22 July 2007

Love is.....

...A pair of wellie warmers, a pair of pink, soft cosy wellie warmers specifically. Mr Starbucks bought them for me, I was complaining that I was getting cold feet in my riding boots when I was up the yard to the point that even totes weren't doing the job so obviously last week he was listening to my 5 minute moaning session because these were handed to me yesterday, how sweet & thoughtful is that? Bless him, it's the little things that count the most :o)

I am a little concerned though as he was in a camping shop when he bought them, don't get me wrong camping is great & I love it but not when there is a risk of being washed away mid sleep (puts a whole new slant on the phrase 'wet dreams'!) it was mentioned last week that a weekend camping trip would be great which I agreed yes, it would but maybe when we were guaranteed more than 10 minutes worth of sunshine & wouldn't be at risk of waking up in a lake but no, he has the itch & went into the camp shop yesterday to get something he needs for camping. If he suggests it I am not going, I love camping but not when it is pissing it down!
I don't think he will but he has that wistful look in his eye & I don't like it too much..... I suppose I should see it as a compliment that he wants to spend 48 hours with me in a confined space in the middle of nowhere, I'm just not that taken with the wet stuff. The other thing is is he's tied up with work at the moment, he's working every weekend & doing alot of late shifts so it generally means by the time I've done what I need to & he's free/awake that we are only seeing each other for a few hours late in the afternoon to early evening.

I think I may have persuaded him last night that the camping thing is a great idea but save it for later in the year, to be honest I don't think he's serious about doing it now it's just wishful thinking & wanting the summer to arrive, not to mention the chance to do the manly thing & build campfires & cook meat on an open flame & be all protective, I absolutely cannot imagine it would be that at all..... ;o)

I'll forgive him the Ray Mears wannabe moods though as he's so thoughtful & laid back & the good thing is, he likes his own space as much as I do so it's not a case of living in each others pockets & when a guy buys you pink cosy wellie warmers in this weather, what more could a girl ask for? :o)


thoughts running through my head.... said...

I am getting that hat!!!

Roses said...

How sweet; even if he is into camping. Keep him around for a bit longer. I wouldn't have thought he was serious about camping at the moment, unless he meant in a boat.

Ah, does this mean next year you'll be sharing a tent in Glastonbury?

Girl*Next*Door said...

TRTMH, I'll keep you informed of dates! Hahaha

Roses, It is surprising me how lovely he is :)
& yes, the camping was forward planning more than anything it's just he looked so serious I double checked with him yesterday, he looked at me like I was completely loopy! Lol
It's a possibility, he wanted to go this year but couldn't get time off work & his mate pulled out so next year is a big possibility *big grin* :o)