3 September 2007

Busy Bee

Everything is happening just lately. Up until Christmas there is so much going on I just want to hibernate!

First off there's my birthday on the 11th, & because I was in hospital for my 21st *sob* I'm having a belated 21st birthday night out this year.

Then my mum & stepdad are re-affirming there vows or whatever it's called a week Friday, it's only a small do but, & this is going to sound awful, I just don't want to go. Not that I've said that to them of course but I was bridesmaid at their wedding & I just have this awful sort of "do I really have to" feeling. That's bad isn't it?!

Then everybody is off to Ireland for two weeks a week after that & I'm not going because I couldn't get the time off work. So I'm housesitting & I hate being in the house on my own because I get spooked a bit. Stop laughing! I just don't like being on my own that much, it's a big house & I have a very active imagination that runs away with me at times, I really am such a child sometimes!

Then it's October & I've got a stay in hospital coming up to get something sorted, that will be another week/two weeks.

Then the first week of November my sister is off up to Newmarket to the British Racing College for an open/interview day & I've got to take her because nobody else can get off work or has other stuff that can't be cancelled.
10 days after that we've got friends from Ireland coming to stay for two weeks.

Then it's December, two weeks into that I'll be officially jobless because my temping period ends at the place I'm at. That's also when the office party is. I still don't know what I'll wear, it's a shortlist of a pale grey silk sequined shift dress with heels & a shrug or an emerald green corset with a victorian/miliary style velvet jacket, dark blue jeans & the lace up boots I pictured a few days ago. I like to plan well in advance, I know where I am then!
Then it's Christmas & I've just realised that because my relatives have bred like rabbits I have in the region of 30 people I should buy for. That only includes my mum & stepdad, my brothers & sisters, my cousins, aunt, uncle, Gran & friends! It won't be happening this year, I'll only be buying for immediate family. The only problem is everybody in my family is close so I'm gonna feel like such a Scrooge at Christmas! Last year was ok, I was in a quite good job & managed to snag some overtime a few weeks before Christmas.

New Year I'm either off to London for the week or Glasgow. Haven't decided yet but a group of friends want me to see them for New Year & my friend in Scotland wants me to go & spend it with him & his little girl. I need two of me! Lol
Then not long after that it's Mr S's birthday. Twenty nine, & there's me thinking time is going fast for me, not as fast as it is for him because it's the big one next year obviously, as I gleefully pointed out to him. He chucked a pillow at me in answer, still didn't stop me laughing my head off though. Lol

Do you know it's only sixteen weeks & one day until Christmas....? No, I didn't either.
I haven't even managed to get a decent tan this year, faint tan lines & that's it. my bikini has only seen the light of day a handful of times 'cos of the ridiculous weather!
I'm fed up of "summer" now, at least when winter gets here it will actually be winter & we'll all know where we are. And I can get my boots & cosy jumpers out. And my baker boy caps which I love because they cover my bad hair days.
And the crisp frosty mornings, the type that's icy bright sunshine & you can see your breath in, especially to go riding in. Lush

And somewhere in amongst that is my application for the police, God knows where but it's in there somewhere!

I've just read all that back & all I want to do is go to bed, curl up under the duvet & wake up when it's quiet again! But then I'd miss my birthday & the Christmas party so maybe not :)


dickiebo said...

Gosh, GND. I live from day-to-day. Can't even remember what I'm doing tomorrow unless Barbara has diarised it. Clearly you have an excellent memory, obviously intended for the Police Force. (Force rather than Service, as it right pisses off current cops to say that!)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

for Gods sake GND,just join the police then you'll always be working and won't get chance to go to any do's!!Problem solved.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Dickiebo, my head is the only organiser I need. I seem to be able to remember dates, times, allsorts.
Apparently I've been told I have a bit of a photographic memory.

TRTMH, I don't think I'd notice at the moment, my social life is as dead as the proverbial! Lol