6 June 2007

Safe As Houses

I feel much happier after reading that I live in the 8th safest place for crime..... although how they worked out Swindon was safer at number 2 I do not know, last time I dared go there it was filled with nice people who would sell their granny for a good enough price or an extra line, then again, this is one of those famous statistic tables which I don't think are awfully truthful or reliable.
To be fair Cheltenham is a really nice area & the crime here isn't actually that bad, you get trouble but it seems to have a lid kept on it & our police do a brilliant job. The few times we have needed them they've been excellent & yes, I did let them know that :o)

Up until a year or so ago I lived in Cornwall which, I have to say, is horrible for crime, not so much burglaries etc but more street crime, one bloke got beaten up in the town centre down a side street & died before he reached hospital, he was beaten at 2 in the afternoon in summer. I feel safer on the streets of London than I did in Cornwall, maybe it's just me but I did find Cornwall to be really bad for street crime & violent crime. It has the highest rate of child abuse in England apparently, it's almost going into a recession in parts because the wages are very low compared to here but at the same time the property prices have been pushed sky high in comparison.

I know property is astronomical everywhere but at least the wage reflects that, it doesn't in Cornwall. The police do a great job there too but for some reason the last few years has seen a huge increase in crime there, it's why we moved back to Cheltenham, I've no doubt some area's in Cornwall are nice but the part I was in, around the Newquay/Bodmin area, wasn't good. I never went out in the evening there because too much stuff was happening re people getting beaten & assaulted, my friend did & she is not the type to get herself into trouble at all but she was set on by a group of girls & their boyfriends while she was out with 2 other friends. I definitely do feel an awful lot safer here, I don't know whether it is there is more of a tourist element to cater for in which case keeping the area safe is in the county's interest or whether it is to do with the fact there is alot of money about in the surrouding countryside, the Cotswolds being one along with Cirencester etc. Then again, having to go into Gloucester fairly regularly I can see where all the trouble may have moved to.......

I've pasted a copy of the table below but I for one do not count Swindon as one of the safest places, it's an absolute dump which just goes to show how statistics can be bent & how useless these tables are. I blogged about it because I find it interesting where Cheltenham & Swindon are placed & the fact Cornwall doesn't even figure.

Safest places:

1. Guildford

2. Swindon

3. Dundee

4. Bath

5. Coventry

6. Brighton

7. Aberdeen

8. Cheltenham

9. Edinburgh

10. Belfast

Most at risk:

1. Nottingham

2. Leeds

3. Hull

4. London

5. Oxford

6. Bristol

7. Reading

8. Manchester

9. Sheffield

10. Cambridge


dickiebo said...

Yea. I think we can take some of these with a pinch of salt! Probably more 'Police' statistics - if u know what I mean!

The Thin Blue Line said...

I live in the safest place I know - inside my head talking to all my special imaginary friends.

I love statistics, particularly the way that they can be twisted about to show totally different things. That said, I've been to Swindon and it's OK. There's definately far worse places out there.

Waynecoff said...

nice to know that london is safer than hull, will be able to sleep tonight, x

totallyun-pc said...

London? London is broken into 32 Boroughs all the size of small cities... and it still didn't come top... amazing.... The other places must be totally grim!

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

I'll bet the Cambridge dons will be a tad miffed that they're only two stops below Moss Side....

I'd love to know what the stats were based on - bet a Cambridge/Oxford bike theft was given the same points as a Metpol/Manc driveby.

The radio was full of chatter today about people taking on South African security companies to patrol their neighbourhood - now there's a social experiment...

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I am in the second worst! Didnt think Leeds was that bad, is that a bit naive of me!

Think I live in that place with you thin blue line!

Girl*Next*Door said...

TBL, must just be parts of Swindon that are dogdy, unless you went a while ago & it's gone downhill since! Agree with you on the stats though, all depends what the person drawing them up wants people to believe!

Lol Tupc. I know, like I said I think it's one of *those* stat tables, some of the places listed that I've been too are much better tha they've put or much worse, ridiculous.

Mecs, apparently the stats were based on house burglaries, most/least burgled. But to be honest it depends what the person drawing the table up wants the reader to believe, probably not something you would/should take much notice of, bet if you looked at the real stats it would be completely different.
South African security companies? Interesting visions & thoughts are coming to mind! Ah well, will give Wayne & co something to think about if they do bring them in.....

Girl, like I said I think it's one of those stat tables that supposed to make thos who are in the safest list feel all smug & those that are in the worst list, to live up to the reputation. I don't in truth take much notice but thought it was interesting how they'd worked it out/lied/bent the truth!

Anonymous said...

Cornwall probably doesn't feature for a couple of reasons. All the rest on the lists are towns / cities and all of these in Cornwall aren't that big, especially compared to what is on the list. Also who made (up) the lists probably never got any further south west than bristol.