20 June 2007

The Greatness That Is U2

I could have put so many more videos on here of their music because they are fantastic, the one band I never tire of & the one I would choose if I could only listen to one band for the rest of my days. As it is I just picked these 3 because they are my favourites. I want Miracle drug & Elevation played at my funeral, which had better not be too soon! If U2 are your thing then sit back & tune out, if they're not then you plainly have no taste & need to get yourself educated!


PC South West said...

Sorry GND but I am not a fan really. but this is worth looking at

totallyun-pc said...

Well its better than that Ellis Bexter Witch!

dickiebo said...

Guess I'll have to put my name down for night-school!

thinblueline said...

Shzz now ill not hear bad words against the great man himself..

Roses said...

My personal all time favourite U2 track is Staring at the Sun.

I remember being in my early teens and listening to Pride and thinking 'wow'.

Ing said...

ooo, at the moment...

i'd have to go for

mysterious ways

fast cars

electrical storm

but the list is endless indeed!

busybizzie said...

I came to appreciate U2 very late but I do like the Achtung baby! era stuff now.

Off topic a bit but a quick pet hate:
Go to a concert and hear "Sing it!"
Makes me want to shout "P*ss off, I paid thirty quid to hear you sing it!"

Girl*Next*Door said...

Glad to see there's still some taste left in the world..... ;o)

TBL, is that sarcasm or genuine?! Hard to tell! Lol

Roses have to agree with you on "Pride", is fab :o)

Yeah Ing, fast cars is very good, more into Joshua Tree/Rattle & Hum at the moment :o)

Busybizzie I do quite like that but more into their 80's period at the moment. As for "sing it", very annoying song indeed!

As for the rest of you, words fail me!!! ;o) Lol