13 June 2007

Of Mice & Men

Normally I wouldn't give somebody like this the time of day but it has saddened & sickened me to the point I feel people should be aware. PC Jonathan Henry lost his life in the line of duty, protecting & serving others he paid the ultimate price & in doing so left behind a baby daughter just a few weeks away from her first birthday, Maggie & a wife, Mary, plus other family, colleagues & friends.This PC was a man who was not afraid to do a man's job & to show the courage & bravery of a man, a man who will be much missed by his family, friends & colleagues & who no doubt, was much respected.
PC Jonathan Henry, may you rest in peace.

I'm not naive, I am well aware that the police face this kind of abuse regularly, I have not only heard it but have a friend in the police who has to take it on a regular basis. I am ashamed & sickened to see that somebody, posting as 'anonymous', has been posting comments on the police bloggers that have posted tributes to PC Henry, they have been using this comment as copied below;

"Great news as another Nazi pig gets put down. What a wonderful week it is now. shame the guy did not stick a few more Nazi pigs before they got him.
Someone should dig up the dirty pig cut off the baldheaded Nazi cunts head and stick it on a lamp post in luton town center, as a warning of what all pig scum should get for being a traitor to the man on the street.
and may may more of the scum follow this scum to an early grave in the most painful way possible.
every dead pig is a victory for the people."

This has been copied & pasted on over 90% of police blogs, which in itself shows great imagination wouldn't you agree.....?
And of course, once he found out I was applying to the police I also came in for some abuse, namely I was wished a sooner rather than later death, preferably as painful as possible & when I corrected him on the appalling grammar & spelling I was told;

"I am old enough to be your father little girl, IF i was I would smack some sense into you for joining the scum"

And on CSI:UK's blog, the comment below;

"Girl*Next*Door I would stay a goby little girl receptionist if I was you. maybe when you grow up. you may find out that pigs are not there too protect anyone the scum in power.I would never dream or running around feeling with all important in a storm trooper uniform. repressing and abusing the general public.may someone dig the scum up and stick the Nazi scums head on a pole in the middle of luton town as warning too the scum pigs that that what the have coming."

As you can see, the 'human' being who prefers to hide behind anonymity rather than show his name or even a viable blog link has zero respect, zero decency, zero courage, bravery & any other attribute that is worth having or mentioning decent people & real men have. I have done this post, not to give any attention to the extremely un-educated person posting this venom, but to show the difference between a real man, a man who died with honour doing the job he loved, protecting & serving & then someone who feels the need to hide anonymously & post pure evil & venom on a tribute to a man doing his job, serving others, & to do that he is the lowest of the very low. I will not call him a man because he isn't, he is male. There is a world of difference between the two.
This blog post will remain up for 2 days, after that it will be deleted as I refuse to have such disrespect & venom polluting my blog.

I didn't feel a tribute to PC Jonathan Henry was appropriate by me, it was also covered by police blogs who have done a far better job than I could have done. That isn't to say my thoughts aren't with PC Henry's family, friends & colleagues.

RIP PC Jonathan Henry.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

How utterly disgusting.

I would say what a fuckwit, a twat and a c*nt - but I think swearing makes me a bit of a spaz like anon. So I wont say it. ;-)

I dont need to say ignore them do I. God I have such issues with people who slate the police, it drives me mental.

RIP PC Jon Henry. I feel so sad thinking that his daughter will never grow up with a daddy. X

Ing said...

Keep the post! Don't give in to some coward taking cheap shots.

It is so, so sad that in this day and age some people have to sully the name of the heroic dead.

What's next on Anon's list? Paramedics? Firefighters?

If he/she carries on with that attitude, they're going to find themselves up shit creak some day.

CSI:UK said...

Well said Girl Next Door, I have deleted anon's offensive comments from my blog as I felt the attention he has gotten so far will only encourage him further.

People like him need as little exposure as possible.

Ta ta!

Roses said...

I think Anon is appalling. It just goes to show what oxygen thieves there are in this world.

Keep on rocking.

Alexianna said...

I think this anon person is such a waste of space. He (assuming it is a he) is clearly looking for trouble and to wind us up. Maybe he will find it if behaves that way in public. I'm sure he'll get what's coming to him one day. People like that do. If not in this life, in the next.
And to reverse his ill wishes, I hope you and all police officers out there live the long and healthy life that you deserve to.
God bless

Sergeant Simon said...

heh your first introduction to the world of pond life. If you join, it won't be your last. Having said that, these people tend to be a little bit different if you're standing in front of them, rather than hiding. Not always, but most of the time.

Joe90 said...

The person who is posting these comments is most likely so disgusting, that flies wouldn't even land on them.

busybizzie said...

As I've been saying on many a blog. He's becoming like a pet to me. A mischevious puppy who pees on the floor. Annoying and inconvenient but ultimately of no consequence. I call him cuddles. I think it kind of suits him.

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

Sadly, he hasn't been to see me, which means I'll have to share my proposed response with you instead.

"Dear Anon,

I assume, from your somewhat tenuous grip on the complexities of the English language, that you are of limited education. It is sad that your mother did not spend at least part of the money she had saved from her early career, administering to the carnal needs of tramps and vagabonds, on providing you with private tuition.

I know that, when her looks (and teeth) failed her, forcing her to more rigorously scrape the bottom of the barrel and locate your hideously deformed father as a potential mate, she was obliged to spend a good proportion of those savings on the provision of a meths dowry. It is unfortunate, therefore, that she did not have the opportunity to spend the remainder on your obvious special needs, before the confusion of syphillis took away her own limited powers of reason.

Since your deficiencies are not your own fault, but those of your subhuman genetics, we forgive you.

You are, however, still a twat.

Must dash, I've just got to pop down to the docks to break up the queue that's started to form in front of your sister. Perhaps if she charged a little more for her services, they'd be less need for her to take on so many at once.

Lots of Love,


Waynecoff said...

some people have deep issues, and say things they dont understand, but its no excuse.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Exactly Girl, pointless. That's what got me too, his little girl is going to miss out on so much just because of one disgusting person.

Hi Ing, I don't know whether to leave the post up or not, I was going to delete it but then thought other people shoudl see for themselves how completely uneducated & weak anon is.
As for who's next, i think he's just a police hater but could just be one of those people who hate authority, mainly because his parents didn't give him any discipline or values I suspect.

Thanks CSI, it may generate him more attention but it sure as hell made me feel better showing him up for what a saddo he really is. Curiously, I haven't had a visit, yet.

My thoughts exactly Roses. Thanks for dropping by.

Alexiana he ill most certainly get whats coming to him, people like that ALWAYS do one ay or the other. Thanks for your comment & good luck in your application too, fingers crossed for you! :o)

Hi Sergeant Simon, yeah I'm aware of that, that's what annoyed me more than anything, the fact he wouldn't dare come up to your face & say it or even post a viable link, just hide behind the safety & anonymity of a computer screen.

Joe, we all know that because we're decent human beings. Anon does not know that because he is a poorly educated, misguided fool.

Busybizzie, you make me laugh! Trust you, have to say though, I did offer to teach him how to spell it but it fell on deaf ears. Then again, all he's gotta do is copy & paste which he seems to be ok at.

Mecs, brilliant, saw it on your blog earlier! Great :o)

Wayne, I don't care how many problems he may have/may not have had, there is zero excuse for what he did as you say. He needs a better argument, well, A argument with a constructive point. Not just shout abuse at people just because of their chosen profession, he is pathetic.

To all, I really don't know whether to leave this post up or not? What do you think?

GND xxx

Anonymous said...

post you address and maybe you will get a visit.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Brave words anon. Me post my address? Would that be like you post yours?

busybizzie said...

Don't be silly Cuddles! You know you can't do visits until you're house trained.

Roses said...

Anon, I wonder if you've actually thought about your behaviour at all?

A big man like you, hiding behind your anonimity, spouting viciousness and hatred...at a young woman.

Hmmm...big man eh? Brave?

Are you really interested in civil liberties? Paid up member of Amnesty Internation? Ready to fight for the rights of those who live in repressive regimes?

Nah, I think you just get pissed off when the police pick you up for being ASBO fodder. Don't like being told not to take a swing at people in the pub. Don't like being told to stop kicking off at the missus at 3 in the morning. Don't like being told not to get drunk on the high street.


thinblueline said...

Dont worry , I often leave the posts of the ignorant to show people what the level of hate is ..,

and skipper .. pondlife - bless

keep on truckin.

PC Bloggs said...

I am not sure Anon is the same one throughout on my blog. The first one made some seriously comical spelling errors, the one posting abuse now has swallowed a dictionary. Maybe he took to heart some of the comments about his spelling...