12 August 2007

Crowning Glory & Sunny Days

I have decided it is time for me to get a hair cut. My hair is the exact colour of Debra Messing's as pictured below:

But like this picture in texture & length, well, a bit more tousled than hers, kind of wavy

I've had it like that for the past 2-ish years now & need a change so after speaking to two friends & them saying a graduated bob would definitely suit me, according to the one who is a just qualified hairdresser (handy!) "It would bring out your eyes & cheekbones".
My eyes are my best feature facially, big & dark brown. & a cut that is going to make the most of those & bring my cheekbones out is a plus!
I like the style I have at the moment but I need a change. 1. I need something that is easier to look after & 2. That will keep some of the length & still look sophisticated & stylish. (You men have it so easy! Lol)

So after looking around a few hairstyle websites & some umming & ahhing I have got down to a shortlist of 6 with 2 being the top favorites.

The favourites are number 2 & number 3 (click on the picture to view the larger version). The only problem with 3 is it would take time to style which sort of defeats the object & 2 would suit my hair because it would naturally fall like that. I might have the fringe a bit longer though as I've tried a fringe before & it doesn't really suit me. I also want something that will look O.K when I wear my bakerboy caps because they are my lifesavers when I'm short of time as I can just put one on & my frizzy/wet/unstyled hair is instantly covered & I look like Britney Spears when she first started out (when she was stylish & normal) so I've been told a few times & that is never a bad thing! Lol.

After all that hair talk I also had a great day today. As it was Saturday Mr. S had the day off so after having a quick ride with a friend at the yard then going on to meet another friend in town late morning I met up with him after lunch & we went up onto the Cotswold hills & spent the rest of the day up there. Such a truly beautiful area, completely unspoilt & just naturally stunning, magical. We took a picnic & just spent the day chilling out & having a giggle. Gorgeous sunshine so everywhere looked stunning & when we got up there the view was magnificent, you could see right over Cheltenham & beyond, I love the countryside around here, I honestly believe it's some of the nicest scenery in England & I'm so lucky to have it on my doorstep, one of my favourite places to to be. The sunshine made it perfect but the air was quite nippy still & Mr. S realized he'd forgotten the blanket! So I was very glad that I had my riding gear on because 1. It's warm & 2. My jods have seen plenty of grass stains due to my horse's inherent knack for either bucking like a maniac or slipping her shoulder.

A rare moment where she wasn't being nosy or posing!

Sunny at around October last year

(she was very wide in the middle although you can't see it there. Still, I'd much rather her be a bit fat at the start of winter than on the skinny side. I try & build her up a bit for the winter as she doesn't hold weight well.)

I'm beginning to think she needs some schooling as recently I have landed on my arse 4 times, I'm beginning to get rather bored of making close acquaintance with the local greenery! Either she needs discipline or I need some riding lessons, or a combination of both! Lol

Posing for the camera!

(Click on images to view original sizes)

The friend I met up with in town, A, is having a bit of a tough time at the moment, mainly to do with her dad who unfortunately has treated her the same way mine has treated me so she was a bit low today. I met up with her in one of the coffee shops on the Promenade & we just had a quiet hour or two's chat & she said something that really surprised me but was possibly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said. She was talking about stuff & said to me....

"you're the one person I would trust to tell anything to & feel happy doing so because I know I could tell you & it would never be repeated. I know you wouldn't gossip or tell anyone else & I could trust you with anything, that's why I always come to you with my problems or worries, you're the only person I trust implicitly with them".

I was gobsmacked. I never realized she felt like that & it was such a lovely thing to hear, I felt all warm & fuzzy! Lol

She is one of my best friends though & I'm the same with her, we're really close. No matter what goes on in our lives or where we are we're always constants in each others lives & it's so nice to have that one friend you can rely on through thick & thin & everything in between. We've never fallen out & always have a giggle when we're together. Mainly because we're very, very similar personalities, both a bit blonde & both more than a little loopy at times!

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them
but you know they're always there".

All in all today was a lovely day. :o)

I've also changed the blog template as you may have noticed. I might change back to the old one, not sure but this one looks less cluttered and I've finally worked out how to paragraph my posts! Yay! One simple click of a button, that's all it took. It just took me 6 months to find the damn button! lol


dickiebo said...

Don't like any of those hairstyles! You gotta have a style which allows your hair to 'flow' when Sunny is galloping. Even if you have fallen off!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Although that makes a very romantic image Dickiebo it's the practicalities that are getting me down at the moment. Although I am very attached to my long hair so I'm still not 100% about it.....

hobbybobby said...

Keep it long and tousled... there's something I find terribly attractive about long, brown, wavy hair!