30 July 2007

Cigarettes & Alcohol

Minus the cigarettes. My poor, poor head & my even poorer liver *sob*. For a change Mr. Starbucks had the night free so he picked me, my best friend & a few of his friends up yesterday at about 2 & we went for a drink out to one of the little pubs (Further than we would usually go due to water shortage) & got rather drunk. Unfortunately me, my best mate & 2 of Mr. S's friends had had a fair bit to drink when we decided it would be great to sing along & dance to this song. I say 'dance' but it was more like throw ourselves about while consumed with giggles & 'sing' was in a similar vein to the dancing but at least my friend, being from the Forest of Dean had the accent to match! No wonder most of the pub was creased up. Mr S also found it hilarious because of course watching people dance that are fairly well oiled is so much funnier when you are stone cold sober! The shame of it *blushing* I have yet to hunt down any video/picture evidence, I hope there isn't any but I think I may be hoping in vain....Lol
After dropping everyone off I went back to his & had even more to drink. Namely of this;

& this;

Both of home measures which is never ever a good idea so when it got to the point of me actually trying to get up & landing on my bum because my legs had deserted me & him pissing himself laughing at my attempt to get myself off the floor I was well gone! He did do the gentlemanly thing (eventually!) & offer to help me up again which nearly ended in me being squashed because he was none too steady on his feet either. Thank God everyone was at work when I crawled in this morning, I looked like death warmed up, felt like chewed elastic that had been spat out & had the shakes so went on a sugar hunt then straight to bed. I didn't wake up until about 12 & my head has still got the cotton wool feeling, despite the usual hangover cure of Nurofen plus, coke & Galaxy. It didn't save me this time & I still feel wobbly now. Never again am I drinking that much, or dancing like a loon to The Wurzels (Until the next time of course!). Dear God, what was I thinking....... Still at least I had my lovely boots on although how on earth I managed to avoid falling on my arse I'll never know!

Introducing my good but loopy mate's blog - Diary of Miss X as the name suggests, her blog is slightly ruder than mine. Mainly because she will blog about stuff I wouldn't quite have the nerve to! Lol


Pawpads said...

Ah Tia Maria. That's my drink of choice.
I have 5 bottles of the gorgeous stuff here ~ but no coke so am on the (bottled) water tonight.

Loving your choice of song there though.

dickiebo said...

'Twould've served you right if Alvin Starbuck had taken advantage of your condition!

PC South West said...

Not a great feeling is it. I used to be able to drink like that several times a week. Now it would take a week to recover. Comes with age I recon.

Girl*Next*Door said...

5 bottles Pawpads?! 5?!!?! That is some stock you have! Ah the song.... *blushes* lol

He's too much of a gent Dickiebo. Luckily! :)

PCSW, I have to say this is the first hangover I've ever had. Now I'm wondering if it's a sign of things to come...?! Noooooo I hope not!