26 July 2007

Silver Lining

I have decided to look on the bright side, because as TUPC pointed out, every cloud has a silver lining & I think I might have found it.... Because of the water shortage we are having to go to designated points to pick up our supply of bottled water which is a pain but it has to be done & it has it's plus points. Gloucester is a stricken area at the moment so all the services have jumped in to lend a hand, including the army & R.A.F. This means that when I go to collect the water it is handed to me by various lovely soldiers/R.A.F men/policemen/fireman & as I'm so little I get offered help to carry it, now what girl wouldn't accept help from a gentleman? Especially as a large majority of them suit uniform, lol. Do you see where I'm going with the plus points here?! I *have* to get the water & while I'm there it is nice to appreciate the view, after all it is only good manners to do so *cough*. It almost makes the water shortage worth it....

I think Mr. Starbucks has cottoned on to why I'm so keen to collect water, he has started taking the mick out of women who have a thing for men in uniform namely by saying they are "shallow" unfortunately he knows I hate women who are like that & always manages to get me to rise to the bait dammit! Lol. Having said that if we get flooded out then I would like this to happen;

If we get really flooded out then I would like this to happen;

Unfortunately, as it's summer I may be wearing my hotpants if this happens, how terrible....! Lol
Male readers, it's true women do have a sly perve they just do it less blatantly than some males do! So as well as all the scrotes being punished by (hopefully) being on remand this is my silver lining

(On a serious note, all the emergency services are doing an excellent job & things would be a whole lot worse if they weren't around working their arses off, stopping kids/gobshites pissing in bowsers & pulling the taps out so they run dry, putting up with twats dialling 999 about a faulty cricket kit or loss of a pound coin to a Tesco supermarket trolley & making sure everyone has a fair share of water, are safe & dry & trying to hold the floods back as much as is humanly possible. Any of you involved in the flood efforts, a big thank you.) More flood photo's are here & here


Spooj said...

I want to be a fireman, need to get my eyes sorted first.

for some reason most women love a man in a uniform, but when i ask if that includes traffic wardens, they say no.

How are things at your place? can you step outside? is your living room under water? do you have to wear wellies? or a scuba kit? :D

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Ha ha ha, how funny 'I might just be wearing hotpants'. If the flooding is so bad, and espec if the hotpants in question r the denim ones, then denim and wet dont really go so you may have to take them off you know...

Ing said...

Glad you guys are past the worst of it in that part of the world!

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

I have trodden where firemen fear to tread, look lovely in uniform and am a dab hand at flood rescues. If you need carrying off in those hotpants, can I be first on the call list ??

I also have some useful contacts in the Air/Sea Rescue line, if that's any help......

Roses said...

I'm afraid I am one of those shallow women. There is something about a man in a uniform: fireman, soldier...policeman. My friend Hottie and I have had our own fireman moment ~ and very nice they were too.

Which is why I decided to stop looking and start dating my own man in uniform.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Spooj it definitely does not include traffic wardens! Lol
Everything is fine here apart from no water, it looks like we have escaped the flooding thank God.

Girl, you are a genius! Denim gets really heavy when wet, I may have to shed a few layers! Lol

Ing, me too as long as the rain holds off it'll be fine :)

MECS, you're top of the list but to be on the safe side, send your air/sea rescue friends down too. Hahahaha

Roses me too & I so agree about men looking good in uniform, there's just something about it isn't there? When I say shallow I mean the blonde bimbo types, Paris Hilton et al, those types make me sick! :)

x_butterfly_x said...

Lol I couldn't agree more about men in uniform (as you know GND) =P and may I add that I second your thoughts on Paris and types like her (that must be stressed, seeing as I have been accused of being a Paris Hilton wannabe) >:( Lol I agree, traffic wardens just don't do it for me either =P Firemen...soldiers...policemen, that's what I call a man in uniform =P Oooh, especially policemen, they win hands down IMO =P Lol

(I'm gonna shut up now, I keep embarrassing myself on the net these days) ;)

Great blog btw GND!!

Butterfly x :D x