12 June 2007

All round cute-ness

Met up with a friend today after work & went to Starbucks, who supply all my caffeine needs & a comfy a sofa to sit on, admittedly at a slightly robbing price but I don't really mind as it has floor to ceiling windows allowing you to covertly perve over any fine specimens of man walking by, hahahaha. Whoever said women weren't as bad as men?!

In amongst the general fashion/shopping/horse chat it came up about men (obviously) & I am shocked & a little disturbed at what came out of my friend's mouth, I always thought my mate had good taste but it turns out one of her top 'would' men is Max Branning!!!!! Admittedly I don't go for the usual type manwise, as in I tend to go for older men & hate 'pretty boys' like David Beckham etc but come on, Max Branning?!?!?! For those who don't have a scooby who I'm talking about this is him;

See what I mean? Turn's out she also isn't that fussy & has a soft spot for Branning junior too;

I despair of her because if it were me I wouldn't class him in the "Fit Men" category but more the "Shouldn't but would" category *Shakes head*

As we are on the subject of men in Eastenders & all then the manshaped chunk of loveliness below would definitely get a second glance from me, not to mention a third, fourth, fifth & sixth! Maybe even a little bit more! Lol

Ego boosting thing happened last week.... Was sat in Starbucks last weekend & this random bloke asked to sit down & being the friendly girl I am I said yes, then he started talking which I sometimes find a bit weird but he wasn't annoying etc, in fact he was quite funny which made a change because I usually attract weirdo's & dykes, I even got the eye from what I thought was a man but was in actual fact a woman, I know this because when she came to offer me a drink her voice was definitely not manly, even if she was... So this made a change & I ended up passing a whole hour with a complete random, who, when he got up to leave gave me his number & asked me to call him, obviously Rimmel makeup is a miracle worker & worth it's weight in gold, either that or he was on his way to Specsavers! Lol :o)

Don't think I shall be calling him though, I am definitely resolutely single at the moment. Wouldn't mind going for a few drinks maybe but then things get complicated don't they? Then again maybe some fun dates are what I need at the moment, oh decisions decisions!

A friend at the stables has asked me would I please please go with her & help our local pony club branch with their 'tiny tots' rally weekend, it's basically a group of 3 to 8 year olds & their ponies who have a weekend of doing pony stuff, would be quite fun I guess as it's basically just helping the littlies with their shetlands; tacking up, leading them etc & stopping them crying when they get nipped or squashed toes! The older ones are usually ok, if a little bit more of a handful, specially the boys but as they aren't strictly my responsibility then that's ok, will probably go as it is usually fun & the little ones are just cute!

Talking of cuteness did anybody else see tonight's episode of 'Britain's got talent'? Amongst all the embarrassing stuff there was a little girl called Connie & I swear she was the cutest thing I've ever seen, she was only six, had a gappy smile because she's halfway through losing her baby teeth & was just cuteness on legs! Anyway, she came on & explained she was going to sing & I thought it would just be usual childlike stuff but she sang Over the Rainbow & oh my God, she was brilliant, she had such a good voice! I was gobsmacked that something so tiny could sing so well, even Simon Cowell was shocked. Mind you, even if she couldn't sing all she needed to have done was smile & they'd have put her through on just the cuteness factor, so sweet bless her.

Have also changed my comments on the blog, I've been really clever* & changed 'comments' to 'Bangs on the wall', I feel so brainy! Lol

*Wasn't actually me, found it out from a fellow blogger. I'm not that clever technically, or any way, unfortunately!!!!


dickiebo said...

Was the chap from Eastenders taken short?

stephen with a ph said...

Thanks for stopping by...glad to be of help regarding your comments. Bangs on the wall...very original!
I loved the pics in previous post x

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Email me and let me know how to do it please doll as I want to know!

Look at you pulling men left right and centre! The pub I go to every dinner and most nights after work, we nab the sofa in the window so we can perv and slag people off. Give the guy a call, you might be suprised, things may work out - I don't mean boyf/girlf but a casual thing?

I would Bradley but the dad is foul - my mate fancies him too. It is just sick. I would the other one too that you have pictured - did u no he got suspended for a few weeks as he pulled a girl in a club then sent her naked pics and she complained? I would never do such a thing! X

thoughts running through my head.... said...

er,I must admit I *quite* fancy Max Branning,even though I never go for gingers normally,I think its cos he is arrogant ,cos its certainly not his looks or his bitten fingernails (urgh!)

Ring that man too!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Lol, trust you to notice that Dickiebo!!

Hi Stephen, thanks, certainly better than just "comments" thats for sure!

Girl, Me & friends do exactly the same! Perving over the men & casting our eye on the clothes people are wearing & that some actually go out looking like that...
Yeah, think I might give him a txt & see what happens, can't do any harm & he made me laugh, loads, lol.
I wouldn't even go so far as to say Bradley is 'would' material, not sure but his dad, bleurgh! As for Sean though, oh yes! ;)
If he sent me naked pictures I would definitely not be complaining! My mother always taught me to show appreciation for gifts so I shall take notice of her. Lol

TRTMH, There's me thinking you were a girl of great taste!!! Lol
Have to say though, I did fleetingly think he had something about him for a few episodes, truly shameful am I *bows head & looks shamed*

Will call or txt the man, he was nice & alot of fun, laughs & fun dates are just my thing at mo :o)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I know!still,I have odd taste in men sometimes!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

"My mother always taught me to show appreciation for gifts so I shall take notice of her"

Ha ha ha how true, thats really funny! X