head.... said...

nice bag-you *could* get a copy made if you dont mind that sort of thing??The farrier sounds so sexy!!

GirlNextDoor said...

It's very tempting I have to say, might just keep an eye out on Ebay closer to birthday/christmas time though :o)

Yes, he definitely has his fair share of sexiness! Lol

totallyun-pc said...

when you say ther blokes may want to scroll down a bit.... did you mean past the female banter about the farrier? or the bit about handbags? or both.... cos I skipped both and ended up here!

GirlNextDoor said...

Maybe I should have just put 'Blokes, Warning - This post contains female perving over farriers & talk about handbags, if you are into those please read on, if not please return in a few days when posts will return to general rambling'
I reckon that covers it all!