23 June 2007

I Want To Go To Glastonbury

I really want to go, I don't care about the rain, I don't care about the mud, I don't care about the camping. Actually, I quite like the camping part as long as the tent doesn't get washed away! I am seriously, properly thinking about going next year. Somerset isn't that far away, the tickets cost £145.00 but that's for the duration so that's not actually that bad at all. The only thing that is bothering me is the shower thing, I wouldn't care if it was a cold shower with a dried up bar of soap, I just don't relish the thought of no shower for 3 days, bleurgh. Hosepipe anyone?!

I am desperately trying to persuade my friend to think about coming next year, I think she might give in, just have to make it sound irresistible, Thursday was an outright "no" but I have a year to persuade her so I'm sure she'll give in.
The power of persuasion is a very strong thing, especially when you have the art of lying through your front teeth & making a mud swamped tent city filled with an assortment of hippies, students, normal people & twats sound like the must-be-there event of the year!! I'm good at this, I have persuaded her about stuff before, admittedly she didn't like the idea but once we were there or doing stuff she was fine. It will be a piece of cake, as long as I sound absolutely sure & keep the faith, have to look sincere too, she'll say yes, she has to because I'm crap at putting a tent up & I don't/can't drive :(

He doesn't look too happy does he? If only he'd been stood a few metres further up!! Notice the smug look of the other one though? That's mates for you!

One thing is for sure, when I do go I won't be taking a blue tent. Hot pink maybe, Flourescent green or yellow, anything except blue!

Has Banksy been in attendance.....?

Can you believe people were stupid enough to try & sell Glastonbury tickets on Ebay?! Even more stupid were the idiots bidding for them, the highest was £350.00 with days to go despite the fact they have passport photo's of the original buyer & serial numbers on, still they bid, until that is Micheal Eavis got Ebay to withdraw them. The Ebay vultures lost out & I was pathetically pleased, rip off merchants. Bet they were gutted! Ha!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

None of my mates likethat kinda music. TBH I dont relish the thought of staying there, but Id love to go to see it. I hate being the only one who likes this sort of music!

Big Fella in Blue said...

I would like to Police it, I bet its filled with fun loving types who are there for a good time and great music with the odd idiot that wants to spoil the fun for everyone else which is where I come in.
I have watched some of it on tv and am listening to it on radio 1, gutted I cannot be there to experience it will have to transfer to Avon & Somerset or just pay up like I do when I go to Formula 1 at Silverstone. That costs a fortune but its the atmosphere, the noise and camping that I love.

dickiebo said...

Each to his/her own, I guess.
Personally, I'm too old. I enjoy being warm & dry!

PC South West said...

Take it from one who knows it's not the best place to be at the moment guys. BFIB you can do my shift if you like as I am fed up with it now.

Roses said...

If your mate wimps out on you, I'll go!

This year I thought about it...but it wasn't very practical. Maybe next year...

Though I have to warn you I'm not big on camping, being cold and damp. :-)

Rodrigo said...

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pawpads said...

No. No. No.
I can honestly say that I'd like nothing less than having to queue up to use a disgusting toilet that has been used by at least 2.5 thousand people before me. Where the toilet roll ran out after person number 27, where people have puked all over it and not to mention what else they might have done in there.

Having said that, I'd go if I could have my own private toilet and shower:-)

Mousie said...

I'm up for it!!

Tried to get tickets for the past two years with no luck :o(

Girl*Next*Door said...

Next year is definitely on, as soon as you can put your name down I'm there!

Girl I'm lucky like that, most of my friends have the same kind of taste

BFIB, I was watching it on tv thinking "next year, I HAVE to be there!" Your right, it's the atmosphere, noise & camping that make it :o)

Dickiebo, my mum said exactly the same funnily enough!

PCSW, you don't sound a happy bunny, having to work it & not having a choice is a bit different to going of your own free will though I guess.

Roses, my mate is saying the same about the camping. She is very slowly coming round though. I did tell her if we put the tent on the edge it wouldn't be muddy, I think she believed me!!! :o)

Rodrigo, I can barely speak English, let alone Spanish!!!! Lol

Pawpads, the toilets arent supposed to be that bad, they have different types & some are more hygienic than others *apparently*.....

Aww Mousie :o( I'm holding hope out for tickets for next year, I just have to go. If your successful I might see you there!!