2 June 2007


I am being way too tempted to batter my debit card at the moment, so many nice things about as it's summer, I really so need my willpower to make an appearance & every single day I have to walk from one end of the high street to the other for work. That's 5 days a week twice a day & the shop's taunt me because whenever I look in a window I see something gorgeous, it really isn't fair. I may have to start wearing blinkers, either that or leaving my purse at home!
Although really, I haven't spent that much lately, I am being good & I am proud of myself, the only stuff I've paid out for recently is Sunny for trim of hooves & refit of shoes so I am being very good & have decided whenever I get tempted I shall just vision the corset, that's what I'm saving for.

Mobile is finally fixed, I'm quite shocked at how much I missed it when I didn't have it & how much I relied on it which surprised me, it was only gone for a few days so obviously I'm one of those people that cannot live without theirs. Went to get it after work & my God, how fit is the man in there! I obviously don't go into mobile phone shops regularly enough because I would have been a far more regular customer had I known there was such nice things to look at! Haha!
I must have been looking better than I thought today because there was a little bit of mutual flirting going on, & I'm ashamed to say I pretended to be more interested in what was wrong with my phone than I otherwise would have been.... Shameful! But is it my fault he had lovely eyes & lovely everything else with a bit of a cheeky smile too? No, exactly, therefore how can I be blamed for flirting back.... He didn't even try to sell me stuff but then again it could be a new marketing ploy, gorgeous mobile man flirts with all the girls to get them to come back again, hmmmm.

I have now decided I'm officially over the ex, no more tears, no more 'how dare he' thoughts of rage, no more wanting to slap him, no more wishing we were still together & most importantly of all, no more thoughts of new, inventive uses for scissors, bleach, hair removal cream, hair dye & permanent marker of the "I am a prick/twat/dickhead/various other expletives" kind, reading that back it does sound quite phsychotic but never mind, he does value his clothes so it would have been nice to shred them, I realise that is very immature behaviour so I won't do it. Just think it. Lol

When I put my sim card back in my phone though there were 2 texts from him, one saying maybe we should just go on a break? Read; "how about we go on a break so I can shag around a bit then get back together", erm, how about no? And another saying "how about we just stay friends because I really do like you you know" To which I don't know what to say, apart from maybe in the future, I don't know if I'm too soft because most girls hate their exes but I don't really have it in me to hate people, just get upset or if they hurt me very badly or do something extremely bad, tell them what I think, get very cold towards them & not stay in touch. Anyway, whatever he wants is besides the point because I'm thinking about what I want at the moment so I may just tell him to leave me alone for a while & see, wish I could be the sort of girl that hates all her exes & screams & shouts at them, it would make things so much easier!

Below are some of the things that have been tempting me *sigh*

White maxi dress, Miss Selfridge £40.00

Wedges, Viva La Diva £60.00

Patchwork skirt, Miss Selfridge again, £45.00

Which would look nice with this -

Miss Selfridge, again, £6.00. Together they look very 70's hippyish & very summery/floaty, would look good together with a pair of wedges I have, also, combined with the volume on the bottom half/fitted on the top half, pale colours & with wedges they would make me look taller. Which is a massive bonus when your only just 5ft! Am seriously tempted re the skirt.....

This dress, Miss Selfridge £45.00. But looking at it again now it's a bit too voluminous & flowery, still like it but I don't think I like it so much now, at least not enough to spend £45.00 on.

This necklace, again Miss Selfridge £12.00, I like it, it's quite quirky.

Miss Selfridge £8.00, seriously tempted on this, is very cute & unusual.

And these boots, yes I know it's summer & I don't need boots but these are gorgeous

Viva La Diva £75.00. They don't have them in my size (surprise surprise) nor a 3 which I can get away with sometimes. I just really really like these , they've got the whole victorian look going on which really suits me being petite, they would look great with jeans & a victorian type blouse or with shorts, tights & jumper or blouse. Will definitely have to keep an eye out for a 3 or some of a similar design. Then again, there's always Ebay or my birthday to consider..... :o)

If I had a picture of the mobile man I would post him but unfortunately not, you'll just have to take my word when I say he is very nice to look at, very nice indeed in fact. Lol


hobbybobby said...

Nice boots! I have a thing for boots - not on me you understand, on women - and they're mighty fine indeed... ;)

Girl*Next*Door said...

Lol, have to admit they are rather gorgeous & stunning! Glad you pointed out you had a thing for them on women, was starting to get a bit worried there!! lol
It's getting harder & harder to resist them but if they don't do them in my size I might have to *sob* :(

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Do you post on handbag forums? There is a thread on fashion called what did you buy this week, and that has really tempted me and battered my card this week, people posting all the loveliness they have bought, its really bad.

You are so better off without the boyf darling, and look youre already having the flirtingness with the mobile man!! When i went into my phone shop it was empty apart from 5 sexy SAs, and i asked one a question, he replied with 'sure, whats your mobile number?' and the other 4 guys cracked up and pissed themselves laughing, i was soooo embarrased haha XX

totallyun-pc said...

oh those boots!

They are proper FM Boots!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Hahaha Tupc! What are you like! They are gorgeous though, I think I've fallen in love with them!