9 July 2007

What My Dancing Shoes Were Made For

This track is amazing to dance to, there is very little that beats it in a club or at home & I cannot help myself but dance to it when it comes on, definitely best listened to at high volume or on your mp3 player maximum volume. It's quite a sultry sexy song too, the lyrics are very suggestive & rather rude but the beat gets you, I love it. It's from Goldfrapp's Black Cherry album & I think it's the best track they've ever done, Ride a White Horse is second but it isn't as good as Strict Machine in my opinion. Ooh La La is the best video but the actual song reminds me too much of the T-Mobile adverts! Doesn't stop me wanting her trousers, dress & shoes from it though. Lol
Anyway, here is the Strict Machine video, listen & enjoy to one of the best & sexiest dance tracks ever made :)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PC South West said...

GND I would switch on comment moderation for a while. I think this loser has really got it in for you.
It looks like he spends a lot of time at home in front of his computer. Funny that.

Ing said...

Goldfrapp rocks. I'm assuming you've got it already - but her albums are great. First one is quite ambient, but second two are wicked prog/dance/glam fun.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Anon, because I have sitemeter on this blog it registers who visits, it gives me their IP address bar 1 digit & the name of the service provider, if I get much more from you I will take the time to look through the registry & tally up your comments with the time you visited which will give me your IP & provider. I've deleted your commnents from the blog but I still have them available to me, if you carry on I will be getting in touch with your provider. You do realise they have the power to cut your internet service I presume? No? Well, going by your appalling grammar you probably don't have a brain capable of that. "Crack whore" it's quite sad that you lack the brains to be more imaginative.

PCSW, yes for some reason it has taken quite a liking to hurling abuse at me. Never mind, good training for what's to come if I get in, I'm sure I'll hear alot worse & alot more inventive! All hours of the day & night the comments appear, almost like they don't have a job.... My, what a shock!

Ing, when you listen to the first album it's completely different to the next two. I love the second two, amazing music to dance to I'm quite a glam fan so I prefer the next two :)