26 August 2007

Friends Like These

It's a well known fact that my best friend, A, is as scatty/dippy as they come & has a knack of attracting trouble & chaos. I'm not quite as bad as her at attracting trouble but otherwise we are near carbon copies of each other.
We have had many mad days & drunken nights together, usually ending in fits of giggles trying to get the key in the lock once we reached home then raiding the kitchen for sugar & caffeine.

Highlights, that I can remember, have been a VIP night at Stringfellows (I know one of the dancers) getting/tripping out of a limo in Leicester Square & Japanese tourists thinking we were some kind of girl band, so we posed for photos & signed our autographs. Getting lost outside of Cheltenham after meeting friends at a pub, we ended up at the end of a farm track somewhere in the Cotswolds because we'd taken a wrong turning on the road & rather than turn back like most sensible people decided we were fine & would find our way back, until we were completely lost & had to 'phone one of our sensible friend's to get directions back (We are twats sometimes, we've both grown up in Cheltenham so really, there is no excuse for losing our way!)
Falling asleep, together, on the bench of the local kebab place after a night out & having to be shaken awake by the owner. Embarrassing ourselves muchly on a weekend away to Devon (I'm not saying how..!) Lots of stuff that I blush & smile to remember simultaneously, basically just being a bit on the thick side most of the time.

Friday though, she excelled herself. (I was round Mr. S's so missed out on all the fun dammit!)
She'd parked her car after work to use the gym, went to get the ticket & when she came back there was a woman on the pavement looking like she'd thrown herself from the multi story car park, nobody was around except this old lady who was screaming about murder & this girl being pushed. A seriously started to doubt that she'd been pushed due to the lack of blood splats on the pavement & the fact she was still alive, A managed to swallow her stomach & feel for a pulse & after phoning the ambulance & giving the police a statement she finally managed to get home. But it doesn't end there......

She called one of our other friends to meet her in town for a drink, they meet up & have a drink & chat before moving on to a place at the top of the Prom except when they get there she realises she's lost her phone. Not holding out much hope she phoned it expecting there to be no answer only for it to be answered by a man asking if she wants her phone back? It turns out some decent person has handed it to one of the coppers in town so off she goes to go & pick it up after being told they are in a police car near the Prom.
She gets there & after getting her phone back (after being told the txt messages have been read! Lol) asks can they sit in the back of the police car? The answer is yes but rather than sit in there for 5 minutes A & our other friend ended up spending an hour in there talking (flirting) to the two lovely traffic police about everything under the sun! (It must have been a quiet night in Cheltenham on Friday). Obviously, I wouldn't have done any of this had I been there.....*cough*

Obviously, it was a yes to the "can we try on your hat & have our picture taken whilst grinning like a drunken loon? " question.....
A is on the right with another mutual friend.

If you are one of the two lovely traffic police reading this then please, don't encourage her, she's bad enough as it is, believe me she really doesn't need encouraging.
This is a small town & I have to live here...! Lol


PC South West said...

Traffic in the town centre? Oh I know what they were doing. Bird watching I recon. Lol

Ing said...

Knowing Traffic lads, they were probably hoping to play their cards right and get a stop/search out of it too... ;-)

dickiebo said...

What a contradiction in terms; 'lovely' and 'traffic-cops'!!!!!
Better report your find to the British Museum of Makebelieve! (But please don't say I said so!).

Anonymous said...

very sexy in the hats,

thoughts running through my head.... said...

How come I never get cute boys chatting me up in uniform?They all hate me!! :-(

Girl*Next*Door said...

PCSW, I reckon so too! Lol

TRTMH, I think it's different for women cops. Men are seen as the macho protective type while women are seen as the tough, don't mess with me type.
Lets face it though, would you actually want some of the ones you deal with to chat you up?! Lol

Area Trace No Search said...

Believe me, TRTMH, you don't want us chatting you up in uniform!

Ah, just re-read your post. You said "cute" guys. So, no coppers then. ;-)