24 June 2007

The Man From Starbucks

Guys, it's true, if you can make a girl laugh then you're halfway there, well it's true for me anyway. The man from Starbucks is lovely. I am glad I'm single & have had some very funny 'dates' with him, also glad I plucked up the courage to text him because the past few weeks have been a laugh & my broken heart is now officially mended!

I tend to be like this, a few days of tears, then rage, then I feel ok, then my eyes open to the male species again & I wonder what I was crying about in the first place. I've met up with him a few lunchtimes & after work for an hour or so & last night had a very heavy night out, I didn't get in until 7am, my poor, poor liver & stomach they will be hating me forever more. You know those times when you go out & you promise yourself that you will "only have a few" "alternate between alcohol & soft drink/water" "absolutely not give into Mr. Sambuca" "not dance like a twat" "not go on a crawl"
Well guess what, that lasted for oh, 30 mins maximum. Ended up going to about 4 different bars & a club. There was a group of 4 of us & everyone got merry but for some reason I had a thirst on & drank like a goldfish, I felt ok until I went outside at the third pub, then the air hit me like a brick wall. Piggyback was my mode of transport to the next couple of places!
I don't know why but I got a taste for cider last night so it was cider, JD & coke, Amaretto & coke, & some idiot (me) decided Sambuca would be a good idea, think I had about 3.

That is shocking, I probably drank half my bodyweight in alcohol last night, no wonder I got up this morning (afternoon) & the walls were moving! Thanks to coke, galaxy & nurofen plus I feel human again.
The Starbucks man is lovely though, thankfully he wasn't just on a good day when he was in Starbucks, his good personality is a permanent state so no bad surprises there, it also helps that he is 6ft 2", dark hair (never trust a blonde!) & gorgeous greeny colour eyes, he'll do I suppose..... ;o) He is nice & things are good, just giggles is all I want right now.
I don't want a full on relationship & neither does he so no blurred lines which is good & we both get on really well so things are good at the moment. (Too much use of the word good?).

On a completely unrelated note, I went wedding dress shopping with one of my friends last week, 6 weeks to go & she is STILL wedding dress shopping, can you believe it? She did find a dress, very luckily & she's going back next week but I saw one & it is exactly what I want to get married in, no matter that I need to find the man who will propose to me I've found the dress & that is half the battle!!! Lol
It's the Star range by Julien Macdonald at Debenhams & for a mere £300.00 it can be mine, it is stunning & exactly what I have envisioned to get married in, the cut & style is perfect for me. I want to get married just so I can wear the dress! Lol


Emma said...

That really is a beautiful dress gnd......I would love to see you in it one day...xx

busybizzie said...

Excellent. I quote. "Busybizzie, you make me laugh!"
Eeh, if I was twenty years younger.

Roses said...

Wedding dresses.


I'm with you there. I can't go past a window without looking. Unfortunately, when you're in an easy going relationship, it does tend to make the gentleman concerned worry unnecessarily.

I'd love to have a medieval wedding dress. I had to borrow one the first time around and I doubt there'll be a second time. But I'm such a romantic, I just can't help myself stopping and looking.

dickiebo said...

Keep drinking gal. My pension fund needs it!
Funny that in your blog, the wedding dress is more or less opposite the ..er ... well...what do you call it? .. undergarment! Definitely go together well.
Please remember, this is a family blog. lol.

pawpads said...

Ooh I'll have to pop into Starbucks and have a look at this bloke of yours.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

told ya!!!!

Big Fella in Blue said...

Are you going to have a FRIENDS moment and sit around with your friends wearing wedding dresses??

Sounds like a good start with the starbucks bloke, he sounds a bit short!!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Emma I know, it is beautiful, I'm in love with it! Lol

Busybizzie did I say that?! Maybe I wasn't thinking straight at the time..... ;) lol

Roses, I'm sure I've been into every bridal shop in the region & can tell you every type of dress they stock, I'm almost sick of the sight of wedding dresses! I'm the same as you though, still stop & look lol.
I have been very careful not to mention my love of 'the dress' to Starbucks man, I think he would go a very funny colour & get very worried! Lol

Dickiebo pure coincidence, promise! Lol
But looking at it, they do go well!

Hi Pawpads, easy to spot, tallest bloke in there, lovely smile. Lol

TRTMH I am glad I took the extra step of txting him :o)

BFIB Not quite, I did try it on though, 'twas lovely.... Oh dear, I'm turning into bridezilla! Lol
It is but you have a point, he is a bit of a short arse I suppose but never mind!! Does look a bit comical when I'm 5ft nothing & he's over 6ft! Lol