29 June 2007

Erm, your scaring me

I added sitemeter to here a few days ago & decided earlier I'd have a look & see what sort of people cast their eye over my blog, I laughed out loud at some! It truly is amazing what people search for on Google you know, it's also quite disturbing. Now I wouldn't say this blog was anything out of the ordinary at all but the things people have been searching for & who Google is directing to me are scaring me. What makes them search for this stuff? How do they get that thought into their head?! To be honest maybe I'm better off not knowing, as they say, you can never go back... Some I can understand, some I'm thinking "Why?" & other's are just plain WTF?!! So in no particular order are the searches people have done:

  • "forced her legs apart" (Very worrying)
  • "hair removal for lapdancers" (What?! Why lapdancers particularly?!)
  • "what does these boots are made for walking mean" (It's a song you fool!)
  • "baker boy caps, schoolboy caps, green" (Somebody's going to a nice school)
  • "bloody wind" (You or the weather?)
  • "i fucked the girl next door" (Really?! I didn't feel a thing!)
  • "ex debenhams `mea' cosmetics" (Discontinued ages ago, no chance)
  • "max branning pics" (My friend has Googled me!)

Now, a personal message to those have ended up here & you realised it might not have been exactly what you were hoping; The ordinary searches, sorry you ended up here disappointed. The 'other' ones, stop searching for filth!!!
Particularly you at the top, from America, FILTH!!!! Lol


dickiebo said...

GND; I'm not one of them. Honest! And I don't think TUPC is either!

Girl*Next*Door said...

I believe you dickiebo, thousands wouldn't! Lol
I have my doubts about TUPC too, maybe he was the "Max Branning pics" one.... Hahahaha ;)

PC South West said...

How do you think we found you?
I wasn't the top one, honest.

PC South West said...

sory but you have been tagged

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I've got a site meter,how can you tell whos looked though?