28 September 2007

Cold Snap

It is so cold here these past few days. I even had to dig out my scarf, hat & gloves this morning *shocked face* I very nearly couldn't find them but after madly pulling stuff out of draws the hunt was a success, even if part of my room now looks like a whirlwind has been through it...
I stepped out the front door & it's the kind of weather that makes your skin tingle & prickle, the bright crisp sharp kind of weather. Very pretty though. It has made me want to get a pair of Ugg boots or similar, so cosy.

It also seems I've been infected with a cold because my throat started aching this afternoon, I was also sneezing like mad & my eyes were watery. On the plus side I now have a "sexy" husky voice lol.
I did come home intent on a honey & lemon because that always helps but was greeted by an artefact formerly known as a lemon (sounds like Prince's reinvention!). It was so old & shriveled I almost called the British museum.
Obviously I got the next best thing which was a huge mug of hot chocolate with a massive amount of cream on top, & I'm not quite sure how but a bar of Galaxy also ended up in my hand.
& before anyone says anything, chocolate is medicinal, it helps with depression apparently (I think they were talking about dark chocolate but chocolate is chocolate in my book) Milk is one of it's ingredients so obviously that's another plus, all the calcium & everything. As it's so good for me I suppose it would be rude not to dose up on it...... Lol.

I saw the cutest thing today. On my way home I popped into the newsagents & there was the cutest baby girl in there I have ever seen, she was absolutely gorgeous & she gave me the biggest, brightest smile so I crouched down to her pushchair to talk to her & she started gurgling! I almost grabbed her & bought her home with me, she was gorgeous!
I told her mum how lovely she was & she said she was always smiling & giggling, happy baby obviously.
Babies & children always seem to take to me but I need to stop being so broody with babies, especially when Mr S is around, he might start getting worried otherwise! Especially as he knows I want a big family, big as in at least four but preferably six or seven.

It's really not fair to scare the guy! Lol

Babies, chocolate & shoes, is there ever a girlier post?!!!

27 September 2007


Dear God Google has alot to answer for sometimes. After getting up pretty early this morning because just lately my sleep patterns have been all over the place (possibly alcohol related, not entirely sure) I decided to come downstairs, get a caffeine kick (you can deprive me of chocolate but caffeine is an entirely different matter & may end up in me either slapping you very hard or gouging your eyes out with a fork)
& come online for a bit. Then realised I was shivering & covered in goosepimples so ran upstairs to get my quilt because it is bloody freezing, winter has hit us I think & although it's bright blue skies & sun outside it is sharp, my favourite kind of weather, when I've remembered to switch the heating on that is....

In my boredom/semi conscious state I decided to have a look at Sitemeter... In amongst the search results that directed people to my blog were these requests;

"perving girl next door" Better not be, because I might have to cut certain parts of your anatomy off to stop you perving. I've seen horses being gelded, it's not difficult. Less so when you're in a rage I'd imagine, quicker maybe although most certainly not less painful. Still, the cold should help to numb the pain, maybe.

"cute man at starbucks" He's mine & you can keep your greasy paws off!

"louisa lytton tights" Why?! Weirdo!

"how to compliment a girl" If you're asking Google that you really do need help. I would advise you to not say anything really going by what Google throws up.

"chavscum street girls" Try Bristol.

"sex in 100% opaque tights" Bit difficult I'd imagine, going by how tights are designed you fool. Do you have no brain or is it really true that the blood supply only supplies one at a time!?

"cheap thrills swindon" Right county, wrong girl. Parts of Swindon you can take your pick of them though.

"late at the office" "my husband" "my skirt" The mind really does boggle.... My conclusion is he was either cross dressing at the office or they were doing naughty things on the bosses desk... Whilst hubby was wearing her skirt maybe? Oooooh no I'm going to stop now, the mental images are getting too disturbing.

"photo naked of max branning" Dear God please no. If I want mental torture I'll let you know thanks. Eurgh, why would you want that?!

"girl next door in underwear" No no no no!

"punters are a waste of a uniform" What exactly is that supposed to mean? I didn't realise punters wore uniforms, unless they're dominatrix punters maybe? Turn up in the studded collar & lead? Maybe it was the wrong type?

"can't take polycarbonate glasses apart" I would have thought that was obvious really. Even if you're pissed I would have thought that was obvious. Even if you're a pissed neanderthal I would have thought that was obvious?! Fool.

"risks of harbour jumping polkerris" I would have thought the risks were pretty obvious myself. Underneath the lovely blue waters of Polkerris & directly beneath the pier you are about to jump off are razor sharp rocks. The very least you will come away with is shredded skin, usually on the shins. At the worst you will paralyse yourself you twat! Then again you might get off lightly & find a crab in your crotch holding on for dear life, I've seen it happen & yes, I was creased up! The guy found it slightly less amusing. It still didn't stop me laughing.

"next door lust" Oh for God's sake! What is it with people wanting either naked pictures, semi naked pictures or worse of the girls who live next door to them!?

"what do guys wear for moulin rouge parties" Suits? Corsets are an option I suppose but I can't imagine they'd look too good somehow....

"dirty pictures of the girl next door" See what I mean about the poor girl next door?! She is long suffering.

"younger brothers get stuck shopping for underwear with the girls" I have never taken my younger brother underwear shopping with me. Plainly the searchee is old enough to use a keyboard & can spell, it's practically incest!

The conclusion I have come to is that I obviously attract my fair share of the perverted, depraved & mad. No change there then, considering every time I end up at Victoria Station the homeless man (woman?) manages to find me & offer me his/her shoes, food & drink. Thanks, but no thanks. Do I really look like I need the shoes, food & drink of a beggar?!
I might stop looking at Sitemeter for a while, especially so early in the morning. I am very grateful that I don't have close neighbours too, never know if you've got a peeping tom living next door by the looks of things!

Completely unrelated but for some reason I have become hooked on Scouting for Girls - She's so lovely
It's quite annoyingly addictive. I've just put it on my mp3 player so I just hope I don't make a twat of myself by singing along to it later when I'm on my way into work, mainly because I sing like a strangled cat taking it's last breath/yowl. It's a shame I forget that fact sometimes.

Oh, & take a look at The Thin Blue Comedy Sketch
Very amusing! I thought so anyway. Have a look yourself :o)

26 September 2007

Did You Know?

That it is exactly twelve weeks & six days until Christmas day? Nope, nor me.
Although I have to say that I love Christmas time.

We always get snow & with countryside like we have it would be criminal not to love it.

One of my great pleasures is to go riding in the snow with my friend, when the sun is bright, the air is sharp & your's & the horses breath mists in front of you. It's silent apart from the odd cow or sheep & the horses hooves crunching in the snow & sometimes, our chatter although not very often because the only part of us visible is our eyes due to the fleece wrap we have around our necks & faces! It gets bitter sometimes so we tend to bundle up. It's stunning, to be able to ride round the Cotswold villages & to be able to appreciate how beautiful it is. The only slight pain is putting studs in my horse's shoes & using half a block of lard to stop the snow balling up in her hooves, it's worth it though because I don't fancy being on my horse while she attempts figure skating....!

Broadway Tower which is 1024ft above sea level. On a clear day you can see upto thirteen counties on over the Severn Valley right on into the Welsh Mountains. Beautiful.

I'm also guilty of being a bit of a big kid at Christmas.... I love the cosiness of it & I also love the young child's excitement at it, I love that look that young children get at the sight of the lights & Christmas Tree. Maybe I'm naive but I still value it as a family time, where we can all just relax & shut the world out for a few days. The other thing I love is that my hair stays the chestnut/auburn it's supposed to, rather than being bleached strawberry blonde by the sun but I suppose that's winter & not specifically Christmas!

Actually, scratch the naive bit, after reading that back maybe I'm softer than I thought.

24 September 2007

It's All So True!

Every time I watch this it makes my eyes run & my stomach ache with laughter. He is an absolute genius & in my opinion one of the funniest, if not the funniest guy around.
I also blogged a video about his idea of "Romance" hilarious!

This is also very, very funny & also has the ring of truth!

The Party

The party was fabulous! As it was a Moulin Rouge theme I wore a corset, my black shorts/hotpants, fishnet tights & my victorian style boots, complete with garter, if you're going to do something may as well do it properly as they say.

Then sat & hoped & prayed I wasn't the only one that was going to be dressed as a tart! Lol
Luckily I wasn't & all the girls rose to the occasion, as did the guys. Girls in corsets & fishnets etc & guys in suits. We drank, danced & had a lot of laughs :)
Two of the guys had very kindly made some mix cd's of all the music I wanted with a few extras added in (Thanks guys! :) )

The Aftershock went down very well & by midnight I was "merry" & when the Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger came on all the girls got in a line & did a kind of drunken can can dance to it (I really don't know who's idea it was but I nearly got my heel caught on something & very nearly ended up on my bum, it was only because I was being held up by two friends that I didn't. How embarrassing!) Unfortunately I'm none too sure that there were no pictures taken & very, very unsure about video evidence. *blush*

Chelsea Dagger

The alcohol flowed freely as people also turned up with bottles......
It was really, really good & I haven't had so much fun for ages, everybody made the effort to get dressed up which was nice, if a little hilarious. Especially as by the end of the night, well, early morning everyone had taken their heels off & were just dancing for the hell of it.

Mr. S managed to make it after work which was the icing on the cake as he wasn't sure :)
As the only sober one there at that point I think he found it all a bit surreal, he did tell me I looked very nice, as I was dressed basically as a tart I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not!

We also danced to this

(We'll ignore the fact it's about a French brothel & a prostitute going by what all the girls were wearing) Lol

I think everything wound up/people crashed out or left by about 5/6 in the morning. I had to be carried to bed, I couldn't quite navigate the stairs unfortunately *blushing*
All I can say is it's a good job I'm light! Especially as for some reason I couldn't stop giggling about something, poor Mr. S, he also started laughing because I was laughing but at least he didn't drop me!

I didn't wake up until about 12 this afternoon, got a drink then went back to bed until 5. That is bad but hey, it was my birthday party & it was also a very belated 21st party too so not that bad really.
Except I still feel a bit strange, I think my body is still toxic from the alcohol but my oh my, it was one hell of a great party & the benefits of living in the countryside mean we didn't get the local police knocking on the door telling us to keep the noise down either, it doesn't get much better!

Oh, & nobody was sick on the carpet, the pot plants didn't get any extra fluids & nobody ended up doing rude things on the sofa or under the coat pile. That has to be a good thing!

22 September 2007


Family wise, things have been a bit crap the past few years. My parents moved out to Spain about 4ish years ago, my mum moved back a year later because she couldn't take living with my dad the way he was, the constant rowing & then the start of physical stuff. She brought my two sisters back with her & my one brother followed later on. The other twin stayed out there & so did my other brother (I have three brothers, bare with me! Lol). As much as we tried to get them over here it didn't work & in the laws eyes they were old enough to make their own decisions. My brother was about 16 & my twin sisters were 12/13 at the time. He was only ever abusive towards my mum although he certainly doesn't match up in the father stakes either.

To cut a long story short the divorce took ages & custody re my baby sister was very drawn out, because they were in Spain & the fact my brother was classed as an adult so could look after the one twin.
What really did it with me & my dad is when he was allowing & encouraging my 14 year old sister to see & sleep with a 26 year old. The age of consent in Spain is 13 but it doesn't mean he has to encourage her to sleep with someone twice her age.

I washed my hands of him & had one hell of a phone conversation with him & told him I never wanted to see him again, that as far as I was concerned he might as well be dead. Harsh, but after all he's done he disgusts me. He saw nothing wrong in the fact my one sister was 14 & the guy she was seeing was 26.
I hate him for what he's done & the damage he's caused, the hurt & the abuse. If he died tomorrow I would probably be upset but I wouldn't miss him. I know that sounds truly awful but I just can't ever forgive him for what he's allowed to happen & the damage & hurt he's put my mum, my brothers & my sisters through. All because of alcohol.
From the age of about 13 I was having to comfort & look after my sisters because he was taking things out on my mum & she nearly had a breakdown, I was having them come into my bed at night crying & upset because of what they'd heard & seen & me trying to make out everything was fine & stop them getting upset. All of this because he values what's in a bottle more than the family he had.

The reason I'm so happy? My brother has decided to come back home & leave him to it rather than supporting him out of guilt. My sister has moved in with the guy she was seeing, not the best outcome but at least she's happy & he wasn't in it for one thing. As much as I disagreed with him sleeping with her it's legal there. I still don't like the idea but there isn't much you can do sometimes.

Finally, things are settling down & getting back on track & I'm so happy.
My brother, who I get on really well with & am close to is coming home & at long last, our family is starting to get back to normal.

21 September 2007

24 Hour Party People

Saturday night is party night! It was supposed to be last Saturday but my dad decided to rear his ugly head so it kind of put a dampener on things.

Me & best friend went alcohol shopping this morning so there are now a few bottles of God knows what on the kitchen top, one being Aftershock blue. Apparently somebody else is bringing a bottle of the red cinnamon one (probably not a good idea that one but never mind).
The furniture in the living room has been "altered" & the various breakables, for their own safety, have been moved to my little sister's room. Everything else that could get broken, damaged or otherwise ruined has also been moved.

As my friends are civilised I'm hoping that come Saturday night I won't find any pissing
in the house plants, chucking up in the bath, asleep in the shower or having sex under the coat pile in my mum & stepdad's room. I doubt very much it will happen but alcohol does funny things to people. Talking of which, I'm wondering if the bright blue Aftershock was such a good idea being as that colouring sends me bouncing off the ceilings & walls, never mind, I'll just have to lay off the coke (coca cola coke, not the other coke!).
All in all there is about 25/30 people that should be coming, which is a good enough number for it to be good fun without getting out of hand & they are all friends, I don't want hangers on.

It's also supposed to be a Moulin Rouge theme, which should be interesting!

Oh, & the ex has moved back I heard today. Is it wrong to want to bump into him with Mr. S while looking drop dead gorgeous? Well, as near to drop dead gorgeous as is achievable!
I know this sounds very immature & childish but it would be nice to bump into him while looking my best & for him to be gutted for behaving like such a twat.
Knowing my luck it will be while I'm hungover & looking dog rough! Lol

20 September 2007

If I Was a Millionaire

I would need a walk in wardrobe at the very least. One half would be filled with clothes & shoes & the other half would be filled with expensive underwear.
I was surfing the 'net earlier & came across these divine sights, it's not what you'd call fair, taunting me with pictures of such beautiful things then looking at the prices & realising I'd never be able to afford them unless A - I win the lottery or B - Marry a rich man.

If I did have a huge supply of the paper stuff then top of my list would be this;

It's absolutely stunning. I'd almost sell my soul to be in possession of it....! (at £545.00 I would need to!)

Next would be this;

The same as above but in red & slightly cheaper at £450.00. Bargain really!


Really liking these & at £50.00 (because of the sale, otherwise they'd be £127.00!!!) they are very affordable, God the temptation.... Might have to resist though *sob*


Gorgeous but also £100.00. Cheap in comparison to the corsets.

& these;

Love these but at £100.00 they aren't gonna happen either.

God it's so tough being a girl, if I was a bloke it would be fine because my choice would be strictly limited to boxers or Y- Fronts (God forbid!) & although it wouldn't be half so much fun it would definitely save me money. Then again, being a bloke I'd probably spend it all on beer (sorry guys, but you know it's true..!)

Mr S. has now learnt from experience that it's safe to walk past the shoe shops of town but not the underwear ones because shoes, although lovely & pretty I can resist. Mainly because they aren't in my size though, if they are then I generally buy them if I like them.
Underwear is universal though & my size is freely available which is a very dangerous thing. Sometimes, the temptation is just tooooooo much!

18 September 2007

The Office

This came on the radio earlier & I had a bit of a moment, forgotten how much I liked it.
If all girls that worked in offices looked like page three extras & that actually did happen in office lifts then I bet you'd get 1000% more guys working as postboys. Then again if that was regulation office wear I'd be in seventh heaven, a legitimate excuse to buy luxury underwear & even better, I wouldn't have to pay for it. If only life was a music video! Lol

Health Hazard

Ahhhh, bliss. I have the whole house to myself for two whole weeks, God it's so good. It's quiet, there's no queue for the shower or bath, no Barbie dolls planted on the stairs to either trip you up or down them, no Lego bricks to stand on when you're half asleep still, rendering you a hopping, swearing, teary eyed wreck. Actually going to the fridge & the food you put there yesterday is still there this evening, God it's sheer luxury. I might even get the locks changed before everyone comes back & claim squatters rights! Lol*

The only tiny drawback to all this is the food thing....
In my attempts at cooking in the past I've killed two toasters, murdered the microwave & severely damaged a saucepan.

The first fatality was when I didn't check the setting on the toaster, put the toast in & left it. I soon came back when the smoke alarm went off. Some muppet had turned the setting to high, the toast was black through & the toaster didn't look all that healthy either so it was bin for the both of them.
Second fatality was because I cut the bread too thick, it got jammed.
I tried the grill for toast after that but despite my best attempts at timing etc I still managed to set light to it.
The microwave incident is not all that good either, I love custard, not sure why I just do so decided that I'd make some but put it in the microwave. I followed the directions to the letter & made sure it was a microwave proof bowl. Despite that it still went wrong. I put it in, checked the time & was about to go & stir it when I heard a very loud bang, the bowl & custard had exploded in the microwave cracking the glass on the door in the process. Very gingerly I opened the door & was greeted with custard hanging from the top of the microwave & splatted all over the inside, it had only been in there for about two minutes!
I baked some shortbread once, following everything precisely & when it came out & I couldn't break it I got my brother to try.... I'm not joking when I say he had to take a hammer & chisel to it, even the horses wouldn't touch it!
I've also done spag boil where it somehow melded itself to the saucepan, complete with spoon stuck out of it. The lot had to be binned because it was like concrete.

It's fair to say I'm dangerous in the kitchen, things just seem to happen no matter how careful I am, including fingers being burned, nearly chopped off & grated. No matter how hard I try or how careful I am it ends up being a complete disaster.

These next few weeks I can see myself becoming very friendly with the local pizza shop or scrounging round my brother & nan to go round theirs for dinner
Having said all that I'm brilliant at prawns, cous-cous & mushrooms. Oh, & scrambled egg. Not a great diet for two weeks really, maybe I'll vary it with sandwiches!

If I don't post for a week or two then it's likely I've either burnt the place down or bled to death through severed fingers/hands.

A domestic Goddess I am not....!

*Almost forgot, I can also dance like an A** muppet to the radio without being caught & laughed at, or filmed on a sodding camera phone without realising it!

14 September 2007

Bombs (& Doughnuts)

Prompted by a post that Inspector Gadget did I realised the past week or so we've had three bomb scares in Cheltenham. Three!
One due to the carelessness of one of our local bus drivers, they were doing a security exercise at the depot apparently & the bus wasn't supposed to go out on the route. Obviously the driver wasn't listening because he promptly left the depot with a suspicious package sat happily on the back seat.....
Not that the locals were particularly bothered by this because it took something like three hours for somebody* to get worried enough to say something to the driver, who had forgotten all about it & even the mention of it failed to jog his memory so decided to call the police who then called the local bomb disposal unit out from the Forest. Oooooh the excitement!
*a tourist, has to be because most of the locals wouldn't notice if the Queen took to streaking down the high street while singing a Sex Pistols hit.

Some student or old lady was the cause of the second one, a bag was left on a bench or something & when they came back after searching Cheltenham high & low finally remembering the left package on the prom, found that it had helpfully been blown to kingdom come!

& last but not least is this bright person.

It makes me wonder if somewhere in the green hills of Gloucester there isn't a syndicate going on in some shed or barn or particularly daring W.I.
Odds as to how many parcels & packages you can get blown up in one week. A personal best maybe? Most imaginatively placed? Longest your package can go without being spotted? How many miles of police tape can be used in your particular case? Or how about how many times you can piss the bomb disposal squad off in a calendar month?

Mind you when some bright spark has the GCHQ building built in the shape of a giant doughnut visible from so many thousands of feet up & a local landmark from the Cotswold hills then is it surprising everyone is on their gaurd?! Personally I feel it could be a bit more noticeable, the very least they could do is stick a neon flashing sign on the roof with maybe an X marks the spot in the middle. Honestly, no consideration for those that aren't likely to notice it.

Baring in mind that GCHQ deals with all the government secrets, security measures, MI5 & the fact it is covered in razor wire, individual compounds which you have to pass through before you get to the hallowed entrance it probably wasn't the best idea that particular architect had. It is so hyper about security that the phone lines belonging to the houses surrounding it are randomly tapped.
If it does get blown up that's biggest part of my family gone in one fell swoop but as my cousin helpfully remarked;

"it's built in a circle so if it does get hit then it won't matter because the bomb will land in the middle"

Yes, I can see the logic of that as bombs do tend to fall in a dead straight line & confine themselves to a distance of two feet maximum.....
Whoever said yokels don't exist?!?!

Obviously terrorism is the last thing on the mind of Gloucester's inhabitants as they had other, far more important matters on their mind.

12 September 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

I'm 22 now, I'm not too sure I like the fact that my next special birthday will be my 30th. I ate lots of cake yesterday, had loads of nice presents, well, mainly nice. One friend thought he'd be hilarious after I told him about my future career choice & presented me with a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs, they are now hung on my bedroom door handle which maybe isn't such a good idea, people walking past may get the wrong idea! Lol
Pressies from other friends included these;

She bought me the Head Girl one & the Prefect one, mainly as a joke because I was told outright at school I would be neither, apparently I was a "bad example & easily led others astray". I thought that was a bit harsh myself as I never did anything really bad! Still, they look cute & quite cool on one of my jackets :)

I was also bought one of these;

I just need to grow it & make sure I don't kill it. Apparently you can feed it bacon as well as flies.... I wonder if it would take little brothers?..... Lol.

& I'm not entirely sure why, except I mentioned it was cute, cute, cute a few weeks ago but Mr. S bought me this;

Patrick the polar bear! He is a meter long! He's huge but incredibly cute & cuddly :)
So I now have a giant polar bear stuck on the end of my bed, in fact, he is almost as big as me.
Makes a nice pillow though :)

I also got the riding boots from family (yay!) & my brother bought me the jodhpurs :)

Plus the usual chocolates & bits & bobs. Saturday is party night so no doubt I will be dancing to tunes like this
Can't wait!

Rat Race

I really want to get another rat. I already have one who is the cutest thing, I can walk around with him on my shoulder & if I have my hair loose he will curl up round my shoulder & part of my neck, make a nest type hammock out of it & go to sleep & he'll stay like that for a few hours, I can even do the housework with him like that & no, he doesn't do horrible things in my hair! Lol
He answers to his name & if I put him on the floor will either lay out on his side & go to sleep or follow me around.
He is just really cute & probably spends more time on my shoulder than he does in his cage. The only thing is he's getting old now & I want to get another one so when he does pass on I won't be so sad :(

He's just really cute & I know when he dies I'll be sad as I've had him for a few years now & he's getting an old man. For some reason he goes mad for rich tea biscuits, mad as in run down my arm & pull it out of my hand if I'm holding one & take it back up onto my shoulder to eat it, manners are not his strong point! Lol
Mr. S thinks I'm mad for liking them, let alone letting one sit on my shoulder most of the time & sleep in my hair. He actually has a pic I think of me stood striking a silly pose while Fletcher (after the rat in the Chicken Run film) is sat with a a bit of a bemused look, lol.

He's getting the idea that fancy rats are not like the street sewer dwelling ones.
Fletcher isn't running about as much s he used to now though, he's about 3 years old now so he's doing well but he's a bit of an OAP. I need to get another one, because when he dies I'll be really sad. I know he's only a rat but he has a huge personality & is very, very cute :)

Just Don't

My friend may be a bit immature at times, & when I say immature I mean a bit giggly & hyper. Not schoolgirl giggly, just lighthearted. So when my mum started on the other night about how immature she is, how scatty she is, how disorganised she is for her age etc etc etc & ad infinitum I really was not a happy bunny. She's my best friend, a friend who has been there for me through thick & thin & is one of the few people I could turn to when things were really difficult at one point so when my mum basically started a one woman slagging campaign against her I was more than a little pissed off & at one point nearly blew my top, it takes alot for me to get to that stage too.
I could go on about her friends that she treasures so much, like the one who, when she comes round I hide my bottle of nail polish remover from for fear of her chucking it down her neck (not really, but she has a liking for alcohol/meths that masquerades as alcohol) or the one who is so bloody patronising & sickly sweet I feel like I've consumed a 2lb bag of sugar after I've seen her. Or the one who is so fucking bossy she'd put the local WI matriarch to shame.
Or how about the one who does a damn fine impersonation of Coco the Clown with her style of makeup?!
Or the one who favours what looks like hessian sacks for clothing?
I'm sure all that would go down like a lead bloody balloon so don't slag off my best friend who's only faults are to be a bit dippy/disorganised & giggly occasionally. Especially when it doesn't even bloody well affect you in any way & especially not when you're just pissed off with somebody so set your sights on an easy target to take your frustration out on. For fucks sake it's not like she's some junkie or granny robber, she's a normal 24 yr old who has been a damn good mate to me when I needed it most.

You may have gathered by now that I really don't take kindly to my friends being slagged off for no good reason. I did the best thing I could have done to avoid a huge row, which was to take myself off upstairs & plug myself into my mp3 player. I came within a hairs breadth of having a row & I hate rows & will avoid confrontation at all costs, I'd rather sit down & talk it out. The thing is she knows just what buttons to press to get a fucking reaction, she's the only damn one that does & I swear sometimes she does it for a fucking hobby. Fair enough if I had friends that were down & outs or complete ratbags but I don't, they're all decent people.
This is the reason I'm thinking more & more of moving out, at least then I can filter the damn phonecall. It's not like I don't pay my way because I work, help with the housework & babysit a lot so sharing with someone wouldn't be that much different. Except financially I'd have to make sacrifices but when things are like this I wouldn't mind doing that. She was completely unfair & had no reason to say what she did. It even made me cry a bit & that I don't do often. She's so critical sometimes, then she wonders why I don't speak to her about stuff. Maybe because rather than encourage or come up with constructive criticism it's just plain criticism.
I mostly get on with her but times like that I think she's out of order. Maybe it's just me, I don't know but I thought it was very unreasonable.

Rant over :)

10 September 2007

As Easy as ABC


Below is my take on the alphabet of life, lifted from Marja's blog. Well, the 22 years experience of life I've had so far, it could change dramatically in the future! I'm not going to tag anyone but feel free if you want to do your own take on it :)

Accept that there are some things you can't change, no matter how hard you try.
Break away from those that don't appreciate you.
Create strong friendships. A good friend is a rare & special thing.
Decide to be who you want to be, not what others would like you to be.
Explore all that's around you, you never know what could be passing you by.
Forgive those that deserve it.
Grow a thick skin. Sometimes you'll need it.
Hope never to be miserable or bitter. It won't affect anyone but you.
Ignore your mistakes but don't forget to learn from them.
Journey but don't forget to appreciate the scenery.
Know that this life is the only one you will have so appreciate what you've got.
Love yourself before you even start to think about falling in love with others.
Manage yourself, don't let others do the job for you.
Notice those around you, don't take them for granted.
Open your eyes & look rather than just see.
Play the fool, sometimes a laugh is all you need.
Question everything, then make up your own mind. Don't take other people's word for it.
others, their property and their right to have a peaceful existence.
Share your heart & accept that sometimes it may get bruised but eventually somebody will treat it as the most precious thing in their life.
Try something that scares you, you'll never forget the adrenaline rush.
Use your tongue wisely. Words can hurt more than actions sometimes.
Value what you have, however much or little it may be.
Work hard. But play harder!
X-ray machines show up what's beneath the surface. Be straight, because some things you can't & shouldn't hide.
You are who you are, be happy with that.
Zoom in, sometimes you miss the small things.

"R" for respect added by PCSW as he wondered where the "r" had disappeared to. Correctly guessing I'd maybe had too much of the alcoholic grape juice..... :)

9 September 2007

Absolute Quality

I found this on Youtube earlier whilst looking for the original & it absolutely cracked me up. It could just be my sense of humour of course, which is admittedly, more than a little warped but why don't you listen & judge for yourself...
It is great, I had to listen twice because the first time I was laughing quite hard in places, class.

I'm sure for some that must hold the ring of truth! Especially in Gloucester, it's a bit like that in places...

8 September 2007

Wedding Belles

Well, the wedding/re-affirmation of vows I was so dreading today (Friday) went off without a hitch (excuse the pun!)
The reason I was dreading it a bit was because I was bridesmaid & as confident as I am I'm not one to enjoy being in the spotlight. I absolutely hate posing for pictures & will avoid having them taken if I can, I feel quite self conscious so wasn't looking forward to having what felt like hundreds taken but I have to say, it was a lovely day. the weather held out for us, my little sisters looked lovely despite having to stop my youngest sister picking at the petals in her posy, or swinging it around like she was about to throw the shot put in the Olympics! If I told her once I must have told her a dozen times, she's a nightmare.
I also refused to stand next to her in the photo's too as at ten she is my height, it's just not on, even with me in heels she was only two inches shorter so I opted to stand next to my other sister who is still taller but only marginally & at sixteen it's not so bad, not as bad as your ten year old sister being the same height as you anyway!

It was a really small do with only about forty people including my mum & step dad so it was literally just family & close friends.
The weather was stunning. Bright, hot sunshine & blue skies which meant when we got back to the house we could stick to the plans which was the big table in the kitchen laid with food & people could sit or dance in the garden which handily, is ideal for dancing, long, wide & flat.
I confess I did have maybe a little bit too much white wine & champagne, I didn't get drunk just very merry & ended up being a bit giggly & for some unexplainable reason ended up keeping the little ones occupied by playing tag with them, no mean feat in a bridesmaids dress I can tell you!
The hairdo I'd painstakingly done for me this morning ended up coming loose so instead of the nice neat bun I'd started out with it ended up streaming out behind me with all the running about, not the neatest look in the world!

Equally unexplainable is how I ended up dancing to Mika - Lollipop with my best friend & one or two others, at least it gave people a giggle I guess, mostly us as we were in paroxysms in parts, it was so much fun. I'm a big kid at heart, really & truly!
As the ceremony was in the morning we had the reception in the afternoon & it was great, as my mum & step dad were leaving for their weekend away at 4ish it was all over by seven so I packed my little sisters off to my nan's as agreed & now I have the place to myself, bliss!
All in all it was a great day & I don't know what I was worrying about now. A really lovely day :)

Here's the song we were dancing to, I defy you to not feel happy or tap your foot as you're listening to it. It's impossible. I love Mika, he's great!

I've just realised I've reached 100 posts too. Can't believe I've managed to fill 100 posts (mostly with junk but a 100 posts is a 100 posts!)

7 September 2007

Short Fuse

Just because I am a lowly receptionist it does not give you the right to order me around & nor does it make me your own personal minion, I don't get paid enough for a start. Nor does it give you the right to fail to say please & thank you, manners don't cost anything you know.
What is it with people & rudeness?! There's too damn much of it, I hate it!
One particular eejit came into work today & was complaining about my failure to sort him out with what he needed, no matter that I was the only one on reception because there was a meeting on & half a dozen people before him were demanding my attention, as long as he got what he wanted they could swivel.
As politely as I could I told him that there were others before him & I'm sorry but he'd have to wait. That wasn't good enough, he wanted to be seen right now as he was in a hurry. Well sorry, you might be in a hurry but that is not my fault, nor does it give you the right to push in front of other people who have been waiting patiently while I'm running around like a blue arsed fly answering the phone, processing gym entries & signing for stuff. At one point all three, it was mental & I have never ever had such a busy shift.

While I was seeing to others & he was doing his "I'm too busy for this" sound affects while throwing me dirty looks, which he got returned double fold, I have a very expressive face so I am the queen of the filthy look. My temper was getting more frayed by the second, it was late afternoon, I was tired & hungry & nobody was there to help take the pressure off a bit.
I decided enough was enough when he called me a jobsworth (!) I told him to either wait his turn & stop being so rude or leave. He left.

I really need to learn to hold my tongue more, I can't help sometimes speaking my mind & I really struggle to tolerate obnoxious people, especially when I'm a bit stressed. I either tell them to forget it or pass extremely sarcastic & cutting comments. 99% of the time I'm really easy going & don't let stuff phase me but there are some people that would make a saint swear, unfortunately he was one of them & sometimes I just can't bite my tongue.
It shows how rude he was because one of the other guys in the queue said to him that couldn't he see I was rushed off my feet & sorting people as quickly & as promptly as I could & to not be so rude, all he got in return was a sarcy comment from the eejit.

Some people just ask for a good slapping, shame they don't get it. Still, the mental visions of his smug face & day-glo white teeth smacking repeatedly into a brick wall helped somewhat. Dickhead.

I have to admit that by the time I left work I was in a bit of a filthy mood & I think my expression might have given that away too so instead of going straight home I took myself off to Pittville park for an hour or so.

It's beautiful & has all the old Regency architecture & elegance & is very peaceful, it's quite big so if you want a bit of space you can have it without being confronted by two dozen schoolkids in the playground.

I love this bridge, it's so elegant & pretty & these pics make it more so. Beautiful.

Bit weird finding these pics as this is my favourite area of it, really peaceful & tranquil.
It isn't often I get that wound up but some people just manage to get to me a bit.

I've just realised I'm posting every day at the moment. I am obviously living up to the female stereotype, namely of having alot to say about not all that much! Lol

6 September 2007

Fashion Victim

Oh God, I have possibly never been so embarrassed in all my life as I was earlier today. I'm cringing thinking about it.
I wasn't working yesterday afternoon so decided to go into town for the afternoon, do a bit of shopping & meet a few friends.
So after a bit of shopping I was walking up the high street but was running a bit late & after checking the time decided I'd just run the last little bit, like you do when you're in a bit of a hurry.
The only problem is I was wearing a belt like this;

& it's the kind where it's supposed to be worn loosely around your hips or just above them & I'd put it on as tight as I could without it being worn as a proper belt because no matter what I did it kept slipping slightly .
Just as I was running up the high street it decided to slip off, down around my ankles & in effect acted like a hobble, which meant my ankles got tangled in it & I nearly went diving head first into the pavement, I'm not sure how I managed to but I somehow righted myself. Not only did I feel a complete pillock nearly hitting the pavement head first but I also had to bend down, untangle it & take it off to a few bemused looks & sniggers, at least I did get an offer of help & asked if I was ok but honestly, why me?! Lol
I felt like such a twat!

5 September 2007

So Wrong

But so right. I know Pete Doherty is a dickhead of the highest degree & I wouldn't want to be within 20 feet of him but I love this song, I can't help it I think it's quality.

Mind you, this was in his Libertines days, when he wasn't quite the smelly wreck he is now. Until he robbed his best friend & bandmate's flat of course, & ended up in prison for it. Every dog must have it's day though, I guess the Libertines days were his.
The song is "can't stand me now" & it's by The Libertines, obviously.

It's Hard Work...

..Being a big sister. Not only do I get my clothes thieved, my shoes raided occasionally & my makeup lifted constantly (my cd's are strictly off bounds, they know what would happen if they even touched them & it wouldn't be nice I can tell you!) but I also have to keep my mouth shut if I don't approve of my little sister's boyfriend....

I can't help being a bit protective. She looks alot like Avril Lavigne, is my build (bit taller, lucky mare!) but doesn't have my personality, whereas me & her twin are quite loud, confident & call a spade a spade she's quiet, unassuming, a bit shy & not hugely confident so I tend to look out for her a bit & keep an eye on her. Although her & her twin are close her twin is more out with friends etc etc, whereas she's quiet & is more interested in horses than clubbing & partying, she would rather be in the background than in the spotlight. She was sixteen in May & the last few months she's started seeing this boy of seventeen. He's ok but he's a bit of an oik, nice enough but just a typical teenage boy I guess & I really struggle to not lecture her, she's sensible so it's not like she needs it I just worry a bit.

When my parents were having serious marriage problems due to my dad doing what he did, being six years older & in my mid teens at the time I was kind of a second mum for them so we are closer than normal sisters I guess & I don't like the thought of her going around with an Arctic Monkeys extra! She's really level headed just sometimes a bit naive & I'm finding it a bit hard to accept she's growing up. I haven't said anything to her because I don't think it's fair & if she has any problems etc she knows she can talk to me if she needs to, I just remember her learning to walk, her starting school etc etc & I don't like the thought of what her & her boyfriend might be doing.... Especially as I think she could do alot better. I don't think they are because she's asked me questions & I don't think she's at that age yet, she's not a typical loud & full of lip sixteen year old, she's into boys & stuff but she's not full on. I just can't help worrying about her a bit.

I almost feel like singing "hey, hey, you, you I don't like your boyfriend. No way, no way I think you need a new one" to her (an Avril Lavigne song, with a slight change of words). But that would be mean & childish & I can't sing so I think I'll leave it & stick to keeping quiet & keeping an eye on her.

Is this is what it's like to have kids & worry about them? Probably is, just magnified. I'm finding it hard enough now though, what will I be like with my own children?! Oh God, I'll probably be a right mother hen, my poor, poor future children! Lol

4 September 2007

Love, Actually

For a change Mr. S wasn't working the other weekend so I had a night in with him round his & watched Love Actually. It was lovely & the film has to be one of my top five, brilliant film.
The clip below is my favourite scene, lovely but a bit sad too. Still completely romantic though :)

It was really nice to have "chilled" time together, he's nearly always working of a weekend so it's usually a bit rubbish but it was nice to curl up on the sofa, watch a really sweet film & chill out.
I was just hoping & praying his phone didn't go off, which it didn't thank God, would have been gutted otherwise!
On the quiet he likes it too, which is nice because he couldn't take the piss out of me for being soft which I am sometimes because I do the girly thing & cry a bit *blushing*

I'm still obsessed with Glastonbury & that came up in conversation & the conversation went along the lines of "if your best friend isn't going to go we could go..."
This has been mentioned before but it was in a way that's sort of thinking aloud & this was more of a serious idea & I can't believe this, I gave myself a mental kick up the backside for it but as soon as he'd said it immediately I thought "if we're still together then..."
I couldn't even stop myself thinking it! And it's nothing to do with not wanting to carry on seeing him or anything like that because it definitely isn't. I think sometimes I'm way too cynical & too geared up to expect the worst where men are concerned, I always seem to have picked the wrong one in the past & they've always turned out to be bastards, they've either cheated or been lying/selfish twats who take the piss & he isn't like that, not at all actually so I don't know why I thought what I did. Maybe it's a little bit of insecurity? Whatever it is I didn't like it & gave myself a mental slap for it.

I found out/got told today that we are having four Irishmen to stay during race week (!)
Apparently they are friends of friends of my brother's & don't have anywhere to stay during Gold cup week & as we have spare rooms my mum & stepdad agreed to have them here. They have been assured they are domesticated & house trained so we'll see....
I'm tagging along with big brother for this Gold cup week so I can't wait, he knows loads of the jockeys & trainers & a few owners so I might, if I'm very lucky, get to go in the paddock *grin* And if the Irishmen are tall dark & handsome then who am I to complain?! Something nice to look at in the dull moments maybe! Lol
I can't wait for the Festival, as soon as Christmas is gone that's what Cheltenham starts gearing up for & looking forward to. Love it.

And one last thing, a woman thought I was sixteen yesterday, sixteen! Can you believe it?! I know I look young but bloody hell! I don't look bloody sixteen!
She was talking about her son & his exams & I said I hoped he'd done ok in them & she said "yes, I'm sure he has but I bet you're glad. You can get into the world & start looking for a career now"
Honestly, I was gobsmacked. Couldn't believe it, still can't actually. For once, it would be nice if somebody thought I was older than my actual age, or didn't question me about it or I didn't have to carry ID everywhere with me! Arrrrggggghhh!
Ah well, at least I'll never need plastic surgery! Lol