28 August 2007

Ahhhh, Memories!

I suspect that the only one that will truly feel like I do about some of this is Girl With The Golden Touch
I was born in 1985 so biggest part of my growing up was done during the 1990's & this made me feel old...!

A friend emailed me the link for this video & it brought back soooooo many memories!
Memories of a time when it was;

PJ & Duncan. Not Ant & Dec.

You collected Pokemon cards or Pogs never both & 'shinies' were doubly precious.

Tazos were another favourite.

And the the kid you hated always had the one you most wanted.

When owning a Vengaboys album made you cool & even cooler, a double cassette album of any of the 'Now...' series.

When nobody had heard of the internet never mind emails or MSN.

When Tiny Tears was the must have.

And the biggest, most agonising decision you ever had to make was whether to watch 'Live & Kicking' or 'SM:TV'

When Gordon the Gopher ruled.

And a plastic blow up rucksack was your most prized possession.

When you're biggest worry was your Tamagotchi being confiscated at school because that meant certain death for it.

When Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Rainbow & The Magic roundabout was must see tv & Noddy wasn't 3D.

When boys were disgusting creatures to be kept well away.

Heartbreak was the end of Take That.

And the must see film was Spiceworld: The Movie.

If you didn't own a B Witched, Spice Girls, S Club 7 or Boyzone album you were sad.

When there was only one fat kid in the school, not three dozen.

And when the channel to watch was BBC2 for three hours each day after school because Cbeebies & CITV didn't exist.

The highlight of your week was a Happy Meal, but only for the toy.

Byker Grove was grown up stuff.

And the words 'boobs' & 'willy' were rude words not to be uttered in front of grown ups but to be giggled over in the playground.

Jelly shoes were the footwear of the moment.

And Skirt-trousers, pedal pushers & cycle shorts were the height of fashion.

"Terrorism" was being told off by your teacher & threatened with the headmaster on Monday morning for not doing the homework you were handed on Friday of last week.

Knowing the dance to Whigfield - Saturday night made you 'cool'

Knowing the words to Hanson & Mmmmbop made you the best.

You only bought Smash Hits for the lyric sheets & stickers, which you stuck over every flat surface in your room.

"walking the dog" & "round the world" were tricks with a yoyo. Which then proceeded to be banned when your friends got a bit over enthusiastic & concussed/severely bruised fellow classmates with them.

Six weeks summer holiday was a lifetime & seemed never to end.

'Work' was tidying your room once a week.

Polly Pocket or Lucy Locket?

Nobody had heard of Osama Bin Laden, or the war on terror.

John Major was the PM.

Oasis were new kids on the block.

Important dates consisted of your birthday & Christmas day, that was it.

Um Bongo was the drink of choice & BN biscuits were obligatory.

The highlight of your weekday mid-morning was a mini glass bottle of milk & a straw. And there was always one kid who managed to spill it on their self by being too brutal with the foil top & straw.

Care Bears & My Little Pony jostled for space in your heart.

A can of coke cost 20p.

And having £1 pocket money gave you endless possibilities.

30 was really old.

Your trainers had lights in the sole, which you were unbelievably proud of.

Walking around in your knickers/pants was acceptable, no matter who was around.

It was cassette tapes, not DVD's.

Your staple of the summer was Mr. freeze ice poles.

The Millenium, Solar Eclipse & Princess Diana's death were the biggest events of your life.

Classrooms had blackboards.

Computers were a rarity in schools, not the norm.

And finally, it was a walkman, not an Ipod.


dickiebo said...

When I was a kid, we had a meeting in our den, one day, where a momentous decision was made. We all agreed that we would like to die at the age of 30! We reasoned that, by then, we would have done everything, had a family, etc., and there would be nothing left to live for. I have now been 'dead' since 1968!! Didn't even feel it!

PC South West said...

The really scary thing is everything in that video feels quite modern to me. I was leaving school in the year you were born and still class myself as youngish.
I dont remember mobile phones being quite that big in the 90's as I had my first mobile in 94.
I have to say I think my 30's have been my best years yet, so maybe life will begin at 40 after all.
i will let you know when I get there.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Polly Pocket and Care Bears all the way, and Live and Kicking just didnt do it for me, there was no competition, it was SM:TV every Saturday. I used to make myself up and put subtitles on and get my mic and pretend I was Cat Deeley presenting...

Does it make you want to be young again! I had the best tamagotchi like EVER it was bright pink. God I hate being 'old'!!

Waynecoff said...

wow, did you write that yourself, you really went to town on that, it was very interesting, ....

thoughts running through my head.... said...

me too pc south west,me too.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Dickiebo, thats exactly what we decided too! In which case I am going to die very young! Lol

PCSW I don't think they were that big either. Must be an 80's pic.
My older brother had left grammar school in 96 I think, so all that is modernish to him too.
So far me being 19 has been my best year, first time away from home & i spent the year in London studying. With the clubs of Central London making a big appearance at weekends & most evenings.....! Lol

Girl yes! I wanted Polly Pocket too but my little pony was higher up than Care Bears.
Yep, I was an SM:TV girl too but Live & Kicking wasn't bad when it was first on.
I didn't do the tv thing but I did do that with my favourite band of the time, which was B-Witched.... *blushing* Lol

When I watched that video I did feel really old. I remembered all the summers etc & was like nooooooo, take me back!
Mine was pale pink, & always dying. Mainly because I kept having it confiscated.. Harsh I thought. Lol

I said to my mum I felt old & she was like "old, OLD! You've got no idea, you wait until your nearly 50, that's old!"

Wayne, a few were mine but some were emailed by a friend. Made me all nostalgic, lol.

TRTMH you're still a hip chick! Look at all the clothes I constantly admire on your blog, particularly the latest haul... Nice one girly!

Area Trace No Search said...

Checking out my favourite blogs whilst I have an internet connection.

The music alone sold me on this. I love that song, used to play it on the grand piano with my friend after a few beers.

Robert Miles, "children," I think.

Not got any idea what the best year/s were. Recently I had a drunken conversation with friends, and one of the questions that was asked was "what was your best sex?"

My answer? "What WAS!? How depressing is that, you already think you've had your best sex?"

Although in terms of excitement, moving to London for the first time from the West Country was about as "cool" as I got.

Response Plod said...

My word! They make you feel old lol! :) Try growing up with Morecambe and Wise, when Only Fools and Horses with Grandad was new and Sunday tele didn't start until late afternoon, before that it was the old BBC test card with the girl and clown playing noughts and crosses. There was no such thing as Sunday opening. Two pints of beer got you change out of one pound and the latest must have car was a Mk2 Ford Escort Mexico. :)