30 June 2007

More randomness

I've been tagged by PC Southwest so blame him for the randomness that is about to follow!


  • Passing my 11 plus & just about to start secondary school.



  • Buy everything Agent Provocateur ever made.
  • Buy a house with land in the Cotswold's & an apartment in Central London.
  • Give some money to friends & family.
  • Have my shoes especially made for me.
  • Give some to a range of charities.


  • Nail biting.
  • Throwing clothes on floor, I don't fold I'm afraid.
  • Speaking my mind regardless. I think that's a good habit but it does get me into trouble!
  • Saying the C word when I'm really really angry. A very very bad habit but I never say it in public or in front of my mum! I know better! Lol
  • Stubborn at times. (Surely there should be a list of good to counteract the bad?)


  • Riding.
  • Spending time with friends & family.
  • Having my own space/spending time on my own/with my horse.
  • Listening to my music.
  • Having a giggle.


  • Leggings.
  • Wedge boots, heels are much better, more stylish & more comfy.
  • Chanel No 5. Smelt like I'd been sprayed by a tom cat!
  • A baseball cap.
  • Burberry check. (Not that I ever wore it in the first place!)


  • MP3 Player.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Laptop.
  • Hi Fi.
  • The disposable camera you can turn into a taser! Oh the endless possibilities & laughs!
TAG! You’re it.

29 June 2007

Erm, your scaring me

I added sitemeter to here a few days ago & decided earlier I'd have a look & see what sort of people cast their eye over my blog, I laughed out loud at some! It truly is amazing what people search for on Google you know, it's also quite disturbing. Now I wouldn't say this blog was anything out of the ordinary at all but the things people have been searching for & who Google is directing to me are scaring me. What makes them search for this stuff? How do they get that thought into their head?! To be honest maybe I'm better off not knowing, as they say, you can never go back... Some I can understand, some I'm thinking "Why?" & other's are just plain WTF?!! So in no particular order are the searches people have done:

  • "forced her legs apart" (Very worrying)
  • "hair removal for lapdancers" (What?! Why lapdancers particularly?!)
  • "what does these boots are made for walking mean" (It's a song you fool!)
  • "baker boy caps, schoolboy caps, green" (Somebody's going to a nice school)
  • "bloody wind" (You or the weather?)
  • "i fucked the girl next door" (Really?! I didn't feel a thing!)
  • "ex debenhams `mea' cosmetics" (Discontinued ages ago, no chance)
  • "max branning pics" (My friend has Googled me!)

Now, a personal message to those have ended up here & you realised it might not have been exactly what you were hoping; The ordinary searches, sorry you ended up here disappointed. The 'other' ones, stop searching for filth!!!
Particularly you at the top, from America, FILTH!!!! Lol

28 June 2007


Love this, my favourite song ever. The simplest music video ever but one of the most iconic, just goes to show.
I'm having a bit of a YouTube moment just lately, just in case you hadn't guessed :o)

27 June 2007

They Bounce!

This happened in May & I did mean to blog about it but forgot. It's the annual cheese rolling event at Coopers hill near Brockworth, Gloucestershire. It has been going on, as far as I know & according to the organisers, since 1888. The competitors are usually mad, stupid or have a liking for pain, sometimes all three! I have been there a few times to see it, the most I've done is stood at the top & look down & stand at the bottom to look up, my nerves couldn't cope with any more! My eldest brother has entered & won it & a few friends have come first/second/third.
The hill is bloody steep, you look up & your looking at the sky, you look down & you can see for miles, as far as the mountains in the distance in fact. Stood at the top you are on the edge of a more or less sheer drop, the ground falls away from you & every year on the last Monday in May at 12 noon sharp a group of twenty or so men throw themselves down Coopers hill after a 3.5kg double Gloucester cheese thrown by the Master of Ceremonies. There are ladies & children's races, the childrens & those less brave to do the other's being 'uphill' races. Needless to say they don't get that far up the hill!!

First prize is obviously the cheese, second prize is £10.00 & third prize is £5.00.
The blokes in the striped shirts at the bottom are there to catch/be cannoned into by the ones that can't stop, as are the straw bales. The cheese has been known to bounce a little too much though, it flew off course & knocked somebody out one year & has bounced into the onlookers at the bottom. So far as I know nobody has died doing it, just had broken bones but considering what they do the breaks are few & far between.

According to the website the hill is 1 in 2 in places & 1 in 1 in others, it is inconceivable how steep it is until you've actually been there & seen it. When I was stood at the top I had somebody hold me I was that scared of falling!!
This picture from the Ribena country calendar is probably the best one to give you some idea of the steepness, the steepness is real, not enhanced at all.

The few times the race hasn't been able to take place, 1998 due to injury concerns, 2001 due to the foot & mouth outbreak & 2003 when SARAID couldn't be there due to earthquakes in Algeria, without them St. John ambulance couldn't be there so it was cancelled. On each occasion the cheese has still been rolled by the organising committee to maintain the tradition. During the food rationing of the war a wooden 'cheese' was rolled containing a tiny space able to hold a small chunk of cheese to maintain the 'rolling of cheese'. The biggest cheese to be rolled was 40lb in celebration of real cheese returning to the hill.
It's a mad much loved ancient local tradition, enjoy the video below of people throwing themselves down Coopers hill all in pursuit of a lump of Double Gloucester :o)

26 June 2007

Made My Day

As soon as the tour starts I am THERE! :o) Love them (even if the lead singer does look like a smackhead) Fab!!!! Indie hasn't been the same since they split.

Rain Rain Go Away.......

......come again another day. Or even better, not at all!!! Especially in June! The centre of Cheltenham was flooded yesterday, completely. The poor people who have the basement flats there got washed away practically but on the slightly brighter side (for me that is) I got the day off work! I know that's terrible when people have had their homes flooded but it was disgusting weather & I just didn't want to step foot out of the front door, or even out of bed for that matter. I did plan on going into work but at the last minute my boss called & told me not to bother, today has been the same because the water flooded the first floor of where I work, it absolutely reeks, it's disgusting. Apparently it's going to be ok on Thursday though, we shall see.....

Cheltenham council installed a supposed anti flood system last year at a cost of £24 million, they may as well have supplied the town with chocolate firegaurds for the winter, muppets!
Going by what it's been like here I'm incredibly glad I don't live further up country, or have to work in it because I can't imagine anything more horrendous. So for those that have been working in it, hope your not too soaked! I'm also extremely glad I wasn't at Glastonbury, I feel sorry for the poor sods that were, imagine getting stuck in that weather, trains couldn't get there, coaches refused to travel & 40,000 cars got stuck in the mud, what fun! Not.

One of the main roads going into Cheltenham

Heard this on radio 1 earlier though & all of a sudden it was summer again, I even started dancing! Even though I was only about 10/11 when it was in the charts I remember some brilliant nights out dancing to it, especially a particular May bank holiday weekend 2 years ago when a group of 20 or so of us descended on Woolacombe, 'twas a very, very, very, very good weekend.... :o)

Bit of a weird video but the song is fab :o)

24 June 2007

The Man From Starbucks

Guys, it's true, if you can make a girl laugh then you're halfway there, well it's true for me anyway. The man from Starbucks is lovely. I am glad I'm single & have had some very funny 'dates' with him, also glad I plucked up the courage to text him because the past few weeks have been a laugh & my broken heart is now officially mended!

I tend to be like this, a few days of tears, then rage, then I feel ok, then my eyes open to the male species again & I wonder what I was crying about in the first place. I've met up with him a few lunchtimes & after work for an hour or so & last night had a very heavy night out, I didn't get in until 7am, my poor, poor liver & stomach they will be hating me forever more. You know those times when you go out & you promise yourself that you will "only have a few" "alternate between alcohol & soft drink/water" "absolutely not give into Mr. Sambuca" "not dance like a twat" "not go on a crawl"
Well guess what, that lasted for oh, 30 mins maximum. Ended up going to about 4 different bars & a club. There was a group of 4 of us & everyone got merry but for some reason I had a thirst on & drank like a goldfish, I felt ok until I went outside at the third pub, then the air hit me like a brick wall. Piggyback was my mode of transport to the next couple of places!
I don't know why but I got a taste for cider last night so it was cider, JD & coke, Amaretto & coke, & some idiot (me) decided Sambuca would be a good idea, think I had about 3.

That is shocking, I probably drank half my bodyweight in alcohol last night, no wonder I got up this morning (afternoon) & the walls were moving! Thanks to coke, galaxy & nurofen plus I feel human again.
The Starbucks man is lovely though, thankfully he wasn't just on a good day when he was in Starbucks, his good personality is a permanent state so no bad surprises there, it also helps that he is 6ft 2", dark hair (never trust a blonde!) & gorgeous greeny colour eyes, he'll do I suppose..... ;o) He is nice & things are good, just giggles is all I want right now.
I don't want a full on relationship & neither does he so no blurred lines which is good & we both get on really well so things are good at the moment. (Too much use of the word good?).

On a completely unrelated note, I went wedding dress shopping with one of my friends last week, 6 weeks to go & she is STILL wedding dress shopping, can you believe it? She did find a dress, very luckily & she's going back next week but I saw one & it is exactly what I want to get married in, no matter that I need to find the man who will propose to me I've found the dress & that is half the battle!!! Lol
It's the Star range by Julien Macdonald at Debenhams & for a mere £300.00 it can be mine, it is stunning & exactly what I have envisioned to get married in, the cut & style is perfect for me. I want to get married just so I can wear the dress! Lol

23 June 2007

I Want To Go To Glastonbury

I really want to go, I don't care about the rain, I don't care about the mud, I don't care about the camping. Actually, I quite like the camping part as long as the tent doesn't get washed away! I am seriously, properly thinking about going next year. Somerset isn't that far away, the tickets cost £145.00 but that's for the duration so that's not actually that bad at all. The only thing that is bothering me is the shower thing, I wouldn't care if it was a cold shower with a dried up bar of soap, I just don't relish the thought of no shower for 3 days, bleurgh. Hosepipe anyone?!

I am desperately trying to persuade my friend to think about coming next year, I think she might give in, just have to make it sound irresistible, Thursday was an outright "no" but I have a year to persuade her so I'm sure she'll give in.
The power of persuasion is a very strong thing, especially when you have the art of lying through your front teeth & making a mud swamped tent city filled with an assortment of hippies, students, normal people & twats sound like the must-be-there event of the year!! I'm good at this, I have persuaded her about stuff before, admittedly she didn't like the idea but once we were there or doing stuff she was fine. It will be a piece of cake, as long as I sound absolutely sure & keep the faith, have to look sincere too, she'll say yes, she has to because I'm crap at putting a tent up & I don't/can't drive :(

He doesn't look too happy does he? If only he'd been stood a few metres further up!! Notice the smug look of the other one though? That's mates for you!

One thing is for sure, when I do go I won't be taking a blue tent. Hot pink maybe, Flourescent green or yellow, anything except blue!

Has Banksy been in attendance.....?

Can you believe people were stupid enough to try & sell Glastonbury tickets on Ebay?! Even more stupid were the idiots bidding for them, the highest was £350.00 with days to go despite the fact they have passport photo's of the original buyer & serial numbers on, still they bid, until that is Micheal Eavis got Ebay to withdraw them. The Ebay vultures lost out & I was pathetically pleased, rip off merchants. Bet they were gutted! Ha!

20 June 2007

The Greatness That Is U2

I could have put so many more videos on here of their music because they are fantastic, the one band I never tire of & the one I would choose if I could only listen to one band for the rest of my days. As it is I just picked these 3 because they are my favourites. I want Miracle drug & Elevation played at my funeral, which had better not be too soon! If U2 are your thing then sit back & tune out, if they're not then you plainly have no taste & need to get yourself educated!

17 June 2007

Murder On The Dancefloor....

Not the song. Please read this, then sign the petition....

This is written by Marjorie and Robert Golding, the mother & father of Blake, he was bottled whilst at work in December 2004 & both him & his family are fighting to make it law that inner city & town pubs/nightclubs are only allowed to stock polycarbonate glasses & plastic bottles.

"We are the parents of a statistic – a victim of crime – but crime is like a disease, spreading through an entire family affecting every member. Statistics we all know to be numbers on a computer screen, television etc. but behind every statistical number there is a face a family a story, this is Blake’s story our son.

It was Christmas Eve 2004, we were all looking forward to Christmas, presents wrapped, veg and turkey prepared, we could now relax and start enjoying the holiday period. Robert my husband and Adrienne my daughter and myself were meeting friends for a drink in the town. Blake couldn’t be with us, he had a second job as a doorman in Central Milton Keynes, he didn’t mind going to work in fact he had volunteered for Christmas shifts, as he needed the extra cash, as with most young people he could spend quicker than he could earn. By the time we walked home it was nearly 12.30 – Christmas Day!
We turned the key in the door to the sound of the phone ringing, my heart was thumping, phonecalls late at night are rarely good news. It was a neighbours son “Blake’s had an accident” that was enough for me, I panicked, thrust the phone at Robert, I didn’t want to hear the rest I was too scared. As it turned out it wasn’t an accident al all, Blake had been bottled, as we all drove to the hospital that was the only information we had.
We arrived a A&E before the ambulance, we paced the corridor for about 15 minutes, not knowing how Blake was, then Marcus appeared, the Head Doorman, his hand bound with a homemade bandage. Blake was in a bad way, he’d lost 4 pints of blood, they couldn’t stem the bleeding and he needed a transfusion, they were worried his body would go into shock, we were not allowed in to see him. We waited an agonising 50 minutes from arriving at the hospital, nurses were to-ing and fro-ing, blood stained uniforms. Finally a doctor came to see us, Blake was to go for surgery, there was no time to transfer him to Stoke Mandeville where there would have been a plastic surgeon.
We were allowed to go in and see Blake, one at a time. Robert went in first, as much as I wanted to rush in and see him, I was terrified and I couldn’t let him see that. Robert came out looking visibly shaken and very upset. Adrienne and I allowed to go in together, she was too frightened to face it on her own, I took her hand and said “deep breath”. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I went through those curtains.

My son lay on a trolley drenched in blood, there were trickles of blood still pouring from the sheets, footprints on the floor, and his face and neck were being held together by a male nurse. His first words to me were “are you OK Mum”, typical Blake. I kissed him, we spoke for about a minute if that, then he was taken to theatre where he was to spend the next 4 hours. We went back to the waiting room, where by this time there was about 10 doormen and several of Blake’s friends that had been in CMK and had heard what had happened, some of which had been with him as he sat propped up against a concrete pillar waiting 20 minutes for an ambulance – busy night!
It was now we learnt what had actually happened. In a busy Club on Christmas Eve a member of doorstaff, female, had noticed a young man at the bar that had been previously barred, she approached him and asked him to leave the premises, he did so. On leaving he then decided to try and argue his way back in, the doorlady stood firm and would not allow him re-entry. Unbeknown to any of the staff, the young man’s brother was inside the venue, and on seeing his brother arguing at the door, did no more than run over to the doorlady armed with a bottle and hit her over the head, thankfully the bottle did not break. Meanwhile Blake saw the commotion and ran over and restrained the attacker, pinning his arms to his side, it was at this point they both stumbled and fell over the step, the attacker then hit Blake across the eyebrow, breaking the bottle in the process, and drew the jagged glass up into his hairline. Immediately Blake’s eyes filled with blood and he was unable to defend himself, whereupon he was slashed across his cheek.

Blake’s reaction was to curl up on his front and put his arms over his face, at this point he was stabbed in the neck, this is when Marcus, the head doorman was brave enough to intervene, he managed to pull the attacker off Blake and he himself sustained a cut to his hand requiring 6 stitches. In May 2005 the perpertrator of this horrendous crime pleaded guilty to GBH with intent – only because the police had an absolute water tight case against him – and it was in his best interests to do so. He received a two year reduced sentence, and in summing up the judge said he didn’t want to ruin a young man’s life, he served 7 months, was it taken into consideration that this would affect the rest of Blakes life? As I can tell you, he’s not the same young man as he was before. Whilst in prison the offender was given – free of charge – an anger management course and counselling – a reward for co-operative behaviour which would help reduce his sentence. Blake’s first session of counselling, in this entire ordeal, took place on the 8th Dec, 2006, the cost will be taken out of any compensation he receives – a penalty for being the victim? – disheartening to say the least."

There are 5, 500 REPORTED glass/bottle attacks a year - 100 a week. This can be multiplied by 3 for unreported attacks 16,500 a year - 300 a week.2005 saw Government Compensation paying out £4.5 million for such cases. A survey of bar workers indicated that 40% of them had sustained accidental glass related injuries (mostly while stacking and washing glasses, one third of those needed treatment from A&E). In mid June 2005 we began a Nationwide Campaign to replace glass bottles with plastic and glasses with polycarbonate in NIGHT CLUBS and LATE NIGHT BARS in CITY/TOWN CENTRES with a young clientele, which statistically are shown to be most at risk. We travel to many areas to give presentations and we have spoken to quite a few venues who have already gone particially or totally plastic bottles/polycarbonate glasses with very impressive results. Not only are glass attacks to staff and customers non existent, but accidental injuries involving glass are too, dancefloors are no longer ruined, there are no constant glass breakages as the polycarbonate glasses far out last glass, making them cost effective, venues are quicker to clean up at the end of the night as there isn’t any broken glass to deal with. This provides a safer working environment. Equally security staff are able to deal with disturbances easier as they don’t have the added threat of bottles/glass, lets face it how difficult is it to keep a packed venue broken glass free during the course of the evening. Venues we have spoken to that have volunteered to be glass free have no desire to revert back to glass, their customers are more than happy with the alternative.
Our petition to date (31 May 07) has received over 22,000 signatures of support - the vast majority is from young people who frequent Night Clubs and Late Night Bars. If the bottle that had struck our son was plastic he probably would have received a bruise and a nasty headache, instead he is scarred physically down one side of his face and neck and the mental scars have gone deep too. Over a quarter of victims of facial wounds experience a serious post-traumatic stress reaction, which requires long term follow up. Bournemouth Town Centre have run a year long campaign introducing over 35 venues to polycarbonate, some are using the plastic bottles too. Last year saw a reduction of 70% on a Friday/Saturday night at A&E. That speaks for itself.

Please, if you agree, click on THIS link & sign your name in the petiton at the foot of the page, if you can please get your friends, family & colleagues to sign also. You can also lobby your local MP to raise the early day motion through this link.

I have signed it & am spreading the word about it. I've never been bottled or attacked with glass but I know someone who has, they aren't a violent person nor are they a hooligan that is likely to get into fights for the sheer hell of it, he tried to break one up & was stabbed in the face with the remnants of a pint glass, luckily nowhere near as serious as Blake's injuries but bad enough. The only cost is people having to drink out of polycarbonate 'glasses' & bottles, not such a high price to pay when you consider the damage glass does & the amount of trouble it causes through the after effects of attacks to the emergency services is it really?

Hopefully this will get somewhere & the powers that be will listen & do something about it, I won't hold my breath BUT, it is worth a try.

Thank You.

I've learnt how to hyperlink, all by myself! At Long Bloody Last!!! Woo Hoo! Lol

These Boots Were Made For Walking...& Dancing....& Pulling In...

I don't know what is wrong with me at the moment, all of a sudden there are shoes that are demanding my attention & my wallet & I think I have boot-lust, there are so many gorgeous ones about that I just know one day soon my resolve will crumble & there will be a small pile of it left outside of Faith or Kurt Geiger. I'm getting concerned though, I'm going to have to buy a pair soon because if I don't it will cause me problems, I'm afraid that one day I will innocently walk into a shoe shop, fall in love with a pair of perfect boots who will leap into my arms as I'm walking out of the shop & the local police will turn up to arrest me as I'm shamefacedly clutching some knee high black boots. If I buy them on the other hand, that is the problem solved & I can go about my day to day business without worrying about being a shoe thief. Now I see that I need to buy them, it will save everyone the heartache of me becoming a shoplifter, not that I'd make a very good one as I'm far too honest & more likely to run into the security guard's arms than away from, that is because he is fit & my man radar is on overtime just lately!!!

Black Boots £60.00. In My Size! Joy!

More Black Boots £30.00. In My Size Again! More Joy!

Emerald Satin Wedges £50.00 Kurt Geiger. In My Size Again! Even More Joy!

Scarlet Satin Wedges, again, £50.00 Kurt Gieger. And Again, In My Size! I'm Going To Pass Out From The Excitement!

These Wedges from Schuh £60.00 (I think) but I think they are too high plus I already have some similar.

These Gold/Silver Dancing Shoes £30.00

Accessorize so probably won't fit which means I won't be buying them *sniff* *sigh*

These Red T-Bars £40.00 Faith (I think) No comments about ladies who wear red patent shoes please!

And lastly, not because I want them, just for the humour value. Firstly, how would you walk in them? Secondly, why would you want to? If they had a lower platform & heel I probably would but as it is they look very porn-starry, ironically the brand is called 'Slick Cinderella'. Wonderful.

13 June 2007

Of Mice & Men

Normally I wouldn't give somebody like this the time of day but it has saddened & sickened me to the point I feel people should be aware. PC Jonathan Henry lost his life in the line of duty, protecting & serving others he paid the ultimate price & in doing so left behind a baby daughter just a few weeks away from her first birthday, Maggie & a wife, Mary, plus other family, colleagues & friends.This PC was a man who was not afraid to do a man's job & to show the courage & bravery of a man, a man who will be much missed by his family, friends & colleagues & who no doubt, was much respected.
PC Jonathan Henry, may you rest in peace.

I'm not naive, I am well aware that the police face this kind of abuse regularly, I have not only heard it but have a friend in the police who has to take it on a regular basis. I am ashamed & sickened to see that somebody, posting as 'anonymous', has been posting comments on the police bloggers that have posted tributes to PC Henry, they have been using this comment as copied below;

"Great news as another Nazi pig gets put down. What a wonderful week it is now. shame the guy did not stick a few more Nazi pigs before they got him.
Someone should dig up the dirty pig cut off the baldheaded Nazi cunts head and stick it on a lamp post in luton town center, as a warning of what all pig scum should get for being a traitor to the man on the street.
and may may more of the scum follow this scum to an early grave in the most painful way possible.
every dead pig is a victory for the people."

This has been copied & pasted on over 90% of police blogs, which in itself shows great imagination wouldn't you agree.....?
And of course, once he found out I was applying to the police I also came in for some abuse, namely I was wished a sooner rather than later death, preferably as painful as possible & when I corrected him on the appalling grammar & spelling I was told;

"I am old enough to be your father little girl, IF i was I would smack some sense into you for joining the scum"

And on CSI:UK's blog, the comment below;

"Girl*Next*Door I would stay a goby little girl receptionist if I was you. maybe when you grow up. you may find out that pigs are not there too protect anyone the scum in power.I would never dream or running around feeling with all important in a storm trooper uniform. repressing and abusing the general public.may someone dig the scum up and stick the Nazi scums head on a pole in the middle of luton town as warning too the scum pigs that that what the have coming."

As you can see, the 'human' being who prefers to hide behind anonymity rather than show his name or even a viable blog link has zero respect, zero decency, zero courage, bravery & any other attribute that is worth having or mentioning decent people & real men have. I have done this post, not to give any attention to the extremely un-educated person posting this venom, but to show the difference between a real man, a man who died with honour doing the job he loved, protecting & serving & then someone who feels the need to hide anonymously & post pure evil & venom on a tribute to a man doing his job, serving others, & to do that he is the lowest of the very low. I will not call him a man because he isn't, he is male. There is a world of difference between the two.
This blog post will remain up for 2 days, after that it will be deleted as I refuse to have such disrespect & venom polluting my blog.

I didn't feel a tribute to PC Jonathan Henry was appropriate by me, it was also covered by police blogs who have done a far better job than I could have done. That isn't to say my thoughts aren't with PC Henry's family, friends & colleagues.

RIP PC Jonathan Henry.

I Just Thought...

...How true these song lyrics were & humorous, they made me smile, it seem's quite a lot of things make me smile recently, I am obviously one of those people that are easily amused!

The song is called I Won't Change You & it is by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I have to say, it sounds better when you listen to it than it sounds from reading the lyrics. After seeing these pictures how gorgeous is her bone structure & skin? I think she is so pretty & a nice person too, I am envious of her & also a tiny bit jealous! That has alot to do with her being tall & having perfect skin & cheekbones though, then again, I like being petite & my skin is good so I would just like her cheekbones really! Lol

I used to change my accent, change my stance
My phone number, the way I dance
Some people change lovers like they change their sheets
But I won't change you honey, you're for keeps

I used to think I had to change the way I am
To feel better, to get a man
But once I stopped trying I fell for you
You fell for me so I'll stay the same for you

Oh yeah I know that I'm not perfect baby
Oh yeah it's no reason to go crazy
Oh yeah boy you can always count on me
For better or for worse I will always put you first

Now that I have found you
You've changed my life
'Cos you're the one who showed me I have everything right
We're never gonna differ cos we know it's true

So don't change me and I won't change you
I used to change my style like I changed my mind
I tried to change a tyre but I'm not that way inclined
Tried to change my figure my diet too

I'll still change my underwear if that's O.K with you
But after seeing you I know that here is best
Oh yeah the world can sometimes make you feel bad
Oh yeah but don't forget the things you have

Oh yeah boy you can always count on me
In sickness and in health baby always be yourself

How True!

Just a bit of fun, as I was bored & couldn't be bothered to do a proper post! Scary just how accurate they are though.

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your partner is patient and never willing to give up on you.

You'd like to your lover to think you are optimistic and happy.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you don't need. You just feel like flirting around and playing right now.

Pretty much agree with this, I like people who are free & open, not fake or showy but not too sure about feeling most alive when a partner is patient & never willing to give up on me? Depends what it means by giving up though, if it was problems between us or personal problems of mine then I'd hope they'd be willing to talk & try to sort them out or stand by me & support me, same as I would for them so maybe it is true? Not true about the not needing love though, that would be nice but it is true that I feel like flirting & playing around, nothing serious at the moment.

You Are a Strawberry Blonde
Men see you as flirtatious, but they also see you as a challengeBecause you're totally fearless and carefreeYou've got the lightheartedness of a blonde, with the attitude of a redhead

According to this I am a Strawberry blonde & going by the description above that sounds 100% true!!!

12 June 2007

All round cute-ness

Met up with a friend today after work & went to Starbucks, who supply all my caffeine needs & a comfy a sofa to sit on, admittedly at a slightly robbing price but I don't really mind as it has floor to ceiling windows allowing you to covertly perve over any fine specimens of man walking by, hahahaha. Whoever said women weren't as bad as men?!

In amongst the general fashion/shopping/horse chat it came up about men (obviously) & I am shocked & a little disturbed at what came out of my friend's mouth, I always thought my mate had good taste but it turns out one of her top 'would' men is Max Branning!!!!! Admittedly I don't go for the usual type manwise, as in I tend to go for older men & hate 'pretty boys' like David Beckham etc but come on, Max Branning?!?!?! For those who don't have a scooby who I'm talking about this is him;

See what I mean? Turn's out she also isn't that fussy & has a soft spot for Branning junior too;

I despair of her because if it were me I wouldn't class him in the "Fit Men" category but more the "Shouldn't but would" category *Shakes head*

As we are on the subject of men in Eastenders & all then the manshaped chunk of loveliness below would definitely get a second glance from me, not to mention a third, fourth, fifth & sixth! Maybe even a little bit more! Lol

Ego boosting thing happened last week.... Was sat in Starbucks last weekend & this random bloke asked to sit down & being the friendly girl I am I said yes, then he started talking which I sometimes find a bit weird but he wasn't annoying etc, in fact he was quite funny which made a change because I usually attract weirdo's & dykes, I even got the eye from what I thought was a man but was in actual fact a woman, I know this because when she came to offer me a drink her voice was definitely not manly, even if she was... So this made a change & I ended up passing a whole hour with a complete random, who, when he got up to leave gave me his number & asked me to call him, obviously Rimmel makeup is a miracle worker & worth it's weight in gold, either that or he was on his way to Specsavers! Lol :o)

Don't think I shall be calling him though, I am definitely resolutely single at the moment. Wouldn't mind going for a few drinks maybe but then things get complicated don't they? Then again maybe some fun dates are what I need at the moment, oh decisions decisions!

A friend at the stables has asked me would I please please go with her & help our local pony club branch with their 'tiny tots' rally weekend, it's basically a group of 3 to 8 year olds & their ponies who have a weekend of doing pony stuff, would be quite fun I guess as it's basically just helping the littlies with their shetlands; tacking up, leading them etc & stopping them crying when they get nipped or squashed toes! The older ones are usually ok, if a little bit more of a handful, specially the boys but as they aren't strictly my responsibility then that's ok, will probably go as it is usually fun & the little ones are just cute!

Talking of cuteness did anybody else see tonight's episode of 'Britain's got talent'? Amongst all the embarrassing stuff there was a little girl called Connie & I swear she was the cutest thing I've ever seen, she was only six, had a gappy smile because she's halfway through losing her baby teeth & was just cuteness on legs! Anyway, she came on & explained she was going to sing & I thought it would just be usual childlike stuff but she sang Over the Rainbow & oh my God, she was brilliant, she had such a good voice! I was gobsmacked that something so tiny could sing so well, even Simon Cowell was shocked. Mind you, even if she couldn't sing all she needed to have done was smile & they'd have put her through on just the cuteness factor, so sweet bless her.

Have also changed my comments on the blog, I've been really clever* & changed 'comments' to 'Bangs on the wall', I feel so brainy! Lol

*Wasn't actually me, found it out from a fellow blogger. I'm not that clever technically, or any way, unfortunately!!!!

10 June 2007

Just Because.....

.......they made me laugh *Edited for picture size, & it took bloody AGES!!!*
You can decide for yourself how warped/immature/silly my sense of humour is!

Shit happens....

How true at times!

In this case, I may become a lesbian!!! Lol


1, 2, 3 RUN!

At least he'll still be getting a ride from the bike I guess.....


Jonny had answered back one too may times.......

I'm sure this applies to some men.......

My new excuse!

I'm sure this applies to some women.......

I just saw the funny side of this

And this.....

Surely there's laws against this kind of thing.....?!

My answer to useless maths too

So it IS true!

I just can't understand how she didn't get to the million......!