3 April 2007

Moulin Rouge & Muppets

Had a girly afternoon with some friends on sunday, you know the thing, wine, talking about men - the pro's & con's of ;o) clothes & shopping etc etc. The main topic being what theme party my best friend should have for her 21st, we eventually decided on Moulin Rouge which gives everyone a chance to get all glamorous but especially the girls, I can't wait because I just KNOW it is going to be a fab night :o) Plus, I always wanted an excuse to wear a top hat! lol
Just gotta do some planning which isn't so much fun, Im not good at organizing so I've been put in charge of doing the makeup for everyone that wants it, Im praying that not many will because about 10/15 are girls that are invited , Im invisioning lots of arm ache here, a ton of glitter & the worlds supply of false lashes!

Went into the nearest big town yesterday & got some nice bits, favourite being these shorts, which look better in reality than in the pic, especially as Im really liking the opaque tights & shorts look

This dress, which is cute for casual stuff & this pinafore dress, which Im not too sure about because I don't ACTUALLY want to look like a schoolgirl, so it may be going back, not sure yet

Also saw these & loved them but they'll have to wait, plus they are quite tiny so Id have to be feeling daring!
The muppet bit of this post relates to me, I don't know if anyone else has had the same problem but you know when you go into a shop & the one wall is a very highly polished mirror? Well this shop was like that, which was ok but a little confusing because it made the shop look bigger than it actually was (which I suppose is the idea). Anyway, I was looking at some stuff close to this mirror & being in a kind of hurry & not concentrating I turned round & walked into it, bumping into my own reflection which is bad enough, unfortunately I was on a 'stupid' day & apologised through habit to this reflection thinking Id bumped into someone of a remarkably similar build to me........... I saw the funny side but was THE most embarrassed when the penny finally dropped, it also didn't help that my friend was practically wetting herself with laughter! Ive decided not to go to that shop for a very very long time to come. Lol
And no, I am not blonde but after that incident I am considering it, at least then I would have an excuse! :o)


dickiebo said...

Well. You do bump into some nice people!

totallyun-pc said...

they are totally HOT pants!

GirlNextDoor said...

Very good dickiebo, I like your thinking! :o)

Yes Tupc, they are very 'Daisy Duke' but as long as they dont flash too much I think I'll get them :o)
Ive seen hotpants that flash too much, possibly one of the most traumatic sights of my life, especially as the lady in question was AT LEAST a size 16.........