6 August 2007

Great Scot!

Literally. I don't know how many have/haven't heard of this girl but she is pure talent. Her name is
Amy Macdonald & I bought her album today on the strength of one single & it is great, she is really, really good. So good in fact that I would have been happy to pay more for the album. The video is for the single 'Mr Rock & Roll'. Lyrics are here.

She is very talented & a pleasure to listen to. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how finally we are getting proper talent coming out of the music industry rather than all the manufactured crap? About bloody time in my opinion! As long as the X-Factor winner doesn't crucify us for 12 weeks or something equally stupid at number one over Christmas......


Max said...

Wow she can sing, she can play guitar, and she is fairly good on the eye. She won't last!

Wozza said...

I like her stuff - album duly ordered. Thank you

Girl*Next*Door said...

Max you're probably bang on! God help us if she doesn't, I'm sick of the manufactured crap.

Wozza, you're welcome :o) You won't regret it, she really is very good.