13 July 2007

I Am In Love..

...with these three perfect specimens of footwear. My shoe dreams have come true because all of these come in size two's so plainly there is a God because rather than just looking, trying them on & then being too big & my foot slipping out of them these ones fit like a glove. I may seriously have to blow some of my wages on the shoes, I don't think I'll have the strength to resist! Lol

These are lovely, suede but they look more like satin in the picture & would be great for work, the heel is 3 inches & I like the little flower on the front, blame the girly side in me.

I love these even more, they are the essential stiletto & I think they would look great with my skinny jeans (skinny jeans are my wardrobe staple as you may have guessed!) The heels on these are nearly 4 inches which means they would make me 5'4. I'd be able to look down on people & children, it would be fantastic! I would get altitude sickness but it would be so worth it! Lol
I'm glad that one of my few talents is being able to walk in stilettos & not totter because I hate that, it ruins the effect completely.

I also love these boots, the heel is just the right side of chunky & is probably the chunkiest heel I'll wear as I hate wedge heels on boots, they're just wrong & I can't help thinking of minging dated tan suede boots. Yes, I am a shoe snob at times but I cannot stand rubber wedge heeled cheap boots, I think they look chavvy. I love the collar on these too, if you look closely you may just be able to see it but you can either leave it turned down or turn it up for that pirate-y look which I quite like. They come in black & a mauve colour, I can't decide which I like best to be honest. Black is more practical but the mauve pair would be a great statement & a good statement colour if the rest of what you're wearing is greys/blacks.

These are the purple ones & the heels on both are just under 3 inches. The thing is, I already have a very similar purple suede pair so I might just stick with the black pair.
I've just realised that I may have a very bad case of shoe lust & it doesn't look like it will be going anytime soon which means I might have to buy some shoes to make it go, that would be a terrible shame.......
I've also just realised that having shoe lust is an illness & therefore women are helpless when it comes to shoe buying, they should be sympathised with & encouraged to get rid of it by buying some shoes, I think I will tell my bank manager this when he next writes to tell me I am £5 overdrawn, what a twat, it probably cost more than £5 to tell me I was £5 overdrawn!!! That makes sense to me even if it doesn't to you! Lol


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Nooooooooo what are you doing to me, posting pictures of pretty footwear!! They're gorge. Love them all! x

Girl*Next*Door said...

Revenge for the Dollydagger obsession ;) Hahaha

I know, I want the first 2 pairs & the black boots, come to mama! Lol
It's birthday time soon, I may put the boots at the top of the list lol