17 June 2007

These Boots Were Made For Walking...& Dancing....& Pulling In...

I don't know what is wrong with me at the moment, all of a sudden there are shoes that are demanding my attention & my wallet & I think I have boot-lust, there are so many gorgeous ones about that I just know one day soon my resolve will crumble & there will be a small pile of it left outside of Faith or Kurt Geiger. I'm getting concerned though, I'm going to have to buy a pair soon because if I don't it will cause me problems, I'm afraid that one day I will innocently walk into a shoe shop, fall in love with a pair of perfect boots who will leap into my arms as I'm walking out of the shop & the local police will turn up to arrest me as I'm shamefacedly clutching some knee high black boots. If I buy them on the other hand, that is the problem solved & I can go about my day to day business without worrying about being a shoe thief. Now I see that I need to buy them, it will save everyone the heartache of me becoming a shoplifter, not that I'd make a very good one as I'm far too honest & more likely to run into the security guard's arms than away from, that is because he is fit & my man radar is on overtime just lately!!!

Black Boots £60.00. In My Size! Joy!

More Black Boots £30.00. In My Size Again! More Joy!

Emerald Satin Wedges £50.00 Kurt Geiger. In My Size Again! Even More Joy!

Scarlet Satin Wedges, again, £50.00 Kurt Gieger. And Again, In My Size! I'm Going To Pass Out From The Excitement!

These Wedges from Schuh £60.00 (I think) but I think they are too high plus I already have some similar.

These Gold/Silver Dancing Shoes £30.00

Accessorize so probably won't fit which means I won't be buying them *sniff* *sigh*

These Red T-Bars £40.00 Faith (I think) No comments about ladies who wear red patent shoes please!

And lastly, not because I want them, just for the humour value. Firstly, how would you walk in them? Secondly, why would you want to? If they had a lower platform & heel I probably would but as it is they look very porn-starry, ironically the brand is called 'Slick Cinderella'. Wonderful.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I have a really bad shoe obsession, its annoying isnt it. I love the satin wedges and accessorise shoes, i think you should get them :D

Roses said...

You absolutely must!

They look awesome.

Girl*Next*Door said...

It is so bad, Id be worse if I had size 3 or 4 feet though, loads!
I'm going into town to have a proper look at the satin wedges after work, so tempted to get both the green & Scarlet ones, so hard to get them in my size & they're lush. Don't think the Acceorize ones are going to fit but I'm going to see about them later too, they're gorgeous.
Definitely getting the flat suede pirate boots too, got a pair in size 3 but they don't fit so I'm gonna bung those on E-bay & get these ones instead :o)

Roses, they are gorgeous, like I said am going to go for the pirates & wedges, too lovely not to :o)