19 July 2007


I took this test after seeing it on on Noddy's blog & the results are pretty much spot on which is a bit weird. I'm fascinated with the mind & psychology, how people handle things & how they get to be who they are, you can tell a lot from someone by how they react to others & to certain situations so this really interested me.

I find it really easy to tune into how people are feeling & to be able to 'read' them, they don't have to say anything I seem to be able to read their body language or the signals they give off to the point of being able to pick up if somebody I know is upset, worried etc over the phone, my mum especially, probably because we're quite close though, very perceptive I guess. Friends sometimes get worried because without them saying a word I can tell what is wrong or somehow manage to put my finger on the problem. I'm also one of those people that others spill their worries to, whether they be general problems or something they are finding really difficult to handle or haven't spoken about to anyone else before.
I seem to inspire confidence & trust in others without trying which I guess is a good thing. I also manage to talk people round from things & calm situations down, make them see others viewpoints & able to make them see how they are coming across. I must come across as trustworthy because always, always always always when I'm out, if there is a lost child they are guaranteed to approach me! Children seem drawn to me & will instantly trust me, that could be my height that does that though!

I've been told I'm very open but on the other hand a very private person & guarded of my feelings & me, I put barriers up & keep people at arms length until I'm certain I can trust them, once you have my trust I am the most loyal & trustworthy person you will meet. I'm easy to approach apparently & very happy-go-lucky. I put others first a lot & am very considerate, not at all moody, I'm pretty consistent in that respect.
Very intuitive to the point of taking an instant dislike to somebody without being able to put my finger on why sometimes, the reason becomes clear soon enough & I've only once been proved wrong on that score. People tend to be drawn to me & trust me instantly for some reason. Extremely outspoken to the point of being blunt sometimes, if I don't like you I will say why & you will be left in no doubt whatsoever because I will give my reasons & then leave it at that, I won't hold a grudge or cause arguments. I hate arguments & friction, I would rather talk things through & discuss them than scream & shout.

Stubborn & determined, if somebody says I can't do something I will do it just to prove them wrong.
Diplomatic but straight talking as well, you will always know where you are with me. I'm a natural peacemaker but if I think something is unfair I will say so, I won't take sides in an argument but will look at it from both sides & make up my own mind. I can be rebellious if I feel restricted or feel I've been placed in an unfair situation, I'm very strong minded & won't be held back if I truly believe in something.
Quick witted, sarcastic & giggly I'm fun to be around apparently. I love parties & being in a group of friends but equally love taking myself out of the way & listening to music or reading, switching off from the world. I can be the life & soul & the chattiest person in the world but at other times I crave solitude & love being by myself, alone & lost in my own thoughts. According to the test I am a
Benevolent Inventor.

You can read it if you're interested & let me know what you think! I'm very open minded & refuse to judge a person or situation until I know the particulars, then I will pass comment or judgement based on what I've found. I'm the cheekiest person & biggest mickey taker you will ever find but the mickey taking is always in good humour, I'm also always up for fun & anything involving fun or laughs.

(Before I sound like I'm singing my own praises this is all what I've had said to me or pointed out to me at one time or another! Lol. The rest is what I've noticed myself.)


SandDancer said...

I'm such a sucker for these things. I'm a Considerate Artist! Which I must say I'm rather plesaed with!

Annette said...

I took that test and it was spot on with me as well.
I, apparently am a thinker.
How true, I do occasionally!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Sanddancer, same here! Anything that tells me about myself I am such a sucker for it's untrue :o) I was pleased with mine, seeing as it's the only inventor I'm likely to be! Lol

Annette, I know what you're saying! Sometimes I catch myself out by having good ideas & making intelligent remarks on the non blonde days! Lol