31 August 2007

Hitting The Ground With A Bump!

Threats are not working, neither is bribery & corruption. I haven't been able to do as much riding lately which means my angelic looking horse has turned into a maniac that bucks like a bitch when she can't get her own way/has to work/can't go off with friends.

She's lovely in lots of ways but these past few weeks my arse is getting wholly sick of kissing the ground due to her managing to fling me skywards, it wouldn't be so bad if she was a lazy bucker or one that just does it out of high spirits, which is usually her game. Just lately she has got really disobedient & the past few weeks has managed to get me off 7/8 times with one huge buck. I think she could be starting to settle a bit as I've been doing a lot of schooling with her & when I've felt her try to get her head I've given her a smack & kept my legs on her to keep her head up & keep her going forward.
It helps that I've been able to lunge her a bit though & to be fair she is starting to take it in it's just the last few times I've ridden her with friends she's got excited in the field & either put in one huge buck in or a few little ones then she settles. I am starting to be able to sit them out though, things are improving!

Usually I don't have many problems but she seems to have this habit of bucking then twisting herself so if I don't fall off frontwards I go out the side door! Lol
I know it is all purely down to the time off she had when the floods were a pain & the fact that the past few weeks I haven't been riding as much as I'd like to have been which means she is full of it, even though she isn't stabled.
I don't want to use anything to strap her head down as that doesn't solve the problem, just prevents the action so I think I'll persevere with the schooling, she has improved a lot so we'll see if the recent bruises start to be less frequent...
I have threatened her with the glue factory but it didn't have much affect, neither did the threat of life as a gypsy horse....!

There are two things I really need at the moment. One is a pair of decent boots & the other is new jods because my show ones have just about had it so they are demoted to everyday ones now & boots, well, my jodhpur boots are past it. I'm thinking I'd rather get a semi decent long leather pair than a cheap long rubber pair & some ok jod boots. Would much rather have one pair of boots that will last & last so these are the ones I have my eye on at the moment....

They're £90 but after trying a pair on they feel lovely, to walk & sit in. And hopefully, the fact they won't split after a year will save me in the long run, rubber boots are useless for that, they always split across the toe & I never find out/notice until I end up feeling the wet seeping through the little gaps, stupid things!

These are the jods I like. The one version have what is known as a "sticky bum" which basically means at the back, where they are cut round the bum & down the back of the leg instead of being just ordinary material it's a finely coated rubber version with tiny pinhead sized dots & this is *supposed* to help you "stick" in the saddle a bit more. I don't think they work & are just a gimmick but a few friends speak highly of them. As they cost £20 more than the normal version I think I'll go without the sticky bits & stick with the ordinary ones. Especially as they are only for the odd hunt & show.

On a completely unrelated note. I have fallen deeply in love with these boots, heaven. Some of you might remember I posted a pic of a pair of boots I loved a few months ago, unfortunately they weren't in my size so I gave up.
These however, are & at £70 are well worth it. It's my birthday in a few weeks so I might just ask people to club together & buy me the riding boots for my birthday, that means I can buy these then.....

See what I mean? You don't get much more perfect than that. They are exactly what I want in a pair of boots, they have the whole Victorian look going on & I love the round toe, also the fact they ribbon all the way up the front. And best of all, they come in small three's which I can just about get away with, if I wear thick socks! Lol

30 August 2007


Why, for the past few weeks have I been addicted to these three things? *confused face*



and these?

Not exactly what you'd call healthy eating is it?! Not even what you'd call understandable cravings because to be honest, it's hardly the caffeine & chocolate normal kind of craving. Who on earth has 3/4 week long cravings for Butterscotch Angel Delight, Horlicks & Cheesy Wotsits?!?!?!
It just isn't logical.
At least nobody thieves (unlike other things) the Horlicks though, I'm the only one in the house that likes it & the same goes for the Angel Delight.
My eating habits are severely warped. Lol

Edit: It is not because I am pregnant/up the duff/bun in the oven/member of the pudding club/however else you'd like to phrase it! Lol

28 August 2007

Ahhhh, Memories!

I suspect that the only one that will truly feel like I do about some of this is Girl With The Golden Touch
I was born in 1985 so biggest part of my growing up was done during the 1990's & this made me feel old...!

A friend emailed me the link for this video & it brought back soooooo many memories!
Memories of a time when it was;

PJ & Duncan. Not Ant & Dec.

You collected Pokemon cards or Pogs never both & 'shinies' were doubly precious.

Tazos were another favourite.

And the the kid you hated always had the one you most wanted.

When owning a Vengaboys album made you cool & even cooler, a double cassette album of any of the 'Now...' series.

When nobody had heard of the internet never mind emails or MSN.

When Tiny Tears was the must have.

And the biggest, most agonising decision you ever had to make was whether to watch 'Live & Kicking' or 'SM:TV'

When Gordon the Gopher ruled.

And a plastic blow up rucksack was your most prized possession.

When you're biggest worry was your Tamagotchi being confiscated at school because that meant certain death for it.

When Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Rainbow & The Magic roundabout was must see tv & Noddy wasn't 3D.

When boys were disgusting creatures to be kept well away.

Heartbreak was the end of Take That.

And the must see film was Spiceworld: The Movie.

If you didn't own a B Witched, Spice Girls, S Club 7 or Boyzone album you were sad.

When there was only one fat kid in the school, not three dozen.

And when the channel to watch was BBC2 for three hours each day after school because Cbeebies & CITV didn't exist.

The highlight of your week was a Happy Meal, but only for the toy.

Byker Grove was grown up stuff.

And the words 'boobs' & 'willy' were rude words not to be uttered in front of grown ups but to be giggled over in the playground.

Jelly shoes were the footwear of the moment.

And Skirt-trousers, pedal pushers & cycle shorts were the height of fashion.

"Terrorism" was being told off by your teacher & threatened with the headmaster on Monday morning for not doing the homework you were handed on Friday of last week.

Knowing the dance to Whigfield - Saturday night made you 'cool'

Knowing the words to Hanson & Mmmmbop made you the best.

You only bought Smash Hits for the lyric sheets & stickers, which you stuck over every flat surface in your room.

"walking the dog" & "round the world" were tricks with a yoyo. Which then proceeded to be banned when your friends got a bit over enthusiastic & concussed/severely bruised fellow classmates with them.

Six weeks summer holiday was a lifetime & seemed never to end.

'Work' was tidying your room once a week.

Polly Pocket or Lucy Locket?

Nobody had heard of Osama Bin Laden, or the war on terror.

John Major was the PM.

Oasis were new kids on the block.

Important dates consisted of your birthday & Christmas day, that was it.

Um Bongo was the drink of choice & BN biscuits were obligatory.

The highlight of your weekday mid-morning was a mini glass bottle of milk & a straw. And there was always one kid who managed to spill it on their self by being too brutal with the foil top & straw.

Care Bears & My Little Pony jostled for space in your heart.

A can of coke cost 20p.

And having £1 pocket money gave you endless possibilities.

30 was really old.

Your trainers had lights in the sole, which you were unbelievably proud of.

Walking around in your knickers/pants was acceptable, no matter who was around.

It was cassette tapes, not DVD's.

Your staple of the summer was Mr. freeze ice poles.

The Millenium, Solar Eclipse & Princess Diana's death were the biggest events of your life.

Classrooms had blackboards.

Computers were a rarity in schools, not the norm.

And finally, it was a walkman, not an Ipod.

27 August 2007

First Class Knob

I am very careful who I give my mobile number too, mainly because I don't want to be pestered by idiots or having it flying around like confetti. So when I got a text earlier & a 'phone call which I duly ignored from the biggest knob to walk the earth I wasn't exactly overjoyed.
The last twice I've seen him I've actively avoided him because one of two things would happen; I would turn the air blue with what I thought of him or he would end up with a drink over him, he is a first class twat.

I met him a few years ago when I was at college through mutual friends & at first I thought he was a bit of a muppet but pleasant enough & a gentleman so would quite often end up seeing a lot of him due to the fact we were in the same circle of friends or meeting up of an odd evening/lunchtime for a quick drink or something to eat.
He comes from a very privileged background, private school, Cambridge etc. His parents have an estate in Wiltshire along with a place in the Cotswolds & London. He has an apartment in Central London & is a member of all the gentlemans clubs & a frequent polo player, he played regularly with Prince Charles' & as far as I know still plays occasionally in fairly prestigious games. So you would expect him to know how to behave properly.

He was ok I thought & although he had made it known that he wanted us to be more than friends more or less from the start I made it plain that's not how I saw things but also said I didn't mind staying friends which seemed to be ok. A few times I went as his 'plus one' to functions/hunt/polo balls etc until I felt he was being a bit too pushy with things being more than friends, asking me out etc & just being very pushy so I distanced myself for a while. The thing is when somebody is in your circle of friends it's hard to avoid them, when I say 'circle' I mean literally a maximum of probably 8 if that so without being rude it was awkward & I figured that he'd got the message by then anyway, he certainly seemed to have done.
So when a few months later he invited me to a polo match I went, comfortable that he was ok with the friend thing now & that was that. We enjoyed the polo & the sun & then sat down to eat, & that was when he showed his true colours somewhat. I don't care how much money you have, who you are or what you do, I was always taught that you treat people with respect. So when a waiter made a mistake (I can't remember what now, I think he dropped something or something equally minor) & he made a really snide remark to him, basically saying he was below the pecking order & therefore lower in importance because he was serving rather than dining. I couldn't believe my ears, he was so rude & so obnoxious that I challenged him & embarrassed him into apologising, basically by telling the waiter not to leave our table without an apology & telling X how completely rude he was by making a remark like that. He apologised, grudgingly & said maybe the alcohol had gone to his head a bit so I left it at that, with a decidedly cold atmosphere between us & me speaking to him as little as possible for the rest of the day. He had gone down in my estimation a lot, I only really saw him when he was out of an evening with friends having a drink or birthdays etc from then on.

There was a group of about 9 of us out celebrating a friends birthday one night, I went to the bathroom & when I got back 2 had made their goodbyes & the others had gone on to another bar. No problem except I was left to get a cab with X, which I can't say I was happy about but figured that as we were in a bar & would be leaving that to get straight into a black cab to go onto another bar that it wouldn't be too much of a hardship.
I finished my drink & we left & hailed a cab.

Except when I was getting into it he decided to shove his hands between my legs & have a grope.

I went mental, if I hadn't had jeans on I would have created a lot more fuss, I turned round & asked him what the hell he thought he was playing at none to quietly & is the first of two times I have ever used the C word in public, I was so angry & disgusted that I really had a go at him, not screaming & shouting but certainly loud enough for people around to notice & the cabbie to ask if I was ok. After a few minutes of telling X what I thought of him, I sat in the cab & told the cabbie no, I wasn't ok & could he take me home rather than where we'd specified to him as the person sitting opposite me had just behaved as far from gentlemanly as it's possible to get.
When he pulled up outside where I was living the meter was pretty high & when I got out I informed the cabbie that X would be paying the full fair, turned & went in.
I didn't have anything to do with at all from then on, deleted his number, ignored his calls & texts & if I did see him about I pointedly ignored him.

If that had been now I would have done more than threaten him with the police, I would have got the cabbie to drive me straight to the nearest police station. Being only about 19 at the time my only priority was getting home & away from him, not doing a he said she said when I'd had a drink.
It was only a month or so later that I found out, from a polo player acquaintance of his, that he'd been planning to get into my knickers the evening we'd gone to the polo match! Scumbag.

Still, the whole debacle of knowing him did have one small plus as at the polo match mentioned, after having a chat & drink in the afternoon with one of the players he gave me his number. He was genuinely nice & really did behave like a gentleman.

If I get another phonecall from X tomorrow then it is highly likely I will answer & tell him, in a crystal clear manner, to Fuck Off.
What's really annoyed me though, is how he's got hold of it. He's a complete scumbag & sleaze, disgusting.

This blog is so good for ranting.

26 August 2007

Friends Like These

It's a well known fact that my best friend, A, is as scatty/dippy as they come & has a knack of attracting trouble & chaos. I'm not quite as bad as her at attracting trouble but otherwise we are near carbon copies of each other.
We have had many mad days & drunken nights together, usually ending in fits of giggles trying to get the key in the lock once we reached home then raiding the kitchen for sugar & caffeine.

Highlights, that I can remember, have been a VIP night at Stringfellows (I know one of the dancers) getting/tripping out of a limo in Leicester Square & Japanese tourists thinking we were some kind of girl band, so we posed for photos & signed our autographs. Getting lost outside of Cheltenham after meeting friends at a pub, we ended up at the end of a farm track somewhere in the Cotswolds because we'd taken a wrong turning on the road & rather than turn back like most sensible people decided we were fine & would find our way back, until we were completely lost & had to 'phone one of our sensible friend's to get directions back (We are twats sometimes, we've both grown up in Cheltenham so really, there is no excuse for losing our way!)
Falling asleep, together, on the bench of the local kebab place after a night out & having to be shaken awake by the owner. Embarrassing ourselves muchly on a weekend away to Devon (I'm not saying how..!) Lots of stuff that I blush & smile to remember simultaneously, basically just being a bit on the thick side most of the time.

Friday though, she excelled herself. (I was round Mr. S's so missed out on all the fun dammit!)
She'd parked her car after work to use the gym, went to get the ticket & when she came back there was a woman on the pavement looking like she'd thrown herself from the multi story car park, nobody was around except this old lady who was screaming about murder & this girl being pushed. A seriously started to doubt that she'd been pushed due to the lack of blood splats on the pavement & the fact she was still alive, A managed to swallow her stomach & feel for a pulse & after phoning the ambulance & giving the police a statement she finally managed to get home. But it doesn't end there......

She called one of our other friends to meet her in town for a drink, they meet up & have a drink & chat before moving on to a place at the top of the Prom except when they get there she realises she's lost her phone. Not holding out much hope she phoned it expecting there to be no answer only for it to be answered by a man asking if she wants her phone back? It turns out some decent person has handed it to one of the coppers in town so off she goes to go & pick it up after being told they are in a police car near the Prom.
She gets there & after getting her phone back (after being told the txt messages have been read! Lol) asks can they sit in the back of the police car? The answer is yes but rather than sit in there for 5 minutes A & our other friend ended up spending an hour in there talking (flirting) to the two lovely traffic police about everything under the sun! (It must have been a quiet night in Cheltenham on Friday). Obviously, I wouldn't have done any of this had I been there.....*cough*

Obviously, it was a yes to the "can we try on your hat & have our picture taken whilst grinning like a drunken loon? " question.....
A is on the right with another mutual friend.

If you are one of the two lovely traffic police reading this then please, don't encourage her, she's bad enough as it is, believe me she really doesn't need encouraging.
This is a small town & I have to live here...! Lol

25 August 2007

I am Boss

So you can all listen, or else! ;)

I was tagged by Twining to say what 5 changes (but it will probably be more, I have a lot to say) I would make if I was Commissioner/Chief Constable (ooooh the power!)
Being as I have no idea of the intricacies of the police & law then bare with me here, I'm in an idealist mood.

1. I'd flutter my eyelashes & get the job for longer than a day to make the changes & so I'm able to see them go through. Then I'd hand the job over to somebody more capable, like TUPC or Inspector Gadget, with me to return should they start getting too power hungry. Lol

2. I'd abolish the PCSO role & all those serving in it would be handed 2 choices. Apply to the regs or become civilian paperwork monkeys to fill out the forms etc that all regular officers are weighted down with.

3. I would have neighbourhood wardens instead of PCSO's.

4. Allow taser to be issued immediately & make it known I'm in full support of it (but only if I could have one as well *evil grin*)

5. With all the extra PC's I now have due to them being free from the weight of paperwork & the good PCSO's now regs then foot patrol would be back on with neighbourhoods adequately policed. Lazy coppers, along with this, would get a 6 month gym membership & told to lay off the cakes & have their desks taken away from them.

6. Promotion would be granted strictly on the basis of morals & how capable you are to carry out the role with a genuine interest in the best for everyone instead of how good you are at arse licking. (Not even A.P vouchers would change my mind! Lol)

7. I would keep a genuine interest in the goings on & issues at grass roots & speak about these issues along with having full support for them if they were of a genuine concern & worry.

8. All uniform & safety equipment would be comfortable & of a decent enough quality to stand up to the conditions it is being worn in & of a good enough quality to be of use rather than hindrance. Same goes for all safety equipment. There would also be enough to go round.

9. All associations that only serve to highlight differences & cause tension would be abolished & instead there would be one association, representing police officers as a whole rather than race/religion/sexuality. This association would be neutral & fair & stand only to represent Police Officers, not the colour, creed or sexual orientation of those officers.

10. The piles of money that has been saved with all this change would go back into recruitment & training with extra benefits that would be of use to serving officers being looked at & considered.

11. I would staunchly refuse to become a member of the 'Schmooze' club instead remaining with the 'Straight talking & blunt' one.

12. The fact there would be so many more officers now about would mean all of them had an adequate refs break. All police stations would also have a 24hr canteen.

13. All female police officers would be allowed an hour extra lunch break to enable them to keep up with the latest fashions & so they could buy more shoes or makeup if so needed. They would also have an extra pouch on their belt to keep emergency supplies of mascara, lipgloss & nail repair glue. Also, space for the latest copy of Heat/Glamour/Cosmopolitan magazine. They would also have free range to pink up their uniforms.......... ;)

I can't think of any more, I also think as I've added 7 more (serious) points to the specified 5 that I've brought enough change to things! Lol

14 August 2007

Daddy, Daddy....

.....I want to be a policeman when I grow up.

Generally the person who makes that statement waits until they are old enough to carry out the duties of a policeman & the police service that employs them waits until they are of an acceptable age to employ. Except TVP it would seem, who have recruited two sixteen, yes sixteen, year old PCSO's.
As you all know, I'm not in the job but from the outside looking in I see a lot of problems with this. As far as I'm aware PCSO duties include;

  1. providing a visible and reassuring presence within communities
  2. attending incidents of disorder, nuisance and anti-social behaviour
  3. dealing with community issues such as littering and dog fouling
  4. checking out abandoned vehicles
  5. gathering evidence through observation
  6. helping with missing persons enquiries
  7. speaking to young people who might be drunk and causing problems, confiscating alcohol and tobacco, if necessary
  8. crowd control and directing traffic at public events
  9. helping direct traffic at road blocks or scenes of accidents
  10. assisting police with recording names & addresses or door-to-door enquiries

I have & can see many problems with them carrying out the duties mentioned above.

  1. Just how reassuring is it going to be for people to see two sixteen year olds patrolling their neighbourhood? It wouldn't reassure me because even if they didn't look their age, who's to say they have the ability to cope with problems they come across? The difference in the two years between sixteen & eighteen (The age you can apply for recruitment to regular police) is vast. Both in attitude & appearance. By eighteen you have at least had some experience with the public & how you are perceived having already had some sort of job. You've had chance to experience the wider world out of school & to find your feet, I know myself the difference in me between the age of sixteen & eighteen was huge.
  2. How on earth are they going to be able to sort out anti-social behaviour & disorder? Even with backup who is going to take notice of them? Especially the gobby youths who don't have respect for the regular police let alone PCSO's who are younger than they are. Whats going to happen when they ask for alcohol to be disposed of or confiscated when they aren't legal drinking age themselves? What is the fifteen year old youth/drunken man/woman going to do then? Especially when he/she knows full well they don't have powers of arrest & can only detain them for a maximum of 30 minutes. I'm sure that will have the local ASBO holders quaking in their boots.
  3. Relating to the above, how can they confiscate alcohol from a young person or adults when they aren't of legal drinking age themselves? When they can't legally buy or drink themselves & they are asking Joe Public to hand over his bottle of white lightening or can of Stella. I really can't see him handing it over without some sort of fight or verbal 'communication'...
  4. What about guarding of crime scenes? Are they really going to be able to handle standing on the cordon of a murder scene? Or rape? Are they really going to have the mental strength to deal with that? & more to the point, the attitude to deal with the public & be able to hold their composure in difficult situations. What are their parents going to have to say about it?
  5. They are going to be out on patrol with only a radio for assistance. No cuffs, no baton, no vest etc. As they can't legally drive they will only be out on foot patrol & may not be with a regular officer but another PCSO so not necessarily have the back up & full powers of a regular officer in a partner. As stated in the PCSO job description as defined by ACPO on the website "They are often sent out to patrol areas experiencing particular problems, such as estates where there have been a spate of car thefts or burglaries, or communities where there have been complaints about nuisance youths on the streets." So straight away they are going to be faced by people that don't want them around & put into hostile & risky environments. Unless they are given a special patrol through the towns toyshops & sweet shops........ Sorry but I can't help it, it is a thoroughly ridiculous situation.
  6. How is this job going to affect them? & their lives? It's not just a question of being able to handle the public but the question of their age & how the things they will have to have a part in will affect them.

At sixteen as far as I am concerned they are just too young to be in that role, I know it isn't all about how old you are but at the age they are they haven't even had chance to find out what their reactions & perceptions are to things, let alone be able to handle other peoples. How many of you reading this look back at yourself at sixteen & can see how much different you were at that age to how different you are/were a few years later at 18/19/20. It's only a maximum of four years but look at how much you achieved or had experienced & how your attitudes & beliefs changed & moulded you into the person you are now in that short time. How you matured & how your views towards other people & situations changed because of that maturity. The only people who are going to be in awe of them & listening to what they have to say are going to be the nursery class at the local primary school when they are there talking about stranger danger!

Whoever passed their application should have referred them to the police cadets instead or gave them appropriate advice to come back & re-apply at eighteen. In my eyes it is asking for trouble, the perception of the police isn't that good with ordinary law abiding members of the public let alone the lowlifes who constantly need the attention of them. And they all know that PCSO's aren't the real deal even if Joe Public can't always tell the difference so what qualms are they going to have at giving two sixteen year olds who have not got full police powers as much hassle as they can? Age in number may not matter but life experience, attitude & maturity does & can make one hell of a difference in things. Even if they do look older than their age physically, mentally they are still sixteen years old & still only have the experience most sixteen year olds have unless they are an exception to the norm. As far as I can see their age is not going to be a help in some circumstances, it may well go for them in some but for the majority I can only see it as a hindrance. It isn't their physical appearance so much (If it was I would be straight out the door!) but the attitude & life experience you don't have at sixteen because you haven't had the opportunity to gain it.

I fully expect some backlash on this (Too quick to judge/PCSO hater) but as I said at the start, I'm not in the job so have no real in-depth idea about how they will get on nor can I really judge being as they haven't been out on duty yet but reading the original reports & statements, & reading what the police have to do & the kind of people they have to deal with I stick by my original comments & opinion. I can see trouble on the horizon, namely a rise in assaults against police for TVP if those concerned aren't careful.....

And in less important news, I've gone back to the original template. The other one was a bit dull I thought :)

12 August 2007

Crowning Glory & Sunny Days

I have decided it is time for me to get a hair cut. My hair is the exact colour of Debra Messing's as pictured below:

But like this picture in texture & length, well, a bit more tousled than hers, kind of wavy

I've had it like that for the past 2-ish years now & need a change so after speaking to two friends & them saying a graduated bob would definitely suit me, according to the one who is a just qualified hairdresser (handy!) "It would bring out your eyes & cheekbones".
My eyes are my best feature facially, big & dark brown. & a cut that is going to make the most of those & bring my cheekbones out is a plus!
I like the style I have at the moment but I need a change. 1. I need something that is easier to look after & 2. That will keep some of the length & still look sophisticated & stylish. (You men have it so easy! Lol)

So after looking around a few hairstyle websites & some umming & ahhing I have got down to a shortlist of 6 with 2 being the top favorites.

The favourites are number 2 & number 3 (click on the picture to view the larger version). The only problem with 3 is it would take time to style which sort of defeats the object & 2 would suit my hair because it would naturally fall like that. I might have the fringe a bit longer though as I've tried a fringe before & it doesn't really suit me. I also want something that will look O.K when I wear my bakerboy caps because they are my lifesavers when I'm short of time as I can just put one on & my frizzy/wet/unstyled hair is instantly covered & I look like Britney Spears when she first started out (when she was stylish & normal) so I've been told a few times & that is never a bad thing! Lol.

After all that hair talk I also had a great day today. As it was Saturday Mr. S had the day off so after having a quick ride with a friend at the yard then going on to meet another friend in town late morning I met up with him after lunch & we went up onto the Cotswold hills & spent the rest of the day up there. Such a truly beautiful area, completely unspoilt & just naturally stunning, magical. We took a picnic & just spent the day chilling out & having a giggle. Gorgeous sunshine so everywhere looked stunning & when we got up there the view was magnificent, you could see right over Cheltenham & beyond, I love the countryside around here, I honestly believe it's some of the nicest scenery in England & I'm so lucky to have it on my doorstep, one of my favourite places to to be. The sunshine made it perfect but the air was quite nippy still & Mr. S realized he'd forgotten the blanket! So I was very glad that I had my riding gear on because 1. It's warm & 2. My jods have seen plenty of grass stains due to my horse's inherent knack for either bucking like a maniac or slipping her shoulder.

A rare moment where she wasn't being nosy or posing!

Sunny at around October last year

(she was very wide in the middle although you can't see it there. Still, I'd much rather her be a bit fat at the start of winter than on the skinny side. I try & build her up a bit for the winter as she doesn't hold weight well.)

I'm beginning to think she needs some schooling as recently I have landed on my arse 4 times, I'm beginning to get rather bored of making close acquaintance with the local greenery! Either she needs discipline or I need some riding lessons, or a combination of both! Lol

Posing for the camera!

(Click on images to view original sizes)

The friend I met up with in town, A, is having a bit of a tough time at the moment, mainly to do with her dad who unfortunately has treated her the same way mine has treated me so she was a bit low today. I met up with her in one of the coffee shops on the Promenade & we just had a quiet hour or two's chat & she said something that really surprised me but was possibly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said. She was talking about stuff & said to me....

"you're the one person I would trust to tell anything to & feel happy doing so because I know I could tell you & it would never be repeated. I know you wouldn't gossip or tell anyone else & I could trust you with anything, that's why I always come to you with my problems or worries, you're the only person I trust implicitly with them".

I was gobsmacked. I never realized she felt like that & it was such a lovely thing to hear, I felt all warm & fuzzy! Lol

She is one of my best friends though & I'm the same with her, we're really close. No matter what goes on in our lives or where we are we're always constants in each others lives & it's so nice to have that one friend you can rely on through thick & thin & everything in between. We've never fallen out & always have a giggle when we're together. Mainly because we're very, very similar personalities, both a bit blonde & both more than a little loopy at times!

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them
but you know they're always there".

All in all today was a lovely day. :o)

I've also changed the blog template as you may have noticed. I might change back to the old one, not sure but this one looks less cluttered and I've finally worked out how to paragraph my posts! Yay! One simple click of a button, that's all it took. It just took me 6 months to find the damn button! lol

10 August 2007

Oh My

Somebody has nominated me for one of these! I don't know who it was but thank you very much. *hugs*.

The post that won the award was probably one of my most embarrassing......*blushing*
I'm quite shocked but also very pleased, my humble scribblings have won an award! Obviously I'm now in the same class as TUPC & Mousie

*Preen* Lol.

Autographs available on request, I am open to modeling contracts, film cameos/leading lady roles & interviews.

I shall now have a think about who to nominate myself..... Bribes are accepted, especially if they are shoe shaped, have the Queen's head on or bear the initials A & P!

8 August 2007

"I'm Too Sexy"

At least that's what he thought. Personally I was thinking more Shrek but at least Shrek had some redeeming features. Why do men like I'm about to mention think they are going to get anywhere by saying crap like they do? Do they really think by acting the 'gangsta' the girl they are talking to is going to think 'Yes, this guy's got it going on, he keeps grabbing his crotch, he wears his jeans around the crack of his arse & to top it all has a fake ridiculous 'street' accent & I would just love to be his bitch. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world, he is such a catch'. In a word, NO! they will be thinking the complete opposite although there is bound to be some pleb-ite that will actually think that & take him up on the offer.

This all goes back to the other day, when I was sat on a bench in town waiting for Mr. S to come & pick me up when this guy came & sat down beside me, no big deal, normal people do that. Then he started chatting, still fine if a little annoying so I was polite & whatever back while pretending to be busy texting someone. He's still droning on when he asked me did I want to go for a drink? I ignored him, thinking he was talking to someone else when he asked again so I replied by saying thanks but 1. I'm seeing someone & 2. I don't take random strange men up on their offers of a drink.

Then he started gabbling on about how

"you're really pretty you know"


"I bet you turn heads wherever you go"

*sickbucket*. Is that really the best he could come up with? I mean for God's sake, he had the chat up lines of a 14 year old but the attitude of a New York Gangsta/pimp. I felt like saying to him

"this is the Cotswolds, not the Bronx you fool!".

By this point I was highly pissed off but couldn't go anywhere else as I'd already arranged here & couldn't get through to Mr S. Meanwhile P Diddy the 2nd is still droning on next to me, thinking he may actually be in with some chance although God knows where he got that idea from when he turned round & said

"I have girls falling at my feet you know"

to which I replied, in a sweet but very sarcastic tone

"Oh really? Are you sure it's not just your ego they're tripping over?"

& walked off with a slight grin on my face.

Oh the look on his face & the satisfaction at a cutting put down jumping into my head at the exact right moment *grin*. Does it get any better?! Lol

For my Friend

Who's had a rough few days of it & needed a friendly voice on the other end of the 'phone after some particularly bad shifts he's had.

"You're the one with the attitude
don't try and make me out
to be the root of the evil in
the whole rotten affair.
It's not as simple as
how much you think you care,
you would never know
when to take the hint,
broken glass aside
my feelings stay the same
covered head to toe
in blood and fear and spite"

6 August 2007

Great Scot!

Literally. I don't know how many have/haven't heard of this girl but she is pure talent. Her name is
Amy Macdonald & I bought her album today on the strength of one single & it is great, she is really, really good. So good in fact that I would have been happy to pay more for the album. The video is for the single 'Mr Rock & Roll'. Lyrics are here.

She is very talented & a pleasure to listen to. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how finally we are getting proper talent coming out of the music industry rather than all the manufactured crap? About bloody time in my opinion! As long as the X-Factor winner doesn't crucify us for 12 weeks or something equally stupid at number one over Christmas......

5 August 2007

Sods Law

It's just typical, when I had the money to spend there was nothing I particularly liked or was that bothered about buying so I didn't. The only things I bought on my last list of wants was the dress & grey braces shorts so it's not like I went crazy. Now I've got no money (Because of horse) Agent Provocateur decide to hold their annual sale, bloody typical. It's not like I actually need any of it but thats besides the point, doesn't stop me wanting it! Doesn't stop me looking either which proves maybe I have a bit of a masochistic streak because I know I won't be getting any & by the time I have the money it will all be gone *sob*
But, because I'm full of initiative & good thinking I do still have options....
  • I could ask for advance birthday presents.
  • I could email Mr. S with very heavy hints & picture guidance as to what I'd like to receive in the post over the coming week.
  • I could just get a liking for reasonably priced underwear rather than extortionately priced but absolutely gorgeous lingerie.
  • Or, I could turn myself into the type of girl that is happy with big knickers & white t shirt bras. (Believe me, no chance!)
Unfortunately there is about as much chance of the above happening as there is of me winning University Challenge, it just isn't going to happen as much as I may want it to. Well, except for the Mr. S option of course......possibly!

*Makes mental note to ask Mr. S for his email address* ;o)

Alternatively, if there are any kind hearted people reading this who have a spare £300 or so laying around, buy the whole range & send to me via fairy post because this particular Tinkerbell will love you forever. Maybe...! Lol

3 August 2007

Foot Tapping

Due to the floods & me not being back in work until Monday due to the damage I've been babysitting my little sister today (Dentist this morning, I don't know who was dragging their heels the most!).

Anyway, she knows I used to Irish dance & wanted me to teach her some more steps this afternoon. So off we go into the kitchen, move the table to the side so we've got some floor space & I teach her some steps but a few things quite surprised me...

1. I seem to be able to remember more than I thought I did.

2. Just how quickly do kids pick things up?!

I was teaching the steps to her & after a few practices she had them down pat! Unbelievable & really quite annoying because it meant I spent an hour caning my feet & legs dancing with her, I haven't danced properly for a few years now & I'd forgotten quite how much I enjoyed it. Little sister has lessons at an after school club type thing & was showing me what she'd learnt a few weeks ago & for 9 she's quite good even if we did end up having the giggles midway through a dance, not helped by the fact she has an infectious laugh! Breathing became quite difficult...Lol

Really we could have done with my one brother as he can play the bodhran but never mind, stereo was second best. So after dancing for about an hour & teaching her a bit I've realised I actually quite miss it, I only stopped because I didn't have the time & it was either dance or horses. Needless to say there wasn't a choice to be made as horses won hands down (Or should that be hooves?!)
I have a little more time to spare now so may take it up again, especially as it brought back loads of memories of me dancing through seeing her dance. The excitement, energy & the music, the elation at perfecting difficult steps then performing them with a partner or in a group, magic.
I really enjoyed it but now my muscles are screaming at me a little bit, haven't danced for that amount of time for absolutely aaaages & I just know that come tomorrow morning there will be a few

"Ah, ah, ouch!"

type sounds escaping from my mouth....

1 August 2007

Miracle Drug

"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark" ~ Saying of the Claddagh Gypsies of Galway

I think I've tasted heaven. My older brother is very into racing, he goes to Cheltenham every year, that's his 'holiday'. He also goes to a lot of meetings at other tracks. All this means he knows a lot of the big trainers both locally & nationally. My sister, who is my build wants to go into racing so today me, her & my brother went up to one of the local trainers yards, her to spend the day there getting a feel for it with a view to getting an apprenticeship & me because I begged to go, lol. So I got to be stable lass for the day & my God, those horses are heaven on earth......

All of them in racing condition & you can feel & see the power, the muscles rippling & the hardness of the sculpted bodies, amazing & so awe inspiring. The pure grace in their movement, gentleness in their face but at the same time the ominous air of awesome power & strength, completely & utterly amazing. Needless to say neither me or my sister were allowed on the big boys but we did get to go out with the string on 'school' horses, the ones that aren't racing but usually used for trainee jockeys/lads to hone their skills etc.

Mine was a bay gelding & hers was grey, both of them gorgeous & even though they weren't the top class you could feel the power beneath you, smooth long strides but as soon as they got onto the gallops you could feel them bunch up & gather themselves, like sitting on a coiled spring, you could feel the horse's excitement travelling up through the reins & the saddle, mouthing of the bit & the jogging, feel the hard body gathered beneath you, knowing with one touch of the heel or slack on the reins & you would be gone, flying. We both ended up going upsides (racing in pairs, I say 'race' but the idea is to keep pace with each other rather than race) each with one of the yard lads. I broke into a canter with mine, got ourselves ready & on the mark broke into a racing speed & my God! The speed literally took my breath away, you know when you're excited & you get that rush in your chest? That excited/sick feeling? I had that.

I could feel the horse bunched beneath me, gathering his hindquarters up to push him forward, feel the pull on the reins & then....gone, having to bridge the reins to avoid having them slip through my fingers, crouching low & feeling his mane whipping up, hearing his breathing & glancing down seeing his legs like pistons shooting out, eating up the ground. Feeling the wind whip past me & feeling the euphoria gather in my chest & throat, the sheer joy & freedom at the speed & motion but at the same time that innate sense of danger. My fingers knotted in his mane, cheeks stinging, looking ahead & seeing out of the corner of my eye the speed at which things are passing, no more than a blur.

The sheer, raw power beneath me moving at 25/30mph+ needing control from my hands & heel only, the speed & energy at which we were moving & feeling the air catch in my throat, feeling a shout of ecstasy escape. The excitement & the knowledge that this horse wanted the speed as much as I did, having to collect him up to stop him running out of steam, keeping my legs on & guiding him with my whip to keep him straight & trying to fight the urge to go flat out & just race. Smelling the smell of horse, the smell of his coat & the glancing over to see the same grin on the lad I was pacing with, euphoric. Relaxing into it & moving with the rhythm, respecting the power but urging it on as well. Feeling the resistance in the reins, the responsive mouth, the iron hard neck seeing the veins raised & feeling my horse fight for his head, gently keeping the reins gathered giving an inch but slowly taking it back again, keeping him paced. Both of us fighting not to give into the temptation to go flat out, him constantly asking & me bringing him back, checking him back down to a working pace.

Reaching the end of the gallop & slowing to a canter, trot & eventually a walk. Coming down from the high & seeing the sweat on the horses necks, feeling the heat of my own body & ache in my thighs from riding short, catching my breath & letting the reins slack, watching the horse stretch his neck long & low, gathering him back up to ride back down to the others. Joining the string to ride back down to the yard & realising it's still only just 7, the sun rising higher & feeling the freshness in the air, the clean clear earthy smell & breathing it deep, feeling my heart return to normal. Watching the steam rise from the horses as we make our way back, back to unsaddling & breakfast but above all remembering, remembering that sheer, pure unadulterated adrenaline rush at that first burst of speed & wondering if I'd have been able to stop even if I'd wanted to.

That's why the horse is my drug of choice.

"Visions of horses ... make the moment brighter, inspire respect, and make
the heart beat faster. God forbid that I should go to any heaven where there are no horses" ~ R.B Cunningham-Graham.