31 August 2007

Hitting The Ground With A Bump!

Threats are not working, neither is bribery & corruption. I haven't been able to do as much riding lately which means my angelic looking horse has turned into a maniac that bucks like a bitch when she can't get her own way/has to work/can't go off with friends.

She's lovely in lots of ways but these past few weeks my arse is getting wholly sick of kissing the ground due to her managing to fling me skywards, it wouldn't be so bad if she was a lazy bucker or one that just does it out of high spirits, which is usually her game. Just lately she has got really disobedient & the past few weeks has managed to get me off 7/8 times with one huge buck. I think she could be starting to settle a bit as I've been doing a lot of schooling with her & when I've felt her try to get her head I've given her a smack & kept my legs on her to keep her head up & keep her going forward.
It helps that I've been able to lunge her a bit though & to be fair she is starting to take it in it's just the last few times I've ridden her with friends she's got excited in the field & either put in one huge buck in or a few little ones then she settles. I am starting to be able to sit them out though, things are improving!

Usually I don't have many problems but she seems to have this habit of bucking then twisting herself so if I don't fall off frontwards I go out the side door! Lol
I know it is all purely down to the time off she had when the floods were a pain & the fact that the past few weeks I haven't been riding as much as I'd like to have been which means she is full of it, even though she isn't stabled.
I don't want to use anything to strap her head down as that doesn't solve the problem, just prevents the action so I think I'll persevere with the schooling, she has improved a lot so we'll see if the recent bruises start to be less frequent...
I have threatened her with the glue factory but it didn't have much affect, neither did the threat of life as a gypsy horse....!

There are two things I really need at the moment. One is a pair of decent boots & the other is new jods because my show ones have just about had it so they are demoted to everyday ones now & boots, well, my jodhpur boots are past it. I'm thinking I'd rather get a semi decent long leather pair than a cheap long rubber pair & some ok jod boots. Would much rather have one pair of boots that will last & last so these are the ones I have my eye on at the moment....

They're £90 but after trying a pair on they feel lovely, to walk & sit in. And hopefully, the fact they won't split after a year will save me in the long run, rubber boots are useless for that, they always split across the toe & I never find out/notice until I end up feeling the wet seeping through the little gaps, stupid things!

These are the jods I like. The one version have what is known as a "sticky bum" which basically means at the back, where they are cut round the bum & down the back of the leg instead of being just ordinary material it's a finely coated rubber version with tiny pinhead sized dots & this is *supposed* to help you "stick" in the saddle a bit more. I don't think they work & are just a gimmick but a few friends speak highly of them. As they cost £20 more than the normal version I think I'll go without the sticky bits & stick with the ordinary ones. Especially as they are only for the odd hunt & show.

On a completely unrelated note. I have fallen deeply in love with these boots, heaven. Some of you might remember I posted a pic of a pair of boots I loved a few months ago, unfortunately they weren't in my size so I gave up.
These however, are & at £70 are well worth it. It's my birthday in a few weeks so I might just ask people to club together & buy me the riding boots for my birthday, that means I can buy these then.....

See what I mean? You don't get much more perfect than that. They are exactly what I want in a pair of boots, they have the whole Victorian look going on & I love the round toe, also the fact they ribbon all the way up the front. And best of all, they come in small three's which I can just about get away with, if I wear thick socks! Lol


Waynecoff said...

mmm, just makes me think how good it would be to see you with all that gear on, xx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

love those lace up ones GND-where are they from?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Wayne you're terrible! Lol

TRTMH they're from Miss Selfridge & are £75.00. they're lush.
Just recently Miss S has got very good, thy used to be quite tacky but I'm now a convert :)