16 July 2007

I'm Indecisive

Hmmmm, no change there then...! The cause of my indecision is whether to do what everybody else seems to be doing which is jumping over to Wordpress or to stick with Blogger for my blog. I've had a look at Wordpress, set up an account & done a test post but there are little things that are bugging me & I don't know if you can change them or not, for instance, can you get HTML code onto the sidebar? Or add pictures? I have to admit I haven't looked into it properly so I may well have missed alot of info, which would be no great surprise because I'm not in a concentrating sort of mood. The plus points of Wordpress are the fact it allows you to paragraph your post, I can't do that with this blog no matter what I try or how I attempt to lay things out. The Wordpress blog looks neater but I don't like the colour of the template (God I am so fussy!) What I'm basically asking is what do you think? Which is more aesthetically pleasing? & which is easier & nicer to read? Opinions, criticism, tips & hints welcome. It will help me decide, hopefully. Oh, ignore the different colours of writing, for some reason part of it changed to light yellow when I asked it to & the rest point blank refused for some reason.


dickiebo said...

GND; I recently went over to Wordpress - but wished that I hadn't! Too late to change back now, so will have to stick with it.
Yes, you can place photos on it, and there are many choices of Headers, etc. Noddy tells me that it is a spammers paradise, so that's a bit worrying. And, you'll have to 'find your way around', which is very time-consuming.
Must say, though, that I really am rather green at this, so perhaps you should take that into account as well.

Pawpads said...

I think that WP is great. I had a Blogger Blog for about a year but it was so tempremental. One minute you couldn't add pictures, then the links wouldn't work ~ in the end I signed up with WP, spent about a week or so playing with it and figuring it out and then that was it. I left Blogger and haven't looked back.

Girl*Next*Door said...

I think I'll stick with Blogger, I'll keep on having a play about with the Wordpress one so unless I work out how to use Wordpress properly then I'll be staying here :)
Thanks for the advice/tips both :)