16 April 2007

The Thin Blue Line

Will, if things go to plan & I get accepted etc, have an extra dot at the end :o)
I have definitely decided that I want to join the Police force, I've looked into it further & my opinion is still the same, it's something I have a really strong feeling about doing, I see coppers out on the beat (I know, a very rare sight indeed!) ;o) & Im actually envious of them, the more I hear of the job the more interested I become & the more I want to do it.
Im so bored in the job Im in it's untrue, Im a receptionist at a hotel & I like the people side of it when it's busy, I like the interaction with the public but I get so mind numbingly bored sometimes because things tend to follow a pattern, there's no real change, I want a job that will keep me challenged & something that requires me to focus & stretch myself, plus Im quite an active person so being stuck behind a desk isn't really me.
I can't apply in the immediate future because of personal stuff I need to get sorted out plus I will hopefully, if things go to plan & I don't see why they shouldn't, be living in London by the end of summer/beginning of winter so im going to wait until Ive moved & depending on if they are accepting new recruits or not I will apply to the Met, I had a quick look on their website but the only thing I could see was them madly recruiting PCSO's & specials & I would rather be a regular than a PCSO, specials is a possibility if I don't get in first time round or just to get a taste of how things are & to see if I like it as much as I imagine I will, if I DO get in then I would eventually like to join the mounted division, that would be perfect :o).
Im certainly not going to go for Essex, Ive heard baaaaaad stuff about them regards to the morale & numbers game, I know it's like that generally in the police but Essex seems to be the worst off at the moment. There is a thread on Police Oracle Forums about the 'ess mess' & officers in their droves are transferring to the Met apparently.
The fitness side doesn't really worry me as I do alot of sport anyway, I horseride, swim, surf when it allows & run quite regularly, the only thing I may need to do is bulk up a bit for the push/pull test.
I really feel like it's the right thing for me to do, you know when your constantly thinking of doing something & the more you think about it the more you want to do it? It's like that, kind of like a pull towards it I guess, hard to explain.
The only thing that has prevented me in the past is my build but as the police have dropped the minimum height requirements I feel slightly more confident, alot of people have said it's your attitude & the way you put yourself across to people as to how they react towards you anyway & as Ive said before, I know I have good communication skills & can relate to people easily, I also don't find it difficult talking to people on different levels, I think I just must be a 'people person'
Anyway, just have to wait & see how it goes, but I shall keep you updated & hopefully the end result being the Girl Next Door becomes a fully fledged policewoman!
I just hope they have uniform small enough, still, if the worst comes to the worst I could always raid the kids dress up section in Woolworths, & you never know it might even be better quality than the police provide.......... ;o)


dickiebo said...

I do think it's important to do what you want to do, if you are able, so - go for it, gal.
If my son expressed a wish to join the Police, I'd strangle him. But there's no chance. Must say, I don't think that I would last long in today's Service! At least in my day, we were run by senior officers who had been there, done it, and got the T-shirt.

Annette said...

This is brilliant news. Good for you.

Good luck with it.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

dont worry about the uniform its very equal-one size fits all whether you be a 6ft man or a 5ft woman!!!!

Inspector Gadget said...

Don't worry about the fitness, entrance tests, interviews or anything. Just tell them on the form that you are trans-gender or a Jedi or something and they will fall over themselves to let you in! Seriously; the fact that you Blog, make intelligent comments, have an interesting life etc will make you a great cop. (you might not want to mention your Blog at the interview!).

totallyun-pc said...

Don't let anyone put you off nicking slag. Listen to all the PC shite, then chuck out what you don't need, and do what you joined to do. no one will thank you..... but you'll feel good about yourself the first time that cell door slams!

GirlNextDoor said...

Thanks for all your comments & advice, Im glad Ive finally decided & have to say I am looking forward to if/when I get accepted, fingers crossed :o).
Inspector Gadget - Im a petite, vertically challenged redhaired female with smaller than average feet & larger than average mouth, surely that counts for something?!!!
& Tupc ''Dont let anyone put you off nicking slag''
I like, sounds like something Gene Hunt might/did say!

PC South West said...

The good inspector has hit the nail on the head. Just don't mention you read the blogs or they will send you packing.
Oh and be prepared to spend hours chained to the computer and to embrace diversity in all it's forms with both arms.

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

"Im a petite, vertically challenged redhaired female"

Another Ginner enters the fray? Do you promise that you won't "keep yourself to yourself" ?


PC Dogberry said...

Well good luck with it.....

Fitness....if you can climb the steps to the gym then open the door, you've passed!

Scenarios....be yourself, from what I've read of you you'll piss it!

Interview....as above

Uniform fitting, well you're in the lap of the Gods there!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I've always wanted to work in the police and recently, I know what you mean about seeing them and being envious! But I don't meet the requirements. You sound really up for it. Good luck!! x