1 September 2007

Cheeky Bastard!

Some people are such blatant dickheads I really don't know how they get through life with their faces intact at the end of it.

I had to go to the doctor's yesterday & after the usual checks he basically, in a very patronising manner like it was a 12 year old he was talking to, asked me if I had an eating disorder! I don't take offence easily but I was pretty pissed off to say the least. I'm not the fattest person walking the earth & am well aware that I could do with a bit more weight on me, in fact I would love to be a bit heavier but I struggle to put weight on & struggle to hold it. I eat healthily & normally & don't skip meals etc so without shovelling junk down my throat 24/7 there is little more I can do. I've never been bigger than a size 8 & at 5ft & a normal size of 4/6 I'm not exactly huge but then again, I'm in proportion for my height.
So it doesn't give a doctor any right to speak to me in a highly condescending, patronising manner about me "making sure I eat properly like a good girl".
Those were his actual words. Apart from anything else he shouldn't be speaking to me like I'm a child!
It really pissed me off, I kind of sat there a little bit taken aback because A. If he'd actually read my notes then he'd know I've been to see them about putting weight on in the past when it was just dropping off me & B. He would have seen my date of birth & therefore spoken to me like an adult rather than some pre-pubescent teeny bopper! Twat.

To be honest he could do with heeding his own damn advice seeing as he is more than on the chubby side, he's got a beer belly for God's sake!
You wouldn't blatantly say to somebody "oh my God, aren't you fat?!" so why did he think it ok to say "my, you're very skinny"?!
It's rude more than anything as well as how that person may feel personally about it.
I almost felt like telling him that I'd rammed my fingers down my throat before coming in to see him but instead pointed out it was better to be a bit underweight than grossly overweight or have a belly that hung over my waistband......
Cheeky twat!


Waynecoff said...

nice doctor, not, you should have said the thought of coming to see him makes you pysically sick, so you don't need to put your fingers down your throat,

cookie monster said...

well if you think you could do with putting on a few extra pounds on, d'ya fancy coming for a slapup meal of Jellied Eels and Pie n Mash?

on a serious note, could you not complain about him? or maybe switch quacks?

PC South West said...

Surely he should be the one to decide if someone has an eating disorder anyway.
I doubt he would ask someone if they had a brain tumor.
Some people are naturally slim and that is just the way it is.
He should know better!

Metcountymounty said...

5'0" size 6 redhead?? nothing what so ever wrong with that picture I think!! I had an argument with my wife's Dr the other week for exactly the same reason, she decided to get into shape and was doing lots of training with me then the new twat GP accused her of being bolemic and wouldn't stop asking her until she was in tears!! body fat percentage is the main thing to worry about anyway, weight doesn't mean a thing.

Mousie said...

LMAO! What a tit!

You can't win - my mate's GP told her she needed to lose weight the other week and she's a size 8-10. The fuckwit.

But I wouldn't worry if I was you babe, if you knew the stupid things they say and do every day in our place you wouldn't pay a blind bit of notice to anything they told you.

dickiebo said...

Barbara used to work in a G.P.'s surgery - 2, in fact - and she was staggered at their apparent ignorance and lack of any understanding of the patients.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Wayne, that would have gone down well. Not! Lol

Cookie Monster, eels?! You gotta be joking! Lol
I did say I to him I thought he was being rather presumptious & not taking notice of my history with them. I pointed out that I'd gone to see them about putting weight on in the past, twat!

PCSW, he should be but then he should learn to use a bit tact too at times & you're right, he should know better!

MCM, hahaha.
He made her cry?! What a twat, hope you gave him a good ear bashing. Eeejit.

Mousie, that's what I thought too.... Complete tit.
He's obviously a fan of the size zero trend then... Losing weight sounds like the last thing she needs to do!
I'm not worried, I know I'm the right weight for me & that's all that matters. It's the weight I feel my best at it just annoyed me that he had such a stupid automatic thing that I was anorexic/bulemic. Complete tit.

Dickiebo, that's what it's like. Don't matter where you go none of them have any idea of your past or are that interested. It's bad.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

this is why I hate doctors!Arrogant the lot of 'em!