3 August 2007

Foot Tapping

Due to the floods & me not being back in work until Monday due to the damage I've been babysitting my little sister today (Dentist this morning, I don't know who was dragging their heels the most!).

Anyway, she knows I used to Irish dance & wanted me to teach her some more steps this afternoon. So off we go into the kitchen, move the table to the side so we've got some floor space & I teach her some steps but a few things quite surprised me...

1. I seem to be able to remember more than I thought I did.

2. Just how quickly do kids pick things up?!

I was teaching the steps to her & after a few practices she had them down pat! Unbelievable & really quite annoying because it meant I spent an hour caning my feet & legs dancing with her, I haven't danced properly for a few years now & I'd forgotten quite how much I enjoyed it. Little sister has lessons at an after school club type thing & was showing me what she'd learnt a few weeks ago & for 9 she's quite good even if we did end up having the giggles midway through a dance, not helped by the fact she has an infectious laugh! Breathing became quite difficult...Lol

Really we could have done with my one brother as he can play the bodhran but never mind, stereo was second best. So after dancing for about an hour & teaching her a bit I've realised I actually quite miss it, I only stopped because I didn't have the time & it was either dance or horses. Needless to say there wasn't a choice to be made as horses won hands down (Or should that be hooves?!)
I have a little more time to spare now so may take it up again, especially as it brought back loads of memories of me dancing through seeing her dance. The excitement, energy & the music, the elation at perfecting difficult steps then performing them with a partner or in a group, magic.
I really enjoyed it but now my muscles are screaming at me a little bit, haven't danced for that amount of time for absolutely aaaages & I just know that come tomorrow morning there will be a few

"Ah, ah, ouch!"

type sounds escaping from my mouth....


Spooj said...
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Spooj said...

Danceing AND horses? i feel like such a peasent posting on your blog. :D

Offtopic - how do you write so much? i try but i dont really have anything interesting to say, my mind isnt as active as yours and i tend to blaze through days and not notice a damn thing. :S

P.S ta for the link

Waynecoff said...

love the irish dancing, keep it up xx

Pawpads said...

I used to do a spot of Irish dancing too, but Chelters is such an Irish town that it's not surprising.
I just had a thought along the lines of "OMG, what if GND is one of my many cousins?" but you're so much younger that I don't think you are.

Did you go to school there?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Spooj believe me, the dancing & horses are more trial & error than actual talent! Lol

& as for how do I find so much to post? Well, it could be that I'm a woman & living up to the stereotype (Have alot to say!) It could be that I just talk rubbish or it could be that I have such alot go on sometimes, a very active imagination & mind & sometimes just want to put it all down on paper/pc. I don't class what I post as particularly out of the ordinary or intersting, it's juts what happens to me/life & what I enjoy writing. I didn't write nearly so much when I first started blogging but seem to have got into the swing of it a bit more now :o)
I've enjoyed reading your first few posts though, keep it up :o)

Hey Wayne, you haven't been around for a while. Thought you'd given up on your blog! Lol
I love the dancing too, great fun.

Agreed Pawpads, alot of Irish descend on us at around March each year so it's not surprising they leave a little bit of Irish magic behind is it?!

Did I go to school in Cheltenham? Or Ireland? If it's the former then yes, a certain primary with the name Artur in it's title. The latter, no I just have family links there.
As for cousins, don't say that! I have loads & loads of family in Cheltenham, on my dads side mostly. Oooer, that would be spooky! Lol

Spooj said...

Ah right, its a women thing then :D

So you ride horses, dance, and surf among other things, best i can do is force myself to make loud burps, blokes thinks its funny :D

Pawpads said...

I went to school in Chelter's too.
A catholic one with the name Thomas.
Not far from yours from what I remember.
Which secondary did you go to? Not that I'm stalking you!!!!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Ah I know, I think my brothers fiance went there too. I went briefly to Bournisde, about 6 months but then we ended up moving to Cornwall & only moved back here when I was 16/17. Was going to follow my brother into Pates but failed the entry exam!! If you went to ST did you go onto Benedicts?

Pawpads said...

I did indeed end up at Bennys.
A hideous school but I still look back on it all and smile ~ mainly at the things that I got up to.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Ditto. Let's just say I was rather familiar with the chewing gum detention.... Lol
Happy memories though.