21 September 2007

24 Hour Party People

Saturday night is party night! It was supposed to be last Saturday but my dad decided to rear his ugly head so it kind of put a dampener on things.

Me & best friend went alcohol shopping this morning so there are now a few bottles of God knows what on the kitchen top, one being Aftershock blue. Apparently somebody else is bringing a bottle of the red cinnamon one (probably not a good idea that one but never mind).
The furniture in the living room has been "altered" & the various breakables, for their own safety, have been moved to my little sister's room. Everything else that could get broken, damaged or otherwise ruined has also been moved.

As my friends are civilised I'm hoping that come Saturday night I won't find any pissing
in the house plants, chucking up in the bath, asleep in the shower or having sex under the coat pile in my mum & stepdad's room. I doubt very much it will happen but alcohol does funny things to people. Talking of which, I'm wondering if the bright blue Aftershock was such a good idea being as that colouring sends me bouncing off the ceilings & walls, never mind, I'll just have to lay off the coke (coca cola coke, not the other coke!).
All in all there is about 25/30 people that should be coming, which is a good enough number for it to be good fun without getting out of hand & they are all friends, I don't want hangers on.

It's also supposed to be a Moulin Rouge theme, which should be interesting!

Oh, & the ex has moved back I heard today. Is it wrong to want to bump into him with Mr. S while looking drop dead gorgeous? Well, as near to drop dead gorgeous as is achievable!
I know this sounds very immature & childish but it would be nice to bump into him while looking my best & for him to be gutted for behaving like such a twat.
Knowing my luck it will be while I'm hungover & looking dog rough! Lol


RandomPinkness said...

Wow sounds fun, ahhh the days of a free house, amazing waking up the next day with 20 other people kipping on your floor. The best one I think, was when someones parents came home early, his mum was a teacher at our school too, they were supposed to ring when on their was back cos they knew we'd all be round. They were very nice and went out for a meal whilst we tidied, but it was still the quickest mass evacuation and clean in the history of man kind I think.

Little Wing said...

I have never heard of Aftershock Blue!!!!
Yikes, 25-30 people! Now THAT'S a party!

pawpads said...

Hope you have a great party.

Hope you've got the Tequilla in.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Pinkness oh my God! They were very understanding to just go out for a meal. House parties are the best though aren't they :)

LW, you can get here in the U.K I think this was the last bottle (or two) of a bottle pack ordered online that some friends split the cost on. It's very yummy!
& yes, it was a party & a half!

Thanks Pawpads :)
Yes, Tequila was featured but I only had one shot, I think I'd have had to make a quick visit to the bathroom otherwise!