5 June 2007

Land of The Black Stuff (& Sexy Accent)

Looks like I'm going to Dublin for a holiday next year. Been wanting to go for a while but have either been too broke or my friends have been too broke/used up all their holiday so we figured this year if we actually plan it in advance & get it all organized rather than leaving it until the last minute we'd have chance to book holiday & save some money. (oh God, plan, organize & save in the same sentence, looks like I'm growing up after all!)
We have all agreed that Dublin sounds a good place to go, not least because of the sexy accent all the men possess but also because it's fairly cheap to get to & to stay, close to home & not full of sunburnt obese couples like Wayne & Sharon with their semi feral offspring in tow.......

It's also a good place to have a drink, I have to say I do like Guinness but have never managed more than half a pint before mainly because it feels like your carrying a boulder around in your stomach, I much prefer J.D & coke, yum yum!

I just love the look of Dublin, it looks alot of fun & ideal for a girls holiday, it's also home to my favourite band & one of the best bands in the world, U2. My great gran & grandad were Irish & from the Cork/Waterford area (it's her I have to thank/blame for my nearly red hair) so will be nice to have a look around & maybe see the area they lived in.
Me being me wanted to hire a gypsy caravan with horse & holiday that way, everyone else except one friend was against it even though I offered to be in sole charge of the horse *sob* *sniff* they obviously all know me too well, the friend that was in agreeance is my best friend & to be honest, we're both as bad as each other, we're also very, very bad on directions so it's a possibility we'd end up in France, by the way, if there are any comments regarding women & map reading I won't be reading them!!

being drunk in charge of a horse is an offence apparently & the kind of drunk I get it's unlikely we would get very far so maybe not such a bad thing all my friends were immediately 'NO'. Ah well, maybe next time.

Here's a picture of Cork;

And the surrounding countryside;

I said I was trying to save money a few days ago, so knowing that why did I go on Ebay.....

Bad, bad, bad! I ended up bidding on & winning these pixie boots, £4.70

And these leopard print pumps, £3.00

I couldn't resist, been wanting shoes similar to both for ages & couldn't get them in 2's so when I saw these I had to have them & considering they're both brand new they were a complete bargain! I'm thinking the pixie boots will look good with my grey skinny jeans, a vintage Rolling Stones t I have, black waistcoat & a black baker/school boy cap I have. For some reason I really suit hats so really, really want to get a trilby hat, preferably in black because I'm loving the mannish trend that's about, pictured below

I also think it would look good with the above mentioned top, waistcoat & jeans but with high heel black boots instead of the pixie ones. I am now officially trilby hunting, oh dear looks like I might have to go on Ebay again.......

All in all not a bad day today, an incident occurred in Starbucks which brightened up my day but I shall save that for another post...... :o)


Mr. Police Man said...

Beautiful country. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Waynecoff said...

love cork, been there many times, x

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I want to marry an irish man called James.

I have never met him. But I love the name and I love the accent.

I imagine James will be a very loving husband and doting father.

Never been but I fancy going to Dublin for my 21st, cant wait! XX

Girl*Next*Door said...

Girl your mental! Lol. Know what you mean about the accent though, gorgeous.... & if the guy has dark hair & green/blue eyes, well, Im marrying him o the spot!! Lol
If I meet James I'll give him your email....! Hahaha

You should def go for your 21st, I reckon you'd love it was going to go for mine but didn't have the money & ended up being ill at the time :o(
If you have a look on the net & get it booked in advance there are some really good deals re flights & b&b's. :o)

Girl*Next*Door said...

I agree about Cork Wayne, can't wait to go & if it's as lovely as it looks in the pictures then it must be absolutely gorgeous :o)
If I meet the dark haired blue/green eyed Irishman I might even stay there!!! Lol
Only if he has a southern Irish accent though, not too keen on the Northern one.

Ing said...

Spookily I just booked a city-break at the end of this month in Dublin! Can't wait... And yeah, i loooove the accents.