5 August 2007

Sods Law

It's just typical, when I had the money to spend there was nothing I particularly liked or was that bothered about buying so I didn't. The only things I bought on my last list of wants was the dress & grey braces shorts so it's not like I went crazy. Now I've got no money (Because of horse) Agent Provocateur decide to hold their annual sale, bloody typical. It's not like I actually need any of it but thats besides the point, doesn't stop me wanting it! Doesn't stop me looking either which proves maybe I have a bit of a masochistic streak because I know I won't be getting any & by the time I have the money it will all be gone *sob*
But, because I'm full of initiative & good thinking I do still have options....
  • I could ask for advance birthday presents.
  • I could email Mr. S with very heavy hints & picture guidance as to what I'd like to receive in the post over the coming week.
  • I could just get a liking for reasonably priced underwear rather than extortionately priced but absolutely gorgeous lingerie.
  • Or, I could turn myself into the type of girl that is happy with big knickers & white t shirt bras. (Believe me, no chance!)
Unfortunately there is about as much chance of the above happening as there is of me winning University Challenge, it just isn't going to happen as much as I may want it to. Well, except for the Mr. S option of course......possibly!

*Makes mental note to ask Mr. S for his email address* ;o)

Alternatively, if there are any kind hearted people reading this who have a spare £300 or so laying around, buy the whole range & send to me via fairy post because this particular Tinkerbell will love you forever. Maybe...! Lol


dickiebo said...

Bra-less would halve the costs, or indeed go the whole hog? Just a thought. (He! He! What a thought!).

Annette said...

Oh I know what you mean.
The sales I hate are usually in January.
After christmas?!
Every year I say to myself "I'll make sure I've got some pennies left over for the sales."
But it never happens!
I always think to myself, well, there will be other sales.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

whens Mr S's birthday?You could buy some for his birthday that YOU get to wear (important that bit!)then its a treat for him!!

Waynecoff said...

If i had 300 smackeroo's I would give it to you, just to see you dressed up like that pic x
Or I would do a weekend in amsterdam, mmm,

Girl*Next*Door said...

Hahaha Dickiebo, the only problem with that is the fact I'm still in love with the underwear! Lol

Annette, I'm the same but I find consolation in the fact that there are so many sales around all year now that I don't mind that much.

TRTMH, you are a genius! & yes, that bit is very important ;o) A 'present' for him that actually, is useless without me around! Lol

Wayne it is lush isn't it? God I love it. i think AP is my favourite shop actually. & £300 is much more appreciated her than Amsterdam! lol Although you proabably wouldn't get as much enjoyment from the AP option. Lol