29 July 2007

Shoe Lust ♥

I finally got to wear my new boots yesterday, I love them & they are sooooo comfy, unbelievably so actually but that's besides the point, the thing that really did it for me is the heel because at 3 inches it makes me the grand old height of 5'3 (still a shortarse but marginally less short than I otherwise would be!) I felt a bit dizzy yesterday & was worried I might have had altitude sickness, then I realised it was probably lack of caffeine that did it *phew*! I met Mr. Starbucks in town yesterday & charmingly he asked who had put me on the stretching rack for the previous evening.....*hilarious*! I wore them with my skinny jeans, white shirt & a black v neck jumper, they looked fab, went really well together.
Boots pictured below (This was when I first got them but couldn't get the pic uploaded from my camera phone because unfortunately I'm not blessed with brains of the technological sort)

Below are the ones I got ages ago, the shoe boots on the left & on the right are a metallic electric blue/peacock blue pair I got yesterday in the sale, I love them, Mr Starbucks may not be so keen but as he isn't wearing them I don't really care. They are really different, eyecatching, comfortable and in my size, it is very very rare to get that combination so I am a very happy bunny indeed. Just need somewhere to wear them now *sigh*. Maybe when I next go on the bottled water run? *wink wink* Lol.

The shoe boots have a slightly higher heel than they look like they have in the pic & the blue ones are about a 2 & half inch heel

Nothing to do with the post at all really but while I was blogging this Lily Allen & Not big not clever came on, the lyrics are very amusing indeed... Lol


Pawpads said...

I love the boots. I have a pair just like that but they have bits of suede too. My friends call them my "servents boots" but I think that's because they don't have such good taste.

Girl*Next*Door said...

They're gorgeous & go with everything. Some of my friends are the same, I of course tell them it's their jealousy & lack of fashion sense that is to blame, otherwise they would obviously see how lovely they are :o)

steve said...

Yes...I too bought a same kind of josef seibel shoes for my wife...looks great