17 June 2007

Murder On The Dancefloor....

Not the song. Please read this, then sign the petition....

This is written by Marjorie and Robert Golding, the mother & father of Blake, he was bottled whilst at work in December 2004 & both him & his family are fighting to make it law that inner city & town pubs/nightclubs are only allowed to stock polycarbonate glasses & plastic bottles.

"We are the parents of a statistic – a victim of crime – but crime is like a disease, spreading through an entire family affecting every member. Statistics we all know to be numbers on a computer screen, television etc. but behind every statistical number there is a face a family a story, this is Blake’s story our son.

It was Christmas Eve 2004, we were all looking forward to Christmas, presents wrapped, veg and turkey prepared, we could now relax and start enjoying the holiday period. Robert my husband and Adrienne my daughter and myself were meeting friends for a drink in the town. Blake couldn’t be with us, he had a second job as a doorman in Central Milton Keynes, he didn’t mind going to work in fact he had volunteered for Christmas shifts, as he needed the extra cash, as with most young people he could spend quicker than he could earn. By the time we walked home it was nearly 12.30 – Christmas Day!
We turned the key in the door to the sound of the phone ringing, my heart was thumping, phonecalls late at night are rarely good news. It was a neighbours son “Blake’s had an accident” that was enough for me, I panicked, thrust the phone at Robert, I didn’t want to hear the rest I was too scared. As it turned out it wasn’t an accident al all, Blake had been bottled, as we all drove to the hospital that was the only information we had.
We arrived a A&E before the ambulance, we paced the corridor for about 15 minutes, not knowing how Blake was, then Marcus appeared, the Head Doorman, his hand bound with a homemade bandage. Blake was in a bad way, he’d lost 4 pints of blood, they couldn’t stem the bleeding and he needed a transfusion, they were worried his body would go into shock, we were not allowed in to see him. We waited an agonising 50 minutes from arriving at the hospital, nurses were to-ing and fro-ing, blood stained uniforms. Finally a doctor came to see us, Blake was to go for surgery, there was no time to transfer him to Stoke Mandeville where there would have been a plastic surgeon.
We were allowed to go in and see Blake, one at a time. Robert went in first, as much as I wanted to rush in and see him, I was terrified and I couldn’t let him see that. Robert came out looking visibly shaken and very upset. Adrienne and I allowed to go in together, she was too frightened to face it on her own, I took her hand and said “deep breath”. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I went through those curtains.

My son lay on a trolley drenched in blood, there were trickles of blood still pouring from the sheets, footprints on the floor, and his face and neck were being held together by a male nurse. His first words to me were “are you OK Mum”, typical Blake. I kissed him, we spoke for about a minute if that, then he was taken to theatre where he was to spend the next 4 hours. We went back to the waiting room, where by this time there was about 10 doormen and several of Blake’s friends that had been in CMK and had heard what had happened, some of which had been with him as he sat propped up against a concrete pillar waiting 20 minutes for an ambulance – busy night!
It was now we learnt what had actually happened. In a busy Club on Christmas Eve a member of doorstaff, female, had noticed a young man at the bar that had been previously barred, she approached him and asked him to leave the premises, he did so. On leaving he then decided to try and argue his way back in, the doorlady stood firm and would not allow him re-entry. Unbeknown to any of the staff, the young man’s brother was inside the venue, and on seeing his brother arguing at the door, did no more than run over to the doorlady armed with a bottle and hit her over the head, thankfully the bottle did not break. Meanwhile Blake saw the commotion and ran over and restrained the attacker, pinning his arms to his side, it was at this point they both stumbled and fell over the step, the attacker then hit Blake across the eyebrow, breaking the bottle in the process, and drew the jagged glass up into his hairline. Immediately Blake’s eyes filled with blood and he was unable to defend himself, whereupon he was slashed across his cheek.

Blake’s reaction was to curl up on his front and put his arms over his face, at this point he was stabbed in the neck, this is when Marcus, the head doorman was brave enough to intervene, he managed to pull the attacker off Blake and he himself sustained a cut to his hand requiring 6 stitches. In May 2005 the perpertrator of this horrendous crime pleaded guilty to GBH with intent – only because the police had an absolute water tight case against him – and it was in his best interests to do so. He received a two year reduced sentence, and in summing up the judge said he didn’t want to ruin a young man’s life, he served 7 months, was it taken into consideration that this would affect the rest of Blakes life? As I can tell you, he’s not the same young man as he was before. Whilst in prison the offender was given – free of charge – an anger management course and counselling – a reward for co-operative behaviour which would help reduce his sentence. Blake’s first session of counselling, in this entire ordeal, took place on the 8th Dec, 2006, the cost will be taken out of any compensation he receives – a penalty for being the victim? – disheartening to say the least."

There are 5, 500 REPORTED glass/bottle attacks a year - 100 a week. This can be multiplied by 3 for unreported attacks 16,500 a year - 300 a week.2005 saw Government Compensation paying out £4.5 million for such cases. A survey of bar workers indicated that 40% of them had sustained accidental glass related injuries (mostly while stacking and washing glasses, one third of those needed treatment from A&E). In mid June 2005 we began a Nationwide Campaign to replace glass bottles with plastic and glasses with polycarbonate in NIGHT CLUBS and LATE NIGHT BARS in CITY/TOWN CENTRES with a young clientele, which statistically are shown to be most at risk. We travel to many areas to give presentations and we have spoken to quite a few venues who have already gone particially or totally plastic bottles/polycarbonate glasses with very impressive results. Not only are glass attacks to staff and customers non existent, but accidental injuries involving glass are too, dancefloors are no longer ruined, there are no constant glass breakages as the polycarbonate glasses far out last glass, making them cost effective, venues are quicker to clean up at the end of the night as there isn’t any broken glass to deal with. This provides a safer working environment. Equally security staff are able to deal with disturbances easier as they don’t have the added threat of bottles/glass, lets face it how difficult is it to keep a packed venue broken glass free during the course of the evening. Venues we have spoken to that have volunteered to be glass free have no desire to revert back to glass, their customers are more than happy with the alternative.
Our petition to date (31 May 07) has received over 22,000 signatures of support - the vast majority is from young people who frequent Night Clubs and Late Night Bars. If the bottle that had struck our son was plastic he probably would have received a bruise and a nasty headache, instead he is scarred physically down one side of his face and neck and the mental scars have gone deep too. Over a quarter of victims of facial wounds experience a serious post-traumatic stress reaction, which requires long term follow up. Bournemouth Town Centre have run a year long campaign introducing over 35 venues to polycarbonate, some are using the plastic bottles too. Last year saw a reduction of 70% on a Friday/Saturday night at A&E. That speaks for itself.

Please, if you agree, click on THIS link & sign your name in the petiton at the foot of the page, if you can please get your friends, family & colleagues to sign also. You can also lobby your local MP to raise the early day motion through this link.

I have signed it & am spreading the word about it. I've never been bottled or attacked with glass but I know someone who has, they aren't a violent person nor are they a hooligan that is likely to get into fights for the sheer hell of it, he tried to break one up & was stabbed in the face with the remnants of a pint glass, luckily nowhere near as serious as Blake's injuries but bad enough. The only cost is people having to drink out of polycarbonate 'glasses' & bottles, not such a high price to pay when you consider the damage glass does & the amount of trouble it causes through the after effects of attacks to the emergency services is it really?

Hopefully this will get somewhere & the powers that be will listen & do something about it, I won't hold my breath BUT, it is worth a try.

Thank You.

I've learnt how to hyperlink, all by myself! At Long Bloody Last!!! Woo Hoo! Lol


Annette said...

Hi, I actually wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
Reading your blog I have got upset myself. It must have been awful for you. I have signed the petition.
Take care

dickiebo said...

I hate show-offs. Hyperlinks, huh!

dickiebo said...

Forgot to mention; have signed the petition, and also sent an e-mail to my MP asking for his support.

Roses said...

Thanks for flagging this, it's an appalling situation. Poor lad. I've signed the petition.

Alexianna said...

I have signed the petition also. I am distressed by this. It is very tragic. That guy should have got more prison time, it's pathetic. I'm sorry that you have been affected by a similar attack.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Have signed it X

Anonymous said...


Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh cuddles, don't be silly. I'm not going to go to all the bother to copy & paste a link that has the words 'pig_die' in it now am I?
No, I'm really not.
Must try harder comes to mind.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Hi, Annette thats ok, hope today was ok for you though :o)
Blake wasn't/isn't anything to do with me, I just thought it was a good thing to highlight, thanks for signing it.

Hahaha Dickiebo, I put a comment on your blog explaining all, thanks for the signature too & for asking your MP :o)

Thanks Roses, it is awful when the prevention any further attacks is so simple isn't it?

Alexiana, it is awful isn't it. Completely agree about the punishment with the guy & he should have got more. And Blake shouldn't have had to pay for his own counselling, it's disgusting.

Thanks Girl :o)

Emma said...

It's awful gnd I remember the 80's when it happened everywhere you went, glass as a weapon puts the fear of god in me still and anything that can be done to improve things gets my vote..xx

Anonymous said...

What kind of insane bitch are you? Yo really fucking think it sane to ban bottles and glasses. If loons like you had there way we all be eating with our hands and fingers.

Girl*Next*Door said...

I don't think it sane to ban bottles & glasses FULL STOP Cuddles, just in area's like clubs & busy pubs where thay can be used as weapons to glass or bottle somebody. Obviously shops & similar would be completely impractical.

As for eating with hands & fingers, by the way you put yourself across I'd imagine that's a pretty familiar feeling.

Your also right about the insane bit too, how ironic!
Please try to put up a constructive argument without swearing, I find it lowers the tone somewhat & people never really listen to what you have to say as soon as bad language enters the mix.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

God its getting ridiculous now all this isn't it. Anon die I think, rather than pig die. Idiot.

Girl*Next*Door said...

It is ridiculous girl, he seems to have a vendetta against anyone to do with, works for or supports the police. He really is pathetic but unfortunately I can only ignore things to a point. Have you noticed each time he's confronted with a well thought out reply & therefore has no argument, he either posts back about "pig scum", swears or calls you some kind of idiotic name. Mature, I don't think.

I don't understand his problem with the glass though, they aren't asking for it to be banned full stop simply to be banned in clubs & bars where it can be used as a weapon. I think the reason anon has a problem is because it's taking away one of his toys, bless.

busybizzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
busybizzie said...

Somehow Cuddles, I think it's probably best if you have to eat with your fingers. Don't want to give any nasty pointy things do we?
How's the potty training going?

PC South West said...

I always imagined he would eat with his hands and fingers anyway.
Is that no the case with neanderthals?

Roses said...

anon - zzzzzz

G*N*D - thanks for the link :-)

The Thin Blue Line said...

Hiya, petition signed. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.

As for "anon", I struggle to comprehend just how dim some people are. It's one thing disliking the Police. That I'm used to and can understand. It comes with the job. But this bloke (assuming it's a chap) just plumbs the depths.

You can imagine him reading the replies and getting really frustrated when yet another person uses yet another word he doesn't understand.

That's probably why he has to reach for his copy of viz when he's working out what to say.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Busybizzie, I think I'm getting like you, it's almost a game!

PC Sw, I imagine so, he probably has blisters on his knuckles as well, through dragging them on the floor as he walks.

Emma, thanks for signing it :o)

Roses, your welcome :o)

TBL thanks for signing. As for anon, I knew Viz was useful for some things!!! Reading material for great uneducated & brainless, still I guess it is mostly pictures.

To everyone else, thanks for signing the petition :o)

Inspector Gadget said...

I have posted and linked about this. Sorry it's a bit late. This story shows how serious this alcohol related violence stuff can be.
On a seperate note, have you heard 'Cheryl Tweedy' by Lily Allen? It reminds me of you and your Blog!!

uphilldowndale said...

Job done, petition signed, email sent; keep up the good work.

Miss Mitzi said...

Hello there, have signed the petition and agree with most that the idiot that caused all this should have been put away for a lot longer. However, the attack on Viz is a tad unjustified! I'm a girlie and enjoy reading Viz - you'd be surprised how many different people read it - not always louts like anon!
Miss Mitzi

Anonymous said...

hiya, signed and sent to my MP as well. Nearly all of the pubs in my neck of the woods at home use the poly carbonate glasses and its not going to be hard for the bottle manufacturers to issue poly instead of glass to clubs etc they purchase enough to make a valid business case anyway.
And as for cuddles, definately someone who needs to go and kiss the hot exhaust of his souped up vauxhall nova.


Sergeant Simon said...

7 poxy months. Good luck to the campaign, will be taking advantage of new hyperlinking skills next click!

Haha "Cuddles"..... brilliant name

Anonymous said...

I can identify with this, I used to work behind the bar in a busy nightclub. One night I had a drunken customer who was trying to get served before everyone else. I told him that he had to wait his turn, while I served the people who'd come to the bar before him.

I turned my back to the bar to pour a drink, and the next thing I know I everything went black, and I came to on the floor. Turned out that according to people who saw it happen, the guy leaned over the bar and hit me in the back of my head with a glass so hard that it smashed.

Thankfully, although the glass smashed I didn't actually get cut, but ended up with conscussion, bad bruising and a permanent dent in the back of my head!

After that I refused to work in the club, and worked in the pub instead which had a better atmosphere and much less chance of anything happening.

All I got from the club in the way of compensation was a free bottle of stella, and sent home early, losing a nights wages!

Girl*Next*Door said...

IG, thanks for posting it, just horrified me when I read it & being as I go out with friends fairly often wanted to raise awareness of it because at the end of the day, if that happened to me or my friends/family I would want as many people as possible to sign it. As for Lily Allen's 'Cheryl Tweedy' song, is that a good thing or bad thing!! Lol

Uphilldowndale, thanks :o)

Miss Mitzi, thanks & I agree, he should have got alot longer & no time cut for good behaviour, it was hardly good when he decided to bottle 2 people was it?! As for Viz, not my thing but it just seemed to suit anon's mental ability, then again Postman Pat may have been a better choice...
Apologies for the slating of Viz ;o)

metcountymounty, thanks & I agree, if the bottle/glass companies made poly more widely available & the council enforced it we wouldn't have nearly so much of a problem.

Sarge, thanks :o)
In my opinion he should have served the 2 years & Blake Golding should not have had to pay for his own counseling deducted from his compensation while the person who committed the crime gets free counseling & therapy!!!

Anon that sounds horrible, hope your ok now :o)
As or your work, that's shocking! Not only being attacked but getting 'compensation' in the way of a bottle of Stella & a lost nights wages!! The least they should have done is paid you your full night's wage, that's disgusting. Good for you for refusing to work in the club & opting for the pub instead though :o)

Goodwill Jester said...

I have signed the petition. It must have been a dreadful experience for you all. It seems to be yet another example of loads of help being available to the offender early on but little available to the victim and only after a long delay. I sometimes get the impression that we're getting our priorities wrong in this country.