17 July 2007

Watch & Laugh

I love Lee Evans, I would marry him purely on the ability he has to make me laugh like a fool! This clip is off of one of his dvd's I have & it made me cry with laughter, so funny. The only other thing I can say is watch & laugh yourself silly.


dickiebo said...

My son heard this dvd as I was listening to it. "You told me you don't like Lee Evans". Silly boy. I said no such thing.
Sgd. A convert!
PS. Can't you change your settings to allow me to put my proper blog link to the Comments?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Glad you liked it Dickiebo, he makes me laugh myself silly every time I watch him!

As for the comment thing, I would if I knew how! I'll have a play around with the comment settings, it could be because I've moderated them.