10 August 2007

Oh My

Somebody has nominated me for one of these! I don't know who it was but thank you very much. *hugs*.

The post that won the award was probably one of my most embarrassing......*blushing*
I'm quite shocked but also very pleased, my humble scribblings have won an award! Obviously I'm now in the same class as TUPC & Mousie

*Preen* Lol.

Autographs available on request, I am open to modeling contracts, film cameos/leading lady roles & interviews.

I shall now have a think about who to nominate myself..... Bribes are accepted, especially if they are shoe shaped, have the Queen's head on or bear the initials A & P!


dickiebo said...

Me an' me mates can 'work on' Mr. Starbuck, if you like?

Mousie said...

Good on you chick, well done!

Mousie xx

northern monkey said...

well done!

Girl*Next*Door said...

He doesn't even know this blog exists Dickie! Lol

Aww thanks Mousie :o)
I'm really flattered & surprised but chuffed too! xx

Thanks NM :o)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

You deserve it chick, this is a great blog! I dont get to comment or read it as much nowadays, my blog reading gets saved to when I can or it between work!


Alice said...

Well done - thanks for your comments on my blog!