23 July 2007

Dr. Foster Went To Gloucester

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester

in a shower of rain,

he stepped in a puddle,

right up to his middle,

and never went there again.

That says it all really. I am beginning to think I'm a duck it is so wet here. We've had the water cut off here because the flood water has contaminated the works & we were told today that there is a risk of the electricity being turned off as well, the substation supplies 500,000 homes. A journey that should have taken me 20 minutes maximum on Friday took me an hour & a half, it is beyond a joke now. Gloucester is under 5ft of water in places & the Severn is expected to burst it's banks imminently. People are being evacuated in preparation, the hospital in Tewkesbury already has been evacuated.
The water shortage is serious & the supermarket shelves round here are empty of bottled water with people being limited to two bottles per person, milk is short so is bread & all the staples, 150,000 homes haven't got fresh water, ours included . It has been said that there are tankers on their way to ease it a bit, that's plus the four emergency lorryloads that have already been sent to two supermarkets.

The main road into Gloucester on Friday & as far as I know it's the same if not worse today.

We've never had floods like this, the only other ones were in 1947 & these ones are rivalling those now, it's serious because it's sort of come out of the blue, we had majorly heavy rainfall the other night, just as everything was recovering from the last lot so the river that was already swollen is now expected to burst & with the water we've already had we really don't need the river to burst as well. I went to sort my horse out earlier & the field she is usually kept in is now more or less marshland, luckily they've got higher ground so all the stock & horses have been moved there so that's less of a worry. I just hope it doesn't get any worse, I know Sheffield have had it hard but we're catching them up now. The media have woken up & are seeing it's not just up country that's suffering, a family member lives up near Prestbury park/the racecourse & it's flooded round there so they are expecting to be flooded out any day now if it carries on.

The emergency services are rushed off their backsides & are doing a great job but the local knuckle grinders aren't helping by insisting on going out in their cars & moving flood signs & cones because they need to get somewhere, plainly they haven't listened to the local radio or news because both are plainly saying unless it's absolutely necessary you should be staying indoors, but no, Vicky Pollard & co decide it's more sensible to wade through the water & get stuck then proceed to start bellocking for help, idiots. Why do people find it so very hard to take notice of obvious warnings?
It really isn't that difficult surely?!

Stay indoors = stay safe & warm.

Go outdoors = risk death & put everybody else in danger because of your own stupidity & pigheadedness. Great.

Yes I know I went to the yard but I had to go & to get there wasn't taking a huge risk & we certainly didn't move road signs & cones on the way!! The water was so bad in the high street on Friday that the manhole covers were balancing on the top of plumes of water.

Prestbury road on Friday afternoon. Tewkesbury town centre, below.

Still, it's not all bad because, & I quote

"Police confirmed that HMP Gloucester which is situated near the docks, would not be evacuated in the event of flooding."

Does that mean they're just going to let them drown in the event of flooding then? If so, we have an instant empty prison for all the gobshites that are thieving & looting empty homes & cars, a couple of hundred less oxygen thieves & an instant boon to the undertaker business. Not to mention 'death by natural causes/act of God' so no nasty murders etc. Everyones a winner!

UPDATE; "The county's routine hospital treatments & operations have been cancelled, and all magistrate and court hearings have also been postponed. Though the flooding was already bad, the Environment Agency predicted it would not peak in the county until late on Wednesday." So we haven't seen the worst of things yet.......


dickiebo said...

You're getting very cynical, my gal.
Glad you mentioned your horse as I was wondering about it. What do you call it - on a good day!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Getting? I thought I already was! Lol
Ironically, she is called Sunlight...Sunny for short :) On a bad day well, let's just say it's not so polite! Lol

Roses said...

I agree with you, there really is no accounting for the stupidity of some people. It really doesn't take a genius to figure out that it's best to stay inside.

I hope you and your family are safe and snug inside.

Pawpads said...

Glad to see you're keeping your pecker up. We had no power when I woke up this morning and have been out of water since yesterday afternoon.

Good to see Gordy has been to visit though. *Rolleyes"

Airliebird said...

Em here GND I hope you are all ok and so sorry to hear you have been affecred by this, living in the forgotten town I am well aware of what you are going through...take care all..xx

Ing said...

Didn't realise you were down thataway. Hope you and all your loved ones are as safe & dry as can be.

I do have sympathy - I got caught in some of the Hull floods when I was up north last!

totallyun-pc said...

If the courts are shut does that mean all the low life are being kept on remand?

Every cloud and all that!


CSI:UK said...

Hope todays sun has sucked up a few inches today (oo-er). I have no right to complain about rain, when I live on hill and have all my amenities. Good Luck.

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

I have to confess I was thinking about you yesterday, when I heard that the water was just over 5' deep. A snorkel is in the post.

If it's any consolation, I live in the East Anglian flatlands, where the Great Ouse is due to overflow tomorrow, and the floodplain comes up to my hedge. I'm on leave for a week, and am just hoping not to have to spend it fishing for "brown trout" in the hallway....

Chin up and remember, if you can't see the bottom, who's to say there is one ?

Spooj said...

Crap, thats a load of water, thank feck its not flooding here, i cant swim :(

You should sell your car and get a hovercraft :D

Take care, and keep us updated. ;)

Girl*Next*Door said...

Roses my thoughts exactly, the words 'gene' 'pool' & 'cleansing' come to mind! Lol

Pawpads, Gordon Brown came to Cheltenham town, isn't it nice to be loved.... *rollseyes back* :)

Hi Em, glad you enjoyed your hols & hope the sun was good :)

Ing unfortunately yes, it's just the weather has never ever ever been this bad before.

TUPC, I would hope so, especially if it's the ones that have been caught smashing into cars & nicking whats left or looting houses, scumbags. I've found my silver lining but you've probably gathered that by now! Lol

CSI you do have a way with words....! Lol I think it did but unfortunately the river is due to overflow again at the weekend so no end in sight yet.....

MECS forget the snorkel just send the boat! Lol
I sincerely hope you don't end up flooded, that would be sods law in your week of leave :(

Spooj, I don't have a car so I am well & truly fucked! Not that it would be much use if I did have one, thankfully Mr. Starbucks has the use of a 4x4, a happy girl am I :)

To all, thank you for all your well wishes & at the moment I am still sat here with dry feet. Unfortunately my brother can't say the same having been flooded out but at least I have someone to annoy being as him & his fiance are lodging with us! Lol