21 July 2007

Baby Fratelli

I am loving The Fratellis, they are so good. It isn't often I get really really taken with a band but these are so good they are on my mp3 player daily at high volume (of course) Especially Creeping Up The Backstairs. They came onto the scene at the end of last year with Henrietta & I liked them then, they're very good & very talented. I wanted to go & see them in September but they've sold out (Don't get me started on the touts again, grrrrr) I've got a friend in Glasgow (Or Jockland as I affectionately like to call it ;) ) & as I only get to see him twice in a year maximum I was going to go up there for a long weekend, stay at his & go to see them as he only lives ten minutes away from where they're playing but alas, it's not to be. Maybe they'll be at Glastonbury next year *please, grant me my wish*!
Chelsea Dagger is another well known hit of theirs, although the video may go down better with some male readers than the music if it isn't your thing! Same goes for Flathead, if you're male but don't like the music then you'll like the video! Lol

I just love the whole album, it's fantastic & they better bring out a second one soon because if Costello Music is anything to go by they are going to be around for a while, they are fab.

The only thing is, I can't help thinking of Animal from the Muppets when I see the drummer in their videos, watch & I bet you see the resemblance! Lol

This is my favourite track, not only is it the track to one of my favourite films but the opening lines just make me laugh every time...... :o)


Roses said...

Fabulous! Loved the video and the film very much.

Thanks for that.

dickiebo said...

GND; How could you do this to me? Never having heard of the Fratellis, and seeing those 3 luvverlies at the beginning of your post, I clicked on your link and........BLOKES!
I'm going for a lie-down.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Ha ha ha at Dickiebo!

GND I love Fratellis, their album is def up there on my most played albums. I love Whistle for the Choir myself :D

thoughts running through my head.... said...

brilliant band brilliant song brilliant film!!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Roses the film clips & that song combined is perfect!

Dickiebo, you should have clicked on the flathead or Chelsae dagger link! Hahahaha
I hope you've recovered from the shock now though, bit of a red herring! Lol.

Girl I like Whistle for the Choir but I kind of got fed up with it it got played so much when it was released. :)

They are quality though, loving them alot.

TRTMH my opinion exactly! :)