31 July 2007


Our water is back on! I'm so happy I could almost do a little dance! I came home earlier & tried the taps, as I've been doing since the middle of last week & yes, they spouted water. I actually did a little hop & squeal, who knew water could be so exciting?!

We've been without it for 9 days & it was getting beyond a joke, no shower no bath just strip washes & having to flush the loo with a jug of water not to mention the washing (Which isn't that bad for me because my wardrobe is big enough & I have more underwear than I actually need, which is lucky).

So after coming in earlier & seeing water the first thing I did was run upstairs & jump in the shower & I swear, a shower has never, ever felt so damn good. I'm usually the type that's in & out in a matter of 5 minutes but I spent 30 minutes in there, heaven! I'm going to hog the bathroom later on & have what is pictured above, a lovely long bubbly bath but for now my hair is back to it's usual shiny self, I actually feel clean rather than slightly grubby & no longer feel like I'm living on a campsite. The only thing is the water runs will now come to an end *sigh* which means the lovely view will now stop, oh well, all good things must come to an end as they say...! Lol


Ing said...

Hehe, I'm guessing it was so blissful you were singing in the shower then?

Pawpads said...

Ah it's great isn't it.
I have smooth legs again!

PC South West said...

I bet it's nice to get in the shower again!!
We had good sunshine in Cornwall while you were having a nightmate time of it. Back to reality now though :-(

dickiebo said...

Can tell you now; You did stink!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Ing, I may have had a little sing... Lol

Pawpads, you know exactly what I mean, same here!

PCSW, it was lovely lovely lovely. I've got family in Cornwall, they took great delight in telling us about the sunshine. Grrr!

Hahaha Dickiebo, Impulse is obviously not as good as I thought ;)

The one thing this has mae me realise though is how on earth can people walk around without taking any showers/baths/washes at all? How can they possibly do it?! Dirty scags!

Max said...

Hi. Glad to hear you guys down there have your water back on. Nice to have clean wings again!

You've been fluttering around my friend mousie, so I thought I'd come and say hello.

Enjoyed nosing around your blog and shall return when I want to escape the nursey stuff